10 DECEMBER 1831

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" My Lords and Gentlemen—I have called you together that you may resume, without further delay, the important duties to which the cir- cumstances of the times require your...

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There is a split between the leading men of the

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popular party in Ireland. Dr. DOYLE a few days ago addressed a long, and in some points a conciliatory letter, to the "White feet" and "Black feet" of Carlow, calling on them to...

Dtbatta anti Vratteltingsi in VarTianunt.

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1. THE KING'S SPEECH. His Majesty took his seat on the Throne at. half-past two o'clock on Tuesday; and the Commons having been sum- moned, presented themselves, with the...

The Duke of ORLEANS and Marshal SOULT have at length

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made their entree into Lyons ; it took place on Sunday. They were accompanied and supported by about 30,000 troops. An order of the day, dated Belmont, December 2nd, had...

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aufs crib ne a t14 fatal.

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Tim KING AND Els COU1LT.—Their Majesties left Brighton at nine on Monday, and arrived in town at two o'clock. At three, there was a Court, at which his Majesty gave audiences to...

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Ma. NEELE.—The application of Lady Caroline Neeld against her husband,

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for a divorce, a MenSa et thoro, has been dismissed by the Con sistory Court. Dr. Lushington held, that nothing but actual violence, or the apprehension of violence, would...

PORTSOREN Wann.—The election for an Alderman for this ward corn -

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menced on Monday, and finished on Tuesday at two o'clock ; when the numbers stood—for Michael Scales 169, for W. Hughes Hughes 74. At the close of the poll, a protest against...

BRISTOL SPECIAL COIDIISSION.--•-A supplement to the Gazette of last Friday

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announced the appointment of a special commission of Oyer et Terminer and gaol delivery, for the purpose of hearing and determining the accused in the late riots. The following...

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More formal confessions, both of Bishop and Williams, than those

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which appeared on Saturday, were published by authority in Tuesday's Times. These confessions, which were made partly on Friday night and partly on Saturday, were duly reported...

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MURDER NEAR Eorseunon.—On Friday last week, an old and feeble

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woman, named Geddes, residing in a lone cottage, near Cramonti, about five miles from Edinburgh, was found lying dead on her own floor, with her akull fractured by several...

EXTORTION AND PERJURT.—A case of infamous extortion was tried at

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the Old Bailey on Thursday. The ruffian who practised it—one William Hague—had, by threats of publicly charging Mr. George Drury, a gentleman residing at Skelton, Yorkshire,...

THE WEATHER.—The uncommonly mild temperature this week, has been accompanied

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by some very high winds. The communication be- tween Dover and Calais was stopped for two days. The English packet, on Thursday, after tossin g about for foeir hours was obli g...

Monday night—A hay-stack at Spalding, the property of Mr. Bonner,

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solicitor. Wednesday night, (30th Nov.)—A hay-stack at Old Meadows, Derby, the property of Mi. Harrison. Monday (28th Nov.)—A tarn at. Wherwell, near Andover, belonging to the...

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Jument, Areerxrnnters.—The Gazette of Tuesday annonnrcs the following appointments in

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the new Bankruptcy Court—the Honourable Thomas Erskine, to he Chief Jud g e ; Mr. Ser g eant Pe ll ; 3.7r. Sergeant Cross ; Geor g e Rose, Es q . to be the other Jud g es ; and...

New LONDON BRIDGE.—A cheesemonger, named Peter Jeffery, has, during nearly

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the whole of the progress, and ever since the completion of the New London Bridge, amused and enlightened the small thinkers of the City with criticisms .on the structure of...

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Sir Janes GRAHAM has been using the pruning-knife freely during

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his inspection of the various departments of his branch of the Administra- tion. Between forty and fifty clerks have been dismissed from the out- ports ; and several of the...

STATISTICS OF THE REFORM BILL. —In one or two instances, the

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Tables of last week require a slight explanation. Beeralston is put down as capable of affording 375 universal suffrage electors, and having one house rated above 104 yet having...


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Remained cra Dec. 2 New Cases on 2 ----- 3 4 6 0 2 6 2 — — 1 50 — 37 376 339 3 38 17 .. 7 ......... ..... 7 — 87 10 4 6 c 4 1 — 6 7 7 Deaths, Dec. 2 . 3 4 5.. 6 7...


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SPECTATOR. OFFICE, SATURDAY, Two o'ctoes. The Cholera report of Thursday is not so favourable as those pre- viously received : there are 19 new cases, 7 deaths, and 1 recovery....

Sun TRADE.—As we look forward to the Papers to be

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moved for in the case of LEAF tIlla CO. as calculated to elucidate the Silk Trade question, we shall post- pone our intended inquiry into the state of the trade until they are...


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On the 8th May last, in latitude 7 north. and longitude 83 east, Captain Lambert, of the Margaret, from Pondicherry to Petiang„ fell in with time wreck of a vessel ap- parently...

The accounts received to-day from the colliery districts state that

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very few of the colliers have returned to their work, and many hundred others have joined the turn-outs.


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Sroca Excuallon, FaxnAv EVENING. Consols closed on Saturday, at 83I 1: for the Account. A scarcity of money pre- vailed in the Market in the early part of the week, in...

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WAR-OFFICE, Dec. 6.-The half-pay of the undermentioned Officers has been cancelled from the 6th of Dee. 1831, inclusive :-Ensign F. Barlow, half-pay 30th Foot ; Lieut. C. L....


