16 MARCH 1839

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Tits gigantic Corn question has thrust aside other topics of political interest. A narrative of what has been said and done on this subject comprises nearly all of importance in...

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The French Ministry finally resigned, in a body, en Friday

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last: and Louis PUILIPPE commenced the reconstruction of his Csbieo. He applied to Social., the Duke DE Dime Ise, and Guizesr and it would seem that the only condition iniresed...

Important and not satisfactory intelligence has been received from the

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United States, by the Great Western, which brings New York papers to the 26th of February. Troubles have brides n out on the disputed territory between the Province of New...

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Debates anti Vrocetbinns in %Jar!lament.

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CORN - LAWS. A large number of petitions both in favour of and against the repeal of the Cora-laws were presented. to the House of commons, on mon- dav, Till,: preliminary...

In our second edition last week it was stated, that

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by recent ac- counts front Bombay the war in India had assumed a more serious aspect. KAM RAM, Shah of Herat, has united himself to the other princes of Atfghanistan in...

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Zbt C out.

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THE Duke of Sussex, who returned to Kensington Palace on Saturday, visited the Queen on Monday. Her Majesty went to Covent Garden Theatre on Thursday evening, attended by the...

Vie illetropolLs.

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The Court of Aldermen held a special meeting on Tuesday last, to consider the bill introduced to Parliament by Mr. Fox Manic for the purpose of regulating the Metropolitan...

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A letter to Mr. Ray, Secretary of the Precursor Association, from Mr. O'Connell, was read at a recent meeting of the Precursors, The following are extracts from the letter- "...

I! .7 be Vrobinces.

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The coateta a.tr Wigan was very close. At nine o'clock the numbers were--tor Ewert, 65; Kearsley, 34; at eleven, Kearsley 203, Ewart 197; at three, Kearsley 256, Ewart 253. Only...

The Marquis of Londonderry and a lady lately honoured Mr.

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and Sits. Wade, of the Bridge Ine, Stockton, with it morning call. The noble pair had the honour of being bowed out. — Sunder/and Herald. It has been stated that Sir. J. Tracy...

At the King's County Assizes, the case of " The

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Queen v. Messrs. Bailey, Stepney, and Flood," was tried on Saturday, befbre Chief Justice Doherty. The prisoners were arraigned for the wilful murder of Mr. 'I'urpin, who lost...

In tla • 'ar :re: Criminal Court, on Saturday, James

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Whoolley was senteneed to astaen days imprisonment for the manslaughter of Char- lotte es. particulars of the case were mentioned last week ; the prioa. ea' ' trine at a block,...

A fire OCCIllTed on Monday evening at the Znological Gardens

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at Birmingham. A large monkey-house, together With a most valuable collection of monkies, was destroyed, and several other houses fbr the reception of animals shared the same...

. The Anti-Corn-law Delegates reestembled at Brown's Hotel on Tuesday.

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in greater force than before ; and have held daily meetings during the week, at which the chief subject of discussion has been the proceedinea in Perliament. The statements of...

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S l' , TIIPAY NIGHT. No progress in the rectmso-netion of ;be Frenell Wristry is reported in the French - ;L:pm.r.s r( 1 ill's The last rumour is, that Grizor nod ill, Door':...

The period for holding the next meeting of the British

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Association, which was left for the decision of the Commil. has now hen fixed. The The period for holding the next meeting of the British Association, which was left for the...


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Lord ITenley, brother-in-law to Sir Robert Peel, is recovering from his long and severe illness, brought on by a paralytic attack. Ile is now able to attend to his official...

Papineau has arrived in Paris, and is well received by

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the leading Liberals there. The son of the Duke of Rovigo fought a duel on Thursday, with swords, in the unrest of St. Germain, and received so severe a wound in the breast, by...

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A correspondent requests room for the following tribute to Colonel

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Jones, whose death is recorded in the week's obituary. " Leslie Grove Jones was well known front the prominent part he took in public affairs, and particularly as the writer of...

A considerable fall in the price of wheat—namely, between five

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and six shillings the quarter—occurred on Monday. Yesterday the supply in Mark Lane was scanty, and the market rather firmer ; but no advance on Monday's rates was obtained....


