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Probably the. - sounder rotate of agriculture in Ireland—sounder, though still

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scarcely risen above the lowest level of debasement— will tend more than anything to counteract the-noxious, .effects of agitations:like:these ts are striving o arouse. The...

Germany is becoming the theatre of more than one state

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of agi- tation, of a kind to excite solicitude, but also to reawaken hopes. The tendency of events is to give another shake to Absolutism, and to reunite those influences which...

The fashion of royalty and the promise of success develop

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themselves, pan i passu, in the tours of Prince Louis Napoleon as President of the French Republic. It is said that his visit to Cherbourg was meant to counteract the Joinville...


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The same journal sets down the price of wheat at 45s., and sharply advises a truce to agitation among the agriculturists, as inopportune, and as unseemly for "gentlemen." This...

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A farewell dejenner was given to Dr. Jackson on Tuesday, at the grounds of the Training College, Battersea, by the masters, students, and officers of the College. Lord Ashley...

The United States are still undergoing those two incidents of

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the transition, which we have so recently noticed—boundary agitation and slavery agitation. Governor Bell of Texas is talking very big indeed, about raising regiments to...

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Tuesday's Gazette contained the Speaker's notice of a new writ for the election of a Member of Parliament to serve in room of the Honourable Charles Ewan Law, late Member for...

IRELAND. The Lord-Lientenant's visit to the Earl and Countess of

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Erne at Crone Castle, and the doings there in his honour, fill a large space in the diffuse columns of the Irish papers. The gentry and peasantry seem to have given him a...

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But few particulars of Royal proceedings at retired Balmoral are vouch- safed by the Court newsman. The Queen drives out; has ridden out on a pony, by the side of her husband...

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furtigu ath Calanial.

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FRANCE. —President Bonaparte's progress through the Channel de- partments attained a climax of high interest at Cherbourg. If his recep- tion there was less immediately a...

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The Lords of the Admiralty have directed that henceforth the British and North American Royal Mail steam-ships, sailing between Liverpool and New York, shall cease calling at...

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There are now no fewer than five candidates to fill

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the vacant seat in Parliament for Poole. In addition to the three Members already enume- rated,—Mr. Seymour, the sole Liberal and Free-trade candidate, with Mr. Savage and Mr....

The first regular session of the Legislative Assembly of the

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Dutchies of Holstein and Schleswig assembled at Kid on the 9th instant. From the fact that nearly all the Dutehy of Schleswig is occupied by the Danes, the members present were...

The General Committee of the Lancashire Public School Association "deliberated

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in full assembly, last Tuesday, on the important business in- tended to come before the Educational Conference proposed to be held in October." After the reading of a vast...

The life of the Duke of Wellington was put in

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peril by accident yes- terday. As he was driving from Dover to Walmer Castle the post-horses took fright at some flying paper, and drew the carriage off the road down a bank...

The example of the Barclay brewers has been followed on

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the Conti- nent. According to the Timm, the police of Cologne had to protect Gene- ral Haynau from the violence of the Democrats. And the North Ger- man Gazette of the 11th...


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SATITRDAT. The intelligence from Hesse-Cassel increases in interest. The Perms- nanent Committee of the Chamber is proceeding with great energy, and with a concurrence so...

The Lord-Lieutenant of Ireland made a public entry into Belfast

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on Thursday, amidst the most impressive demonstrations by the sober but strongly-feeling citizens. General Bainbrigge and his staff, the Corpora- tion, with other public bodies,...

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The gigantic statue of the King of Bavaria is now

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placed on the hill of Sainte Theresa, near Munich. The bronze of the statue has coat 92,600 florins, or 11,800/. The students and artists of Munich gave, a few days ago, a grand...

Mr. J. Walker, the eminent engineer, who has conducted the

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repairs and alterations of Blackfriar's Bridge in progress for some years past, has reported on the danger popularly apprehended from the sinking of the pier. The depression,...

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Every now and then, a piece is produced at some Parisian theatre which creates the greatest emulation in the London managers, as to which Every now and then, a piece is produced...

It is stated that Lieutenant Gale's family believe the report

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of that gen- tleman's death to be incorrect ; because it is reasonable to suppose that if the fatal accident had occurred, Mr. Gulston and Mr. A. Gulston, Mr. Gale's partners...


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STOCK ExCHAN0E, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. The English Stock Market was heavy at the commencement of the week, but improved again and becamcateady, till yesterday, at our last...

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RETRENCHMENT IN HIGH PLACES. A HOMMLY proverb sets at nought the bird that respects not its own domicile. In similar predicament with the feathered tribe stood the members of...


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THE letter of Lord Lyttelton, noticed in the Spectator last week,, challenges further attention by one or two of its brief but sug- gestive sentences, the meaning of which looms...

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MAGNIFICENT was the spectacle presented by Cherbourg while the nephew of Napoleon the Emperor sojourned there on his visit ; magnificent most especially the port, both by sea...


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AS the signs of the approaching concourse to the Exposition of 1851 appear, those who have foresight and intelligence should be- times prepare the appliances which will be...


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Aernotren cerrying out a literal resemblanee in the fitet of Making tours, the chief personages in Great Britain Fratibe, and Ireland, have really been performing' eVoIntions...

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Parkhurst Prison have tried to set fire to the building. Their perseverance in arson certainly does not say much for the reformatory process. It is not repentance, but con-...


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THE conduct of the Sabbatarians, in continuing the agitation against the -minimized use of the post-office on Sandays, is not only indecent but injudicious ; since it is not...

A meeting of the Peace Society and their friends is

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to be held in London about the 18th instant, for the purpose of receiving the report of the Eng- lish deputies present at the late Congress held at Frankfort. Several per- sons...

Trttrr to 4t attar.

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THE 'UNIVERSITY COMMISSION. SM — It was not till I saw your leading article that I perceived that I hail wrongly reckoned Mr. Vaughan among the Oxford Commissioners. His name...

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PROFESSOR SEDGWICICS VOLUME ON THE STUDIES OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CAMBRIDGE. * Tze title of this book gives about as much notion of its contents, as the invitation of a rich...

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This volume may fairly be said to be original, inasmuch as it would not have been written if the author could have found any- thing like it. Mr. Marryat is a collector of china;...

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DR, _ST A$11/J CIE MAYO'S BERBER. * IN.this tale Dr. Mayo

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has forsaken America and the Western coast of Africa in our days, for Spain and Morocco about the close of tlui seventeenth or beginning of the eighteenth century. The great...

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Although the publishing world has partaken of the usual business quiet of September, the month has produced mere books than isalways the ease with its first two weeks, and of...

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eitatting5 from t i t Vitt lunko.

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STATISTICS OF TIIE INQUIRY INTO PARLIAMENTARY OFFICES. TR& inquiries of the Official Salaries Committee were limited to places held by Members of Parliament, to the Diplomatic...

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IILIITS.S, , . On the 9d September, at Frankfort, .1.11,,

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the Lady of the Hon. Colonel Cadogan, Grenadier Guards;Ul i ti . ;danghtet. ' ''' . On the 4th M , thela ` , NeWbol.d.ort-Stour, the Wife of the Rev. R: Pritchard, of a...


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Tuesday, September 10. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—G. and F. linings, Pudsey, Yorkshire, drapers-J. ancIG. - Clough, Bradford, Yorkshire, ale-merchants-Scott and Email, - Dean...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) Saturd. Vonday Doesday. 7Fednos. Thurs. 3 per Cent Consols 961 961 981 961 961 IfW 969 4 6 it. Mentor Account 969 901 941 964 861 5 per...