30 DECEMBER 1854

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Communications from Turin comprise a document purporting to be issued

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by "the National Assembly of Action," dated "Italy, November 1854," and embodying a proposal by "Giuseppe Maz- zini" to raise a national contribution towards a revolutionary...


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Min Christmas holidays not only occasion a suspension of public business in this country, but so considerable a draught of the people in all classes of society from the ordinary...

From the seat of war itself we have little besides

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those commu- nications of a chequered eolour which have become an established institution. "Nothing new has taken place," says Prince Men= schikoff on the 20th instant. The...

The report from Vienna, that conferences, at which M. Gort-

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sehakoff will be present, would take place on Thursday, is re- garded as throwing light upon the mission of Baron von Usedom to our own Government. It is understood that the...

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t4t lAnniints.

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Norwich election began on Wednesday and terminated on Thursday. There were two candidates,—Sir Samuel Bignold, the late Mayor, a Conservative ; and Mr. Hammond, of Westacre, a...

t4t (nut

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CHRISTMAS week presents little that is new in the record of the Court newsman. The Queen has walked out nearly every day. With Prince Albert and the children, she attended...


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At a Court of Lieutenancy held in Guildhall on Monday, Lord Fal- merston's reply was read accepting the request of the Court that the City of London Militia should be embodied...

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Mr: Stephen de Vera is returned for Limerick, in the room of the late Mr. Wyndham Goold. The election was on Tuesday : there was no op- position, and no excitement. Captain...


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The Ayrshire election to supply the place of Colonel Blair, who fell at Inkerman, began on Tuesday, in the town of Ayr. Two candidates were put in nomination. Mr. Bellof...

fortign au lt olonial.

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FB.ANCE. —The Emperor opened the Legislative session of 1855, in the Salle des Marechaux at the Palace of the Tuileries, on Tues- day the 26th. Besides the Senators and the...

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At its rising on Saturday afternoon, Parliament adjourned until the 23a of January. The Commissioners (Mr. Marimlay, Lira AsIbutton, Mr. H. Melvill, Mr. B. Jowett, and 111r....

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SATURDAY IttentrrING. The diplomatic- proceedings at Vienna, on Thursday, have naturally' attracted attention, and some of our journals proffer explanations. The Times asserts...


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Several Letters, already-in type, , aropostponed tilt next week, when ice hope to have more -roost.


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On the 19th December, at Croydon, the Wife. of Captain James N. Strange. R.57., of a son. On the 19th, at Lamphey Court, Pembroke, We Wife of Lewis Mathias, Esq., of a son. ....

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At the opening of the Greek Chambers at Athens, last

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week, King Othe expressed a hope that, thanks to the friendly cooperation of the great pOWers of "a neighbouring state," relations with that state would be reestablished. He...

The telegraph is not so bountiful as usual in its

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supply of despatches, - but quite as problematical as ever. ,• "COnstanSinople, December 20,—It is confidently asserted that the resolu- iion has been adopted to storm...


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STOCK EXCHAKQE, FRUDAY AITEEKOOK. „ • In the absence of important intelligence from the seat of war, collided with the limited attendance of members of the Stock Exchange, many...

• The Gazette also contained the folloWhig anntemcements-

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The Queen has been pleased to pres.ent the Honourable and Reverend 'John ThOrnsis Pelhara B.A., to the Rectory of Saint Marysle-bone, in the county- of Middle - ices:41nd...

Galigt2ani's Areesenger describes a curious incident of the present war

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relations, in the imperfect blockade of Russian commerce. "The roads lead- ing to Tilsit, Memel, and Keenigeberg, are at this moment encumbered with 'interminable convoes, and...

A. Ssipplement , toephe„Gazette was palished.this afternoon contattung the following despatels from

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Lbicl Raglan, and further returns, of casualtiee. f, " Before Sebastopol, Dec. 13,1854. " My Lord Duke—Your Grace will be happy to hear that the weather hiss eont nualfine...


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The Princess's and the Lyceum are this year, as usual, the chiefs of Christmas entertaianient. The former shows the best pantomime; the latter vaunts the most brilliant feeriea...