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THE usual half-yearly meeting of the proprietors was held on Thurs- day; and considerable surprise was created by a proposition from the Directors to reduce the dividend from 4...

Colonel Gawler, the new Governor of the Province of South

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Aus- tralia, reached the colony on the 13th of October.

The all-important subject of National Education has been taken up

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by sonic influential people in the City : a Committee, composed of seve- ral Members of Parliament, and commercial and literary men, has been formed ; and Mr. JAMES MON, of...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY nerseraes. The only event of importance in the Money Market during the week, has been the reduction of the dividend on Bank Stock : at a meeting of the...

'File polling for North Devonshire commenced yeeterday but when the

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latest account was despatched, returns had only been received from the following places. South Molten, at 11 o'cleck Tiverton, at i p. 1 Colltunpton, at 0 Chumleigh, at i to 11...

The Mercantile Committee on Postage have resolved to call a

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public meeting in the city of London to petition for the unifinln penny rate. The meeting will be held in May.


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Arrived—le the Channel, Olympus, Cowl; Favourite, Robinson, from Bengal; Glenorm, G r uber, from Mani ll a: Palmer, Francis; W. Earras, —; Bride, Car' ; Cumbrian, Paul ; and...

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Tim Haymarket recommences its season on Monday, with the former corps strengthened by the addition of COOPER, that most useful of actors ; 0. SMITH, who to his fierce and...


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Tim last of these very delightful and instructive concerts was given on Thursday and to a room, if not crowded, yet full. If we had not daily experience how shallow and...


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THE Morning Post, who is usually well-informed about Tory tac- tics, really confirms our view of the state of the Canada question while he professes to dispute it. " As to the...


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PREPARATIONS FOR HISTORY. THE commonest, and, if not the greatest, yet one of the greatest flaws in the character of any Minister, is what may be called self- reference—that...

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"THE British Navy is insufficient for the protection of British commerce ; therefore let there be more seamen and more ships." Such is the assertion and the demand of the...


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TIIAT the Government Bill for making the City of London part of the Metropolitan Police district, should be extremely offensive to the worshipful City authorities, is not...

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Tnr, first stone of the new Houses of Parliament is to be laid in June, and, it is said, by the Queen in person. With reference to this occasion, a correspondent, - who evinces...

A curious specimen of mechanical ingenuity, called the Aellopodes, is

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at present exhibited at the George Hall, Aldermanbury. It is a car- riage for travelling without horse or steam, propelled solely by the traveller's own weight ; and it is the...


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Ma. PARINGTON'S Bill " to alter and amend the laws relating to the sale of Beer," is an attempt to snake the beverage of the poor man dearer. Not content with doubling the price...

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The r on , : Azso STvrisries, California; n History of Upper and Lower California, from their first discovc;ry to the. present time ; , comprisin g an Account of the Climate,...


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Tuts volume is an odd mixture of history, topography, statistics, indicative touches of the Indian and Creole character of New Spain and California, and speculations upon a very...

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Is a collection of tales founded on actual occurrences, which have fallen under Mrs. BRAT'S observation, or been told to her by others; and possesses, as might be expected, time...

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THESE two thick little volumes, closely printed at the foreign pr ess of Malta, contain upWards of twenty thousand lines of verse, and about a hundred pages of prose ; the...


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BOUND BOOKS. Philosophy ill Sin.rt »zatle ,‘;'eiznee in Earnest ; ail At tempt to Teach the First Principles of Natural Phile, , ephy the aid of Nodal. Top and Sports. 11 . th...


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THE chief of "Labour's Wrongs," according to Mr. Ihm, are profit, interest, rent, and taxes; of all of which, amounting, as he calculates, to three hundred millions a year, the...

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THE 'NELSON MEMORIAL. TarsE is yet a chance of having a monument to Nelson, not discredit- able to the country : thanks to the expression of public opinion, the hero is not to...


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Mn. VIVIAN is first in the field, with his volume of sketches of the Scenery of Portugal and Spain. They are lithographed in the tinted manner, by HAGI1E, and are rich in the...