14 OCTOBER 1837

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If a war in Spain were like a war in

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any other European country, we should again consider the Queen's throne safe, and the cause of the Carlists desperate ; for the last accounts represent the insurgents as...

The Revenue accounts, made up to the 10th instant, exhibit

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a large diminution of receipts on the year and the quarter, as com- pared with the corresponding periods of last year. On the year, the defalcation is 2,097,295!.; on the...

The French papers are almost entirely occupied with discussions, uninteresting

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to foreigners, respecting the approaching elections. It seems to be expected that the Ministers will gain considerably by them. According to the Moniteur, the first body of...

Another change of Ministry has occurred at Lisbon. The Queen

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obstinately refused to cashier or degrade the two Marshals, SALDANHA and TERCEIRA, as a punishment for their late attempt to restore Don PEDRO'S Charter ; and the Ministers...


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LORD MELBOURNE and Lord JOHN RUSSELL are gone to visit the Marquis of LANSDOWNE at Bowood, there to be joined by other members of the Cabinet,—most likely to settle the minimum...

New York papers to the 25th of September have been

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received by the Sheffield packet-ship, which made the voyage frotn New York to Liverpool in sixteen days. It appears that, in the Senate, the finance measures of President VAN...

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The revision of the Westminster election lists was completed on Tuesday. The result is, that out of 204 objection:, the Litter uls sus- tained 144 ; out of 14S 68. The 'forks...

Cbr Court.

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THE Queen is enjoying the fine weather at Brighton, in daily rides on horseback or in an open carriage. Her Majesty's companions are gene. rally the Dutchess of Kent, Baroness...

A correspondent of the Tinus, in a useful letter, has

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stated the subs stance of a very long Report of' the Municipal Commissioners on the Corporation of London ; showing at the same time the chief points on which it differs from...

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At the Hatton Garden Office, on Tuesday, a person calling

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himself Mr. King Al 4 Ness, attended as an interpreter to assist a Hindoo who charged a man with a theft. M‘Ness said he was a retired officer of the East India Company ; and...

Elie Cowan%

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The reelection of Lord Morpeth and Sir George Strickland for the West Hiding of Yorkshire was celebrated, on Friday last, at a public dinner by the Liberals of Doncaster and the...

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The result of the registration is most satisfactory to the

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Reformers of Hereford. The gain on the Liberal side is much greater than the majority which beat Mr. Biddulph at the late election. Would that the battle was to fight over again...

At a dinner given to the Chairman of the Guardians

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of the Poor iit the Auckland Union, Sir JohnWalsham, the Assistant Commissioner, stated some particulars respecting the working of the Poor-law in the North of England- " I...

At Chester, on Tuesday, there was a grand Tory dinner

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given by the South Cheshire Conservative Association to Sir Philip Egerton ; Lord De Tebley in the chair. The speeches, with one exception, were beneath notice; but the Reverend...

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The Gazette of Tuesday announces the reappointment of the fol- lowingnoblemen and gentlemen to be" Lieutenants and Sheriff's Prin- cipal of shires and stewartries, in Scotland."...

A county meeting was held some time ego at Enniskillen

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to address the Queen and the Queen Doss-tiger; and it was unanimously agreed that no Whig should he honoured by presenting either of the addresses. To the Duke of Wellington,...

A very disagree :isle denottemeot, which took place this week

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in a Southern county not far from Dublin, affords the lovers of 'scandal abundant food for talk, and will give the gentlemen of the long robe employment during the next term....


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There is a rumour in Dublin that Lord Plunket has refused to madly the Irish Magistracy of Orangemen to the extent required by Lord Mulgrave and Lord Morpeth, and that the...

The Northern Whig of Belfast says that Orangeism still flourishes

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in Ireland, and that the cunning professors of the Orange faith "diddled" the Government—: " They saw that the storm Was upon them ; and they judged it safest to play the part...

The Bristol Radicals are an incorrigible set. A few years

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since they tried their hands at burning on a large scale, for which a few of them were hanged; but with smell advantage to the morals and man- ners of the survivors, as would...

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The Postmaster-General has ordered that after the 6th of the

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present month all the pecuniary advantages which belonged to the postmasters of towns in the delivery of letters and newspapers within their respective deliveries must be...

A case of considerable novelty, and presenting some rather amusing

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features, has lately been, at more than one sederunt, under the consi- deration of the Presbytery of Brechin. Some time ago, the Reverend Mr. Norval of Kirriemuir (a native, we...

Samuel Wesley, the great organist, died on Monday. From a

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me- moir of his life, which appeared simultaneously in most of the morn- ing papers, we extract the pith. " Although he had been for about a month sn invalid, there were no...


