10 AUGUST 1839

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The "Eastern question" has nearly proved fatal to the SOME

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Administration. It appears that every member of his Cabinet, save himself, required the formation of a corps of troops at Toulon, and that the means of embarking them should be...

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NEWS OF THE WEEK. Water a hundred Members of the House of Commons are col- lected within their Chamber, the Speaker feels gratified with the -eery respectable muster ; for he...

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Elections for the Spanish Cortes are in progress. In Madrid,

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the Democratic party had been completely successful. ARGUELLES and MEN DIZ A BA L are among the Deputies elected. Lord JOIIN HAY has had an interview with the Carlist General...

Accounts front Lisbon mention the unsettled state of the country,

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and fears of revolutionary movements troubled the peace- ful portion of the Portuguese nation.

The latest intelligence from New York is dated the 20t11

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of July, and was brought by the President. No political event of im- portance had occurred, but the state of the money-market had rather improved.

Debates anti Vroctebinas in iparliament.

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A D3IINISTRATION OF JUSTICE IN IRELAND. Lord BROUGH A )1 brought this subject before the House of Lords on Tuesday. He commenced his speech by earnestly disclaiming all per-...

Deputations from nearly every town in Hanover had protested against

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King ER N EST'S attack upon the municipal privileges of his capital. His Majesty receives the complaints sulkily.

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be (Court.

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THE Queen remains in town, and no day has yet been named for the departure of the Royal Household to Windsor. Her Majesty has had a dinner-party and an evening-party this week,...

be Sartropotts.

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The Court of Common Council assembled ou 'Wednesday : having been especially convened by the Lord Mayor "to consider the propriety of expressing in a petition to the house of...

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The works of the Thames Tunnel are proceeding so rapidly

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that the shield has now approached within fifteen feet of low-water mark on the Middlesex side. The ground now in course of excavation is better than it lets ever been, and the...

The Town-Council of Birmingham met on Tuesday, to protest against

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the Police Bill for that town now in progress through Parliament. Mr. Watson delivered an energetic speech against the measure ; which he described as the result of "urn...

Lord John Russell has addressed a letter of instructions to

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the Mayor of Manchester and the Magistrates of other districts where Chartist agitation prevails, to apprehend and bring to justice all persons attempt- ing to obtains money by...

Lord Nugent, in an address to the electors of Aylesbury,

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announces his intention of again offering himself as a candidate to represent them, at the next general election ! The Brighton Gazette says that Colonel Wyndham is canvassing...

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Many parts of the North of England, as well as

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some districts in Scotland and in Ireland, have been visited by floods, the wide-spread. f ing destruction of which, in the neighbourhood of Doncaster partiet, larly, is...

The Court of Common Pleas having decided that where a

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living has two patrons, one a Protestant and the other a Roman Catholic, the living shall remain only in the gift of' the Protestant, the Bishop of Exeter by this decision...

By the negligence of one of the men employed on

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the London and Birmingham Railway, a serious accident occurred on Thursday week, The man had omitted to put the rails in the right position at a crossing. place, and one of the...

At Bodmin Assizes, on Saturday, Felix Lovell, formerly a clerk

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in the Customs at Falmouth, was found guilty of embezzling 300 sove- reigns and several bills of exchange, which he had abstracted from the chest of which be had the charge. The...

The Chartists continue to hold nightly meetings at Newcastle, Wigan,

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Blackburn, Lancaster, and in the neighbourhood of Halifax. A large meeting was held last Friday, near Salford. Several Chartists have been arrested by the Manchester...


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At the Fermanagh Assizes, sentence of death was recorded against two young men and a young woman, all of respectable finnilies, whe were found guilty of the abduction of...

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The number of bankruptcies in Paris, declared between the 1st

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of January and the 26th July 1839, was 607. Among them were 93 joint stock companies, whose debts amounted to 14s,o00,000E, or nearly 6 ,000,000/. sterling. The number of...

The Earl of Eglintoun has taken his departure for F.glintonn

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Castle, to superintend the preparations now in progress for the tournament on the 28th. Two galleries are to be erected, one to accommodate a thou- sand, and the other two...

The Benledi, a steam-boat, was nearly lost on Tuesday last

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week, on her passage from Edinburgh to Dundee, near St. Andrew's Bay, in consequence of an accident to her machinery. Her passengers and crew, about 150 persons, were...

From Canadian newspapers received by the packet-ship which left New

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York on the 14th of July, it appears that intelligence of the deter- mination of the British Government not to pass any measure for the permanent settle:112m of the affairs of...

The Minming Past publishes a letter from the late Lady

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Flora Hast- ings, dated at Buckingham Palace on the Silt of last. March, to her uncle, Mr. Ifamilton Fitzgerald, then at Brussels. Lady Flora detailed to her uncle the principal...


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Mr. Arthur Kinnaird has accepted the Chiltern Hundreds ; a new writ has been moved for Perth ; and we perceive by the Perth Chronicle of Thursday, that Mr. Laurence Oliphant,...


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The following changes are confidently spoken of as likely to take place at the close of the session. Mr. Poulett Thomson, the President of the Board of Trade, to be appointed...

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Accounts from Sydney, to the 27th of March, have arrived.

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The Crown Lands Bill had been passed. Much complaint of the scarcity of corn and vegetables was made in the colony- " In the Council the subject was mentioned by Sir J....

The British merchants in Bombay have sent a memorial to

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the Lords of the Privy Council, calling upon them to fulfil Mr. Elliott's pledge to secure them from loss by the surrender of their opium. It has been ascer- tained that the...


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SATURDAL The House of Lords had a short sitting last night ; the Commons were occupied with a great variety of measures to a late hour. In the Lords, the Postage Bill was read...

BROTHER ