17 NOVEMBER 1855

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The week appeared to be closing without any decisive or

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new intelligence from the several seats of war, when we had the brief report of Omar Pasha's victory over the Russians in Mingrelia. We had already been able to report the...

The general foreign intelligence, like the domestic, is uneventful ;

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or if there are events, we have no sufficient account of them. Gene- sal Canrobert, for instance, has gone to Sweden on a special mis- sion ; and his arrival in Stockholm...


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Pcimic men have occupied the public arena of the week in their personal rather than in their official capacity. Of course, where Pcimic men have occupied the public arena of the...

The dispute between certain millowners and the operative spin. ners

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at Manchester has not been accommodated, and the men have given notice of a strike if the reduction of wages be enforced. The points at issue have not changed ; the masters...

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The Paris Exposition closed on Thursday, with some Imperial recognition

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; prizes having previously been distributed, in a tho- roughly international spirit, to the successful exhibitors. Not, indeed, that the distribution causes absolute...

CO (nut

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THE QUEEN, besides her usual walking and driving exercise, visited. Al- dershott camp on Thursday, accompanied by Prince Albert. General Knollys received her Majesty. She...


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The first of the course of winter lectures delivered to the Young Men's Christian Association, at Exeter Hall, on Tuesday night, brought a crowded assemblage; for the lecturer...

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Mr. Gladstone delivered at Chester, on Monday, by particular desire, a lecture "on the Colonies," similar to that he lately delivered at Hewer- den. The bulk of his audience...

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furrign au/i (folottial.

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FRANCE.—The Moniteur has thought fit to give a formal contradiction to the " malevolent rumours" that a change of Ministry is at hand, and to add to its denial " severe...


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Dublin was disturbed by a militia riot on Tuesday. The Mayo Mi- litia quarrelled with the City of Dublin Militia, and a considerable num- ber of the former collected in the...


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Mr. Bouverie addressed his constituents, in the Town-hall of Kilmar- nock, on Monday. In treating of the House of Commons and its doings, he controverted Lord Stanley's...

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Sir George Cornewall Lewis has resigned his office of member of the Oxford University Commission. His place on the Commission has been filled by the Honourable Edward...

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SATURDAY. The Paris Exposition was closed on Thursday, by the Emperor in per- son. The doors were opened to the public at ten and closed at eleven, and during that period...

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Two additional despatches of an offidaIcharactex rupeeg thiellattle on the

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Ingour are published-thi&morning. The first is from Lord Sirat- ford de Redcliffe to the.Earl of Olarendom "At , noon-, Omar Pasha forded the river Ingour on the 6th, at the...

and is- already exhausted, and a second - is in preparation..

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The the of work is highly calculated to - rouse, the - attention- of all' thinking Germane,- as- it strikes at- the root of the great. Power that is already fostering the seeds...

The first meeting held - in Bristol to further the Reformatory

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Schuh movement took place- on Thursday, in the Philosophical Institution. of that city; . Mr. William Miles. M.P. presidia& Among the speakere,1 were the Mayor of- Bristol, Mr....

On Thursday morning; the students of the Glasgow tifiversitras , - sembled

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in the .Common.Hall for the election of a LordRector. The proposeerefilectiOn of- his Grace-the Dirks of Argyll'was carried' almost unanimously; a - counter-proposal for - the...

The Reverend Dr. Vaughen was yesterday committed by the Lambeth , :

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Magistratefor trial on' the charge of falsifying the parish-register of deaths.. He was admitted. to bail ; two sureties of 500/. each, and himself 10004 -in each easel and left...

The following extracts from. a letter by an. Engligli gentleman

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who is settled at Stockton, in California,- throw some light on two points of in- terest—the partial failure of the crops in thefazthest West, and the wild: Americansympathy-...

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The fall of poor Fouquot, the sad end of whose brilliant career offers such a parallel to the case of Cardinal Woleey, is at last celebrated in a dramatic form ; being the...

qt 'Quarts.

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The' work of revival proceeds apace. Madame Celeste has brushed the dust off an old Ilaymarketvdmma, Marie Damage, and given it a new domicile at theAdelphi. This piece, as may...


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STOCK EXCHANC" 7 F.1111LiT. A FTKRN0021. A further-rine thinweele in the Corm:market, and. in many articles of Colonial produce, has created an uneasy feeling : the-probability...

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"Loan Tomes last" is characteristic—it is a new leap. After skipping from the Treasury-bench to the back bench, to Vienna, and back again to the Cabinet, he has gone from the...


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THE CABINET AND THE COMMONS. Tin Cabinet continues tobe out of repair, two of its constituent parts wanting, at a time when we peculiarly desire that every- thing about the...

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ON one point we agree with those who are agitating "the Jersey question"—that it were a question well settled. We do not in- deed think that there is very great room for doubt...


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TIrE Bishop of Rochester is in that position popularly called " a fix," and it would be the act of a kind friend to extricate him from the moral pillory in which he has placed...

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Tirenr ii something unphilosophieal, but- very- natural,- iii-. the: tendency :which -shows -itself here -and-there: to isolate and contrast: the-services rendered by...


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It is singular to note the almost: unanimity otopinien respecting, the importance of a campaign. against the Russians in Asia ;, meaning the country with which Baron Ifaxthausen...

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"Tun numerous recruiting-parties in Belfast," says the Belfast , Mercury, "are beginning to complain of the scarcity of young men."—A mistake, surely. There is no scarcity of...

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Lesketh How, ilmBleside, 12th November 18.5,5. Bra—I have to thank you for your attention to my last letter relative to the grievances of the Regimental Medical Officers...

Volitint &Innings.

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TERMS or PrakcE WITH Russia.—Every year that the strife continues will lead us to a clearer comprehension of the deep-laid projects of Russia, and the extent of her means and...

ittttro to tht

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WHY WAR? Sra—No doubt, there has been much said about the war by its advocates that "will not wash." This always happens in all popular discussions. No doubt, the " Peace party...

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ADNJRALTE, Nov. 13. - Corps of Royal Marines-C. W. Fothergill, Gent. to be Second Limit. ; R. J. Pascoe, Gent. to be Second LieuL


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'Tuesday, Nov. 13. Partnerships Dissolved. -Tisdall and Ward, West Smithfield, bankers Greaves 'and Co. Manchester, oil-meretrants-Whitakerand Law,,Koehdale,:huilders-:Jack-...


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On the July. at Bangalore, the Wife of S. Lawrence Cox, Esq., Surgeon, Afadras Horse Artillery, of a daughter. On the 2d November, at Malta, the Hon. Mrs. Augustus Lane Fox, of...

114LITARir .GAZE Wen.oirsexz, - Ntsv.R3.-Btreoet-h4ajor.Gen. Sir W. J. Codriogton, K.C.B. who has

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at preseat the.locallsisk of .14eut.-Gen. Si ,Turkey, to have the local rank of . Gen. in the Crimea sand .Turkey. Col. Lord WillithaPaulet, C.A. Brigadier-Gen. in turkey, to...

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BRITIS H 3 per Cent Dowels . Ditto for Account. per Gents 'Seduced New 3 per Cents Long Aimultles Annuities I885 Bank Stock, 8 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer...

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London: Printed by JOSEPH CLAYTON, of 320, Strand, in the

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County of Middlesex, Printer, at the office of JOSEPH CLATrore, No. 10, Crane Court, in the Parish of St. Dunstan's in the West, in the City of London ; and Published by the...

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PRESCOTT'S PHILIP THE SECOND. * THE reign of Philip the Second of Spain was remarkable not only for the world-wide affairs in which the extent of the King's do- minions...

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NOVEMBER 17, 1855.

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LAWRENCE'S LIFE OF FIELDING. * IN strictness, De Foe is the

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first English novelist; for although tales of romance and so-called pictures of passing life were written before his time, they were so feeble, unnatural, and temporary in their...


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Iffnvismars. is the last new " Territory " of the United States, lying to the West of Wisconsin and the North of Iowa. When Mr. Oliphant last year made his journey through it,...

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LONGFELLOW'S SONG OF IIIA.WATHA.. * WHATEVER opinion may be pronounced upon

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their respective merits, there is no doubt but that Tennyson is the most popular contemporary poet of England and Longfellow of America. Critics may raise objections in part or...

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Booxs. THE producing-power of the week has slackened a little ; but publishing still goes on, and with works of character and promise. From Messrs. Parker and Son we have the "...

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inE Irto.

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WINTER EXHIBITION. In this dull season of art matters, one sees with a certain compla- cency, at No. 121 Pall Mall the announcement that the " Winter Exhi- bition of Pictures,...

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Iittrarti ettnutup.

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CHANGE IN A. RECRUIT, AND WHY.—A year or two passes, and you meet the same lad again—if indeed ho is the same. For a strange change has come over him : he walks erect, he speaks...


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The English journals of the week announce as follows the list of Bri- tish artists contributing to the Paris Exhibition who have received prizes. In Painting and Engraving,...


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On the 1st of last May, after a delay of nearly eleven years from the formation of a committee for the purpose of raising a monument to Thomas Campbell, the monument was erected...