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DOMESTIC Occurrences and accounts from America give a serious complexion to this week's news. In South Wales, disturbances, to which the term insurrection may without...

From America the intelligence is even more unfavourable than it was expected to be. 'File United States Bank struggled against

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the difficulties thickening around it, till the 9th of last month— the day before the Liverpool arrived with the accounts of the dishonour of the Bank's drafts in Paris—and...

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"His Excellency the Right Honourable CHARLES POUI.ETT THOMSON" had not

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reached Quebec when the last accounts left that city. The Liverpool steamer, however, brings Canadian papers containing the manifesto of the new Governor's views and purposes...

We find little news of interest in the Continental journals.

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The French Chambers are summoned to meet on the 23d of December. It was expected that a list of new Peers would have been published in the Munikur ; but the announcement was...


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Tim had weather which has prevailed during the week has interfered with the Royal walks and rides at Windsor, where as yet the Queen has not the beitelit of the covered building...

be itletropolis.

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At a meeting of the Common Council, on Tuesday, Mr. Richard Johnson moved that 10,000/. be granted towards defraying the expense of building tee chare hus in thee parish of...

in the Court of Queen's Bench, on Saturday, Sir John

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Campbell, Atltorney-General, applied for a rule for a criminal infOrmation against the pre, rietor of the ;ta: G«:etie for an alleged libel on Admiral Sir J. Onkel:limy. This...

Instead of a Guy Fawkes, some persons in the City

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carried about a figure intended to represent the "Scarlet Lady," on Tuesday last, the 5th of November. On Wednesday, many boys were sent to the treadmill from the E. ferent...

Zig Vrobince%.

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On the 1st instant, the election of Municipal Councillors was made. In the following places the Liberals claim a majority— Hull, Carlisle, Kidderminster, Romsey, Ipswich,...

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A meeting of persons desirous of promoting the improvement of Ireland by encouraging emigration to New Zealand, in connexion with the London New Zealand Company, was held at the...

Darrynane Abbey, the seat of Mr. O'Connell, has been very

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gay during the autumn months ; lots of company, and private theatricals also. One of the latest performances was Sheridan's admired comedy of The Rivals which went off with...


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Little interest was excited by the municipal elections in Edinburgh. The Tories gained one member and lost one, and the strength of par. ties remains the same. In Glasgow the...

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In a letter to the Bishop of Exeter closing his correspondence with that Prelate on the subject of Education, Lord John Russell says—" I confess I am not sanguine as to the...

The Queen has given 50/. to the Leicestershire Lunatic Asylum.

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Admiral Sir Henry Trollope, G.C.B., who was in his eighty-fourth year, shot himself on Monday, at Bath, "in a moment of temporary derangement." A few days ago, a letter...

In consequence of information which had reached the authorities in

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Paris, that many persons who had formerly belonged to secret societies were in the habit of assembling clandestinely, and that they were manufacturing powder, cartridges, and...

At this dull season of politics, the following extract from

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the Paris journal L'Oulrenter, which we reprint verbatim et literatiin, with all its mistakes, from the Ni"gueialeut of the 1st instant, may entertain some of our readers. "...

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A letter from Rome, dated the 19th October, states that"

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the Prince of Peace, who, during many years, disposed of the treasures of Spain and of both Indies, has been summoned before the tribunals of that city for a debt of sixty Roman...

The steam-ship Liverpool, Lieutenant Fayrer, R.N., arrived at Liverpool on

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Wednesday morning, after a passage of seventeen days, from New York. She made the outward voyage in nineteen days, reaching that city on the 10th October. She has brought forty...

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The Royal Gazette of September 17th, published at Hamilton, Bermuda,

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gives particulars of a dreadful hurricane on the 11 th and 12th of September. It commenced about seven o'clock on the evening of Wed nesday the 1 lth September— • " Dense...

It was mentioned last week that "opium scrip" had been

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offered for sale in Calcutta. An East India house in London allowed the Colonial Gazette to make a copy of the form in which Mr. Elliot's certificate or debentures are drawn up....

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Private letters received at Singapore mention that her Majesty's Superintendent

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had taken up the Cambridge, Captain Douglas, to act as guard-ship for the protection of British property. She was said to be chartered at 6,000/. for four months. It is added,...

