7 JULY 1855

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THE lamented death of Lord Raglan, which was announced by telegraph on Saturday last, only a few hours after the consola- tory assurances in Parliament, has been alike the theme...

The Emperor of the French loses no time in preparing

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for the fresh stage of the war. He has assembled the Senate and the Le- gislative Corps, and has called upon the country through those bodies for the support which he requires....

The business of Parliament for the week commenced with a

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message from the Crown to both Houses, asking them to concur in such measures as might be necessary to mark the recognition of Lord Raglan's services. The proposal is of the...

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The Revenue-tables have been the subject of congratulatory comment, because

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both the year and the quarter have been largely productive, in the face of increased demands upon the people. The increase for the year is 7,741,5881., the increase for the...

Faults nut Vrortrtungz in Vartionant.

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OP THE WEER. HOUSE Or Loans. Monday, July 2. Death of Lord Raglan ; the Queen's Mes- sage-Ticket-of-leave System ; Lord St. Leonards's Complaint-Accidents on...

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Tan intelligence of Lord Raglan's death was conveyed as soon as it ar- rived on Saturday to the Queen at Buckingham Palace; and her Ma- jesty instantly intrusted Prince Albert...

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Tbe iitietat distribution of prizes to the students at the London Uni- versityFoliege took place on Saturday ; Lord Monteagle presiding. In giving an account of the satisfactory...

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Fusticr.—The Emperor of the French opened the Legislative Cham- bers on Monday, with the following speech, delivered to them at the Tuileries. "Messieurs lea Senateurs,...


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Mr. Edmund Wodehouse, the respected Member for East Norfolk, is to retire immediately from the representation, in consequence of the feeble- ness of his health. Mr. Wodehouse is...


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The accounts of the potato crop are very favourable : there seems to be no rumour of disease as yet, but the reports are of "the glorious aspect of the potato-fields." There...

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-- Viorttlauton.

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By command of the Queen, lord Hardinge, as Commander-in-chief, has issued a general order on the death of Lord Raglan ; whose character and conduct, her Majesty is confident,...

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SATURDAY. The event in Parliament last night was Lord John Russell's being put on his defence by Mr. Gibson, with reference to the recent conferences at Vienna. Mr. Gissorr...


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Many Letters lie before us; but 7.:/e cannot spare room for the insertion of any in this number, though we note and act upon scene of the sugges- ' Hons.

The following Crimean despatches have been received ; the first

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by our own War Department, from General Simpson ; the second by the French War Department, from General Pelissier. "Crimea, July 4, 6.30 p. m.—Nothing of importance has occurred...

A meeting at Birmingham, on Thursday, of seven or eight

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thousand persons, "enthusiastically" adopted a petition praying the House of Com- mons to assent to Mr. Roebuck's motion of censure on the late Adminis- tration, and to carry it...

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Madame Emile de Girardin, celebrated in her youth for the poems she published under her maiden name of Delphine Gay, and renowned more lately for her dramatic works, to say...

The death of two Admirals of the Red this week

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will occasion a large amount of promotion. In anticipation of the Gazette announce- ment, we may state that those g allant and estimable officers, Vice-Admi- rals Sykes and...

Ckt 'Andra.

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There are certain plays that may he said to act themselves, so COM- pletely do they rest on incidents, situations, and surprises altogether in- dependent of individual...


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A circular has reached us containing a resolution passed by the British Jurors of the Exhibition, on the 2d instant—" That it is desirable an early intimation should be g iven...


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&rocs EXCINANOZ, FRIDAY ATM:MOON. The new French Loan of 30,000,0001. has been officially announced, and continues to operate unfavourably on Government Securities, owin g to...

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LORD RAGLAN. DIE tidings of Lord Raglan's death, which reached London last Saturday, lost something in the way of a startling surprise by the previous intelligence of his...


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I. The following is an Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of the United Kingdom, in the undermentioned periods, ended June 30, 1855, compared with the corresponding...

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IF the Administretkee Reformers- were ready to use the influence that evidently is peepaeol ito. accept their lead, they might accom- plish a very useful reform at the present...


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LORD ROBERT GROSVFNOR and those who supported the Sunday Trading Bill have constructed the clearest and most portable ar- gument that has been produced for a long while to be...

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WHEN an abuse of some permanency and great magnitude is ob- served to exist, it is usual to make an effort to cure it, or at least to ascertain if it cannot be cured; and the...


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SCANDAL must have something good in it. If we inquire suffi- ciently, no doubt we shall discover t4It it contains some virtue, some "principle" as the chemists m1,1t, of great...

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BREWSTER'S MEMOIRS 07 SIR ISAAC NEWTON.* THESE volumes are an extension of the biography of Newton pub- haled by Sir David Brewster in 1831 in Murray's " Family Li- brary " ;...

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11171tHAY'S CU/IA, UNITED STATES, AND CANADA.. THE perusal of this

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work has scarcely supported the expectittrons raised by a cursory examination. Brisk and lively the book un- doubtedly is, but those qualities are apt to pall after a time...

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"the Old Court Suburb," as he quaintly calls Kensington, one of the most interesting of the en- virons of London. We cannot think so. The country about it is flat and...

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Boos& Personal Narrative of a Pilgrimage to El-Medinah and Meccah. By Richard F. Burton, Lieutenant Bombay Army. In three volumes. Volumes L and II. Switzerland in 1854-'5: a...

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[From the Official Return.] Ten Weeks Week or 117115;064. of 1855. Semotle D460333/1 228.0 .... 212 Dropsy, Cancer, and other diseases of uncertain or variable seat 44.9 .... 87...


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• Teiesday, Ads , 3.. . PAETNERSHIPS DISSOIXED.-Vickers and Co. Stoney Street, Borough Market, dis- tillers; as far as regards E. Vickers-- Baron and Grey, Liverpool, brokers...


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On the 24th June, at Burmington Parsonage, Shipeton on Stour, Warwickshire, the Wife of the Rev. Francis J. Poynton, of a son and heir. On the 26th, at Torpoint, Cornwall, the...


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WAR-OFFICE, July 3.-41st Foot-The _promotion of Berg. J. E. Stott, M.D. has been antedated to the 9th Feb. 68th Foot-The appointment of Assist.-Surg. G. Evans on the 29th of...

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£31,306,070 £.31,3e3,070 TARAWA IMPARTMEAT.. - Proprietors' Capital Rest £14,333,000 3,l40, ' 67 t 3,l40,'67 ding Dead weight amenity). 212,896,068 Government Shear es...