The 'President and deputies of the Legislative Body waited upon

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the Emperor at' the Tuileries' Yesterday, and presented the Loan Bill. The ?resident also presented the - expression of the sentiments of the Body to- ward& the Englieh army and...

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18 - 5 4, A FEW more hours, and we shall have passed another of those imaginary boundaries in the 'continuous sfreani of on-flowing time, from which Hope loves to glance...


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The "revues," which are to the Parisians what pantomimes and bur- lesques are to the Londoners, though infinitely less ubiquitous, are be- ginning to take their retrospective...

TO J. H. C.

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Young Standard-hearer! whom, with mournful pride, Wearing already on her heart thy name, England now welcomes to her lists of fame— Oh ! to sublimest manhood glorified, How my...

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- Is it true ..e.e- r if it is, then the modem indifference whioh has cod a thJ reties.' Minieterfal responsibility to an empty . neme 14 ele..ceerected; and nothing would be...

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Thenevutrule pheenix-like; is to be eitingnished, and to be resur- gent. The nominees, young in years, who gallop through a brief curriculum, to the number of forty or fifty a...


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LIKE all the Australasian group, New Zealand has proved its capacity for producing a monstrosity ; only in lieu of the ornitho- rhynchu8 paradoxus, or the lamertine ".devil,"...

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FLOODS of Transatlantic " notions" swamp the daily papers of Lon- don. Take up the journal of the day, and you would infer from the face of its contents that the parent country...

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THIRTY YEARS 07 FOREIGN POLICY. THE writer of this book had not in his previous work left us with any strong impression of his vigour of Mind, large views, or even literary...

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WHEN Mr. Leitch Ritchie first aprared as a tale-writer, a good many years ago, he was distinguished for a story of wild impro- bability, with considerable though somewhat...

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WARREN'S - MISCELLANIES.* THESE volumes consist of miscellaneous papers that have

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been con- tributed to Blachwoodls Magazine and The Zaw 1 - leview. They are of various kinds,—as a recollection of Professor Wilson, a no. e Miscellanies, triileal,...

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Boors. The History of Political Literature, from the Earliest Times. By Ro- bert Blakey, Author of the "History of the Philosophy of the Mind." Knowledge is Power : a View of...

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We have received the Report of the Art Union Council for the year which we now for the last time call this year. It shows that the sub- scriptions have amounted to a sum close...

"lilt *flit

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THE DEPARTMENT OF SCIENCE AND ART. The annual exhibition of this Government Department has opened at Gore House. The contributions consist of the elementary studies sent up...


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We spoke of the general scheme of this collection of engravings from pictures belonging to the Queen and Prince Albert, on the appearance of the first monthly part. The second...


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A book such as this was greatly wanted. In 207 pages. an account is given of all the Italian painters that one is likely to require to know something about,—numbering, we fancy,...


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[Frosn the Official Iteturn.] Ten 'Weeks Week Of 1144=53. of 1854. gyntotic Diseases Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat Tubercular Diseases...

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Tuesday,Deeember 26. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - H. and J. Pullin, Horton, Buckinghamshire, farmers -Willman and Hartley, Burnley, ironmongers-Feetham and Bates, Charles Street,...


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ADMIRALTY, Dec. 26.-Erratum in the Gazette of the 224 Dec.-For CoL S. R. Wesley to be Deputy-Adjt. of Royal Marines, 8cc. read Col. S. IL Wesley to be Deputy-Adjt.-Gen. of Royal...


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WAR.OFPICE. Dee. W.-Coldstream Regt. of Foot Guards-Lieut. W. T. Mark- ham, from the Rifle Brigade, to be Lieut. -and Capt. by purchase, vice Wilson, pro- meted ; Ensign and...

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B R I T I 8 II FUND n(ClaidnffireitaKv Meadrielitieriffire 1,44844. nun. Friday. I _ S per Mat Consols shut 5 , • Data for Account 9111 - xst i 8' . - 3l1 ilf New 3 per Cents...