The Delhi Gazette, of which we have received a file

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to the end of August, publishes a letter from an officer who niarched with the army from Caudahar to Ghuznee. Ile says " The natural productions of the country we see nothing...

It is announced, and dwelt on with great satisfaction in

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the India& papers, that the reduced rates of postage r*ommended in the Report of the Post-office Commissioner, formerly referred to, have been sane. tioned with slight...

We have been flavoured with the perusal of a communication

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of a late. date from Perth. Governor Hutt appears to be indefatigable in his endeavours to promote the interests of the colony ; but he has most formidable difficulties to...


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WamorricE, Nov. 8.-911i Foot—C. II, MtCaskill, Gent, to be Ensign. withoet roe chase, vice Pearson, deceased. 16th Foot —Ensign S. Lawson to be Lieut. without purchase, vice...


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On the 29th ult., at Wilton noose. the Countess of CLANWILLIAM, of it 901I. Ott the 28th of July, at Colombo. Ceylon, the Lady of thoustoeunt Eutorr, of a son. On the 28th...

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The Queen Regent of Spain has prorogued the Cones, and a dissolution was expected to follow immediately. All the Ministers resigned, Wier refusing to take the responsibility of...

The Morning Chronicle publishes a statement of the affairs of

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the United States Bank, as they stood on the 1st of October 18;39, received - front the Agency of' that institution. The assets arc put down at 72,178.214 dollars. The...

The morning papers supply additional intelligence front South Wales. Frost's

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son, and his uncle, now mentioned for the first time, have been • apprehended. The examination of James Aust terminated in a committal for high treason. His defence, which was...

The death of Mr. Justice VAUGHAN made room for the

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promotion of the Solicitor-General to the bench ; and it was said that Sir ROBERT ROLFE strenuously put forward his claim to the Judgeship ; but, unfortunately for that...

There are two Whig candidates for the seat in Parliament lately filled by Admiral ConniNuToN.

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The first is Mr. Sr. AI:11IN, a natural son, we believe, of the late Sir JOHN Si'. AUBTN ; who is very desirous to be made a Baronet, and who will probably be made a Baronet if...

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How Lord Melbourne's Cabinet has been kept together, amid the hatred of the Tories and the loss of confidence of the country, it is difficult to explain ; but a combination of...


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111 the early part of the week it was announced,

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that the Bank of Englaitg, with the view of contracting the circulation, and at the same time ol maintaining the present high rates of discount, had made proposals to rediscount...

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WHIGS have waxed vehetn . ently " From GEORGE the Third's to Queen VICTORIA'S accession, they found small opportunity for the exercise of the cardinal virtue of good subjects....


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THE refusal of the Portuguese Government to concur in measures necessary to stop the Slave-trade, extensively carried on under the flag of Portugal—although bound by a...

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Ix a country remarkable for the multiplicity and munificent character of its benevolent institutions, there are yet wanting many things both in principle and in practice to the...

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THE first representation of SHERIDAN KNowLEs's new play, Love, filled Covent Garden with eager crowds, whose hushed attention throughout testified to its interest, and was the...

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ON what occasion these Lectures were delivered does not appear; but let them have been delivered when or where they may, they are a very able and rhetorical series of lay...

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TIHS volume has a threefold division. The first is anatomical, and describes the structure of the organ. The second treats of the eye as an index of the mind, and broaches a...

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MR. DIXON resided in Van Diemen's Land for nearly ten years, and only left the colony because " prosperity " was leaving it. During his sojourn, he was "engaged for a time in...

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Tnu apparent motion in the publishing world was delusive. The month of November has not produced a book of either mark or novelty. Of the publications before us, several are...

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The Vocal Schools of Italy in the Sixteenth Century : Madrigals, Full Anthems, Motets, and Villanellas, composed by eminetit Masters of the Schools of Rome, Venice, Lombardy,...


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THE Royal Exchange Committee, we are glad to say, have done themselves honour, and vindicated the purity of their motives, by retracing the false step they had taken, and...

The print-publishers are already putting forth novelties, notwithstanding the town

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is so empty of rank and fashion. But besides that the nobodies now-a-days are great buyers, the printsellers find that people absorbed in the business of parties, be they dining...

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Tuesday, _Noe. 5. G. and T. Rudd, Northampton Street, Islington. builders-Watkins and Rug..., Cork Street, Burlington Gardens, tailors-Harper and Sutcliffe, Luddenfoot,...