26 OCTOBER 1850

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Tice announcement that Dr. Wiseman was to be appointed Arch- bishop of Westminster has been instantly followed up by the transmission of an " Apostolic letter, " from which it...

" Intervention " is the leading fact in foreign affairs

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this week. The Times has thrown out a startling intimation respecting the position of Prussia in the Schleswig-Holstein affair. According to the journal, which speaks very...

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StuartWettley, M.P., the new Recorder of London, received the intelligence of l appointment when "a thousand miles from this coun- try es: the Cent/ma ' • he " instantly set...

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BEYOND the daily assurance of her Majesty's good health, and the in- formation of her persevering walks and rides, with and without her chil- dren, in the beautiful grounds of...

Glancing abroad at the Colonial world, in the wide sense

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of that term, we descry some portents not of a kind to reassure us under European threatenings. In New South Wales, for example, the first act of the Sydney peop le to welcome...

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About one hundred and fifty of the Devonport and Stonehouse electors gave an entertainment to their Members, Mr. Tuffnell and Sir John Ro- milly, yesterday week. Mr. Tuffnell...

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The Roman Catholic Bishop of Derry has given a denial to the state- ment made by the Advocate that he is one of the thirteen Prelates who have forwarded a remonstrance to Rums...

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fortigu Euh Cutunial.

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FRaNce.—There has been a Ministerial crisis in Paris, notable both in its gestation and produce. An article in the Constitutionnel of Saturday, entitled General Changarnier,"...

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There are now two Vice-Chancellorships vacant ; one occasioned by the death of the late Sir Lancelot Shadwell, the Vice-Chancellor of Eng- land, in August last, and the other by...

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Sixty-nine clergymen of the Church of England, including six Canons

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of Westminster, the Principal of King's College, and the rectors, curates, and ministers of many of the most notable places of Established worship in the Metropolis, yesterday...

The case of the robbery of the jewellers in the

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Strand has taken a new turn. At Bow Street Court today, Charles Clinton, the prosecutors' shop- boy, and six other persons, Shaw, Badcock, Gardner, Buncher, Mary Ann Buncher,...


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• SATURDAY. The first magistrate of the ancient and once imperial city of the North, the Lord Mayor of York, yesterday gave a banquet on a scale of magnifi- cent hospitality to...

Following up recent articles on the occupation of Prussian territory

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by Russia and France, the Times of this morning says- " We have positive information, on which the utmost reliance may be placed, that on the 13th instant a large number of...


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On the 5th October, at Bracondale, next Norwich, the Lady Henrietta Augusta Harvey, of a son. On the 18th, at Edinburgh, the Lady of Sir William Miller, of Glenlee, Bart., of a...

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The fact that Gallic creations almost exclusively occupy the London stage has been most forcibly illustrated this week. Three new pieces have been produced, and - every one of...

Mr. Hullah has announced a series of concerts at St.

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Martin's Hal of extraordinary interest to the lovers of music in its noblest forms. They are to be monthly—in the course of the eight months included by Novem- ber and June...

The "Grand National Concerts" continue to be carried on very

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much in the way we have already described. During the present week the houses have been good but by no moans full. The " muaique de denser which must always be a principal...


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the week, declined slightly on Tuesday and Wednesday. A considerable sensation was created yesterday by an article in the Times upon the unex- pected meeting of the Cabinet...

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Moire burglaries !—even in the very , Strand, under the nose of the Metropolitan Police ! The burglarious publics seems to be bent upon putting the burglariable public upon its...

TOPICS 0-F:1-1,11AL ,jog edT ItQMKI N MIMI/ANN " 03 aallimaa Marg,

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A IsuitST of printed indignation, andssonfil - ferlfat%i' tligl * EN less ms e*dining . form; ,li..bOtiscalad.fcirtlily... two* g teil scheme for establishing a...

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IF peace is to be secured by disarming a warlike people, then is the Punjaub pacified. The Lahore Chronicle gives a tabular ac- count of the arms surrendered by the people in...

!" qu"',"•','""" 'THE 1:11111N DE V ASTATOR.:! clnki it s ,`,Ittha z 'depicts in glowing tropes

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those times of despotic rule IThe.- t h e roYal jaakalar armed with the powers of prerogative, is* the 6othie portcullis to levy on subjacent domains I. ,..ial e ind, end/...

The Architect makes a su gg estion to Government on behalf of

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the exhi- bitors in the Hyde Park buildin g . " AB from Mr. Paxton's explanations and the arran g ements of the Commissioners, the ' Crystal Palace will not, in the first...

CIIIIt".2" AA. .44 gle 1415. ! ' RPBSPU ad. Earl Grey, 4oke'these words

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at the chase / Oilsat mien of Parliament- " It will always be g ratifyin g to -file to be able to extend the advan- ta g es of representative institutions, which form the g lory...

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norm's EDITION OF JuNrus. • Ty is frequently said that the celebrity of Junius depends upon the mystery in which the authorship is involved. And to some extent this is true :...

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IRELAND. * THE object of Mr. Stark in his excursion was partly pleasure, partly to observe the state of the peasantry, the conduct of the landlords, and the workings of the...

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SCOTLAND, * Tan present publication of the Spalding Club contains thb memoirs of the' old antiquary from whom the society takes name; on the state of affairs or " trebles " in...

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The Ladder of Gold; an En g lish Story. By Robert Bell, Author of " Wayside - Pictures throu g h France, Bel g ium, and Holland," &c. In - three volumes. Poems, Le g endary and...

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ILLUSTRATED DITTIES OF THE OLDEN TIME. Tuft charming volume possesses for us a double interest—in its own beauties, and in the remarkable class to which it belongs, of amateur...


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Tuesday, October 22. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Evans and Brown, Liverpool, passenger - agents- Jones and Co. Manchester; as far as regards L. Thomas—Jones and Co. Manchester, as...


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Wsa - orvica, Oct. 22.-3d Regt. Drag. Guards—Cornet A. Hunt to be Lieut. by purchase, vioe Lawson, who retiree. 17th Foot—Lieut. .7. B. Gardiner to be Capt. by purchase, vice...

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BRITISH 17 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced Si per Cents Lang Annuities Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent. Exchequer Bills, 11d....