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The Earl of Uxbridge is to be appointed Lord of the Bedchamber to her Majesty, in the place of the late Lord Teinplemore.—Courier. It is said that the Duke of Roxburgh is to...

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A musical festival is to commence at Vienna on the

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5th of Novem- ber, in commemoration of the twenty.fifth anniversary of the establish- ment of the Society of the Friends of Music in the empire of Austria. The Creation of Hadyn...

The protectors and friends of Don Carlos are more alarmed

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for the health than for the military operations of the Prince. An orderly offi- cer who returned to Paris last week, and who has already passed the Rhine, brought information...


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On the 5th inst., at Clonbrock, the Lady CLOSIRROCK, of a danghter. On the 10th inst., at the Ilaguc, Lady Mater. of a son. On the 3d inst., at Be ileigh, Salterton, Devon. the...

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Letters from Constantinople mention, that the Sultan is exerting

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himself to form a close alliance with Austria. He has recently con- ferred orders on the Austrian Ambassador and his two secretaries, and forwarded the insignia of the highest...


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SATURDAY NIGHT. The accounts from Spain advert to a subject which has hitherto re- ceived but little attention—the deplorable condition of the great bulk of the people, owing...


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We commence our present dramatic notice, as we concluded the last, w ith an " all hail" to SHERIDAN KNOWLES'S new comedy ; our an. ticipations of its excellence having been...

The harvest in France has proved most productive, and there

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is an abundance of every description of' food ; but the ignorant people of Portrieux, in Lower Brittany, last week raised a riot to prevent the hipment of cattle for the English...


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Arrived—MG ravesend, Oct. 8th, Gentoo, !Mark, front Ben g al ; and Kin g ston. Stiles from Bombay ; 9th, Pestonjee Bumaujee, Thompson, front Bombay; anti liebe, Mal. colm, from...


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groCK ETCHANIg. FRIDAY illiT3RNOOM The return of the quarter's retenue published ot. Wedueohy, i n whi c h a deficiency of upwards of 1,200,0001. was declared, prodeced a...

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After the anticipations we have entertained and eticouraged, of the

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brave doings to be expected from the new management of Covent Garden, it is mortifying to confess the disappointment we experienced on Wed- nesday, in witnessing the production...

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REFORM OF THE REFORM BILL. "THE Conservatives are satisfied with the Reform Bill-whether satisfied or not, you, Whig-Radicals, shall have no other :" such is the Tory...


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Customs Eloise Stamps Taxes Post-office Miscellaneous Years ended 1836. Out. 10th I 1037. i Increase. Decrease. 20,166,917 12,2 8 3,173 6.796.439 3,67 0 .474 1,4.1;,neu 52,533...

We have not visited Drury Lane Theatre, which opened on

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Satur- day last ; but, for the sake of the many families whose comforts de- pend on the success of the establishment, we are glad to learn that it has been well attended. A new...

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THE remarks in last Spectator on " White and Black in the United States," have attracted the attention of Miss MARTINEAU ; who has favoured us with an interesting communication...


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"Tory intimidation! " All the Ministerial Joon:als, passim, IF a Tory punishes a Liberal tradesman by withdrawing his cus- tom, or a refractory tenant by a notice to quit,...

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No. II. CONCLUDED. PENSIONS. OUR last week's investigation, as a whole, of pensioning in practice, proved that, in a personal expenditure of fourteen millions of money, eight...


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TO TIIE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Dublim 9th October 1537. Sot—The Examiner wishes the Irish journalists upouthe Liberal sole toengage in the labour of giving detailed accounts...

MisisTearat Loolc.---Every unprejudiced Radical must now see tat his friends,

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the Ministers, cannot directly strengthen their position, %.rsend up by more commanding majorities to the House of Lords, the measures they desire to carry. He cannot,...

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WITH the exception perhaps of Eugene Aratn, we consider Ernest Maltravers as the work in which Mr. BULWER'S genius is deve- loped in the purest and soundest spirit, though it...


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Ficriorc, Ernest Maltravers. By the Author of' Pelham," " Eugene Aram," Ste. In 3 eels, Saunders and O . AY • G IFT Emus, Friendship's Offering, and Ylititer's Wreath ; a...

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THE number of gift-books that are spread before us, better mark the approach of winter than the hazy mornings, and the chilly evenings, and the saddening aspect which nature...

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mittee and the evidence of Dr. WAAGEN are viewed in

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a new light; and the only true one in which the fine arts ought to be regarded, in- tellectually speaking. But we are a plodding and mercantile people ; and as a nation,...