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BANKRUPTCY SUPERSEDED. BILLOWS, GEORGE BARER, Poole, ironmonger. BANKRUPTS. ASKEW, ROBERT, and DEWFIURST, JOHN, Manchester, commission-agents, to surrender Dec. 13, 14, Jan....

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THE perfectly conclusive argument against such a creation of Peers as would have enabled Ministers to pass the last Reform Bill was, that there was no precedent for creating...


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Gotnsmirit observes, that the witticism which calls forth one uni- versal smile. in the circles of Grosvenor Square would drop un- heeded on the grosser ears of the lathes and...


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PUBLIC FUNDS. Salim. Mon. Tues. artyrrart. 3 per Cent. Reduced 3 per Cent. Consols Ditto for Account Si per Cent. Old Si per Cent. New. . 4 per Cent.. .......... Bank...

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"The great error which is commonly committed, is taking the utility of an expendi- ture as a sufficient justification of it; whereas, however useful it may be, if it cannot be...

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OF the various departments of Government, with the exception always of that over which the Stamp Commissioners preside, there is none in which the Press has a greater interest...

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THE following extracts from a French letter relate to two subjects of interest. We all know that the name of the Prince of MOSHWA was included in the list of King Louis...

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"THERE has been a "march' of music since the Barber of Seville made his first appearance in an English dress. At that time, Mrs. Dicsorvs and Mr. PYNE were the only two singers...


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THE Drury Lane bills call this "an original comedy." They mean that it is not from the French : it is nevertheless from the old English. It seems we cannot truly be...

FACILITIES FOR Benitnsta.—As a physiologist, I declare my conviction that

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there are modes of extinguishing life without leaving upon the body the slightest trace of violence, or the slightest indication by which the murder could be detected. The most...

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We would recommend Dr. GRANVILLE'S Catechism of Health, as containing

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an immense quantity of useful information, in a compact form, and conveyed in a popular manner. By way of question and answer, he has discussed all those problems which occur in...

The Fifth Number of the Edinburgh Cabinet Library—a work compiled

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with care and judgment—contains the lives of three of our most famous naval adventurers, DRAKE, CAVENDISH, and DAMPIER. These biographies are well executed : the style is plain...


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Memoirs of the Duchess of Abrantes (Madame Ju- 1 2 voli. not). By Herself. (French and English) Lives and Voyages of Drake, Cavendish. and Dam- 1 pier. (Edinburgh Cabinet...

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A volume of the Entertaining Library contains, as far as

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it goes (for we have only the first volume), the best and the most • copious account we can name of the antiquities of Pompeii, as they have been laid open by modern researches....

Mr. JUKES . S little work on Indigestion and Costiveness has arrived

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at a second edition. We repeat our recommendation of it. It is a BUCHAN in small ; and along with a great deal of whole- some advice and rational information, contains a number...

The Duty of Humanity to Inferior Creatures is a well-written

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and well-meant little work, entirely thrown away. Who is there, possessed of the refinements of education, and the cultivated sym- pathies of social life, who uses the inferior...


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STARK'S Scenery of the Rivers of Nwfolk, of which three parts have appeared, is a work which is well calculated to please all tastes, for the views bear the stamp of truth, and...

The Chameleon is a species of Annual. It is at

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any rate a vo- lmne of prose and verse, which will probably be repeated from year to year. It differs from the Annuals in this respect, that it is written by one hand ; and as...

The Adventures of a Dramatist is advertised and announced with

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the declaration that "the author will not attempt to promote the sale of this publication by puffs, direct or indirect." - We will vary this 'species of puff indirect, by...

The Tenth Number of the "Standard Novels" contains the conclusion

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of SCHILLER'S Ghost Seer, and the whole of BROWN'S Edgar Huntley. CHARLES BROCKDEN BROWN was an American imitator of GODWIN, and has been, for some accidental reason, greatly...


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" The Bitter Morning."—What a refrigerator ! the sight of this print would be as good as an ice in summer. We should be fearful of catching an ague by looking too long at it on...

The Contemplations of Bishop Hall, with an Account of his

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Life, forms the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Volumes of the "Divines of the Church of England." They are a very extraordinary spe- cimen of ingenuity and fertility of mind spent...

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THE first meeting of the Royal Society since the annual election of the Council and Officers for the ensuing year, was held on Thursday the 8th. His Royal Highness the Duke of...


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The Rev. J. T. Bennett, M.A. was on Friday last instituted to the Rectory of Cheveley, Cambridgeshire, on the presentation of the Rev. J. '1'. Hand. The Rev. W. Roberts was...


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TEE second meeting for the season of the Artists' and Amateurs' Convey- sazione, which was held at the Freemason's Tavern on Wednesday evening, was very numerously attended, and...


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HE must. indeed, be a melancholy man whom Punch's performances have not made to laugh. There lives not one "so sad, so wo-begone," as to resist the cachinnating influence of...


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BIRTHS. On the let inst. at East Sheen, the Hon. Mrs. PENRHYN, of a son, who died the same day. On the 3d inst. at the Dowager Lady Arundel's, the Lady of D/GBY NEATE,Esq. of a...


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OXFORD. Dec. 8.—In a Convocation holden this day, it was agreed that the name of Jo- seph Soden, Esq. Colonel in-the service of the Hon. East India Company, and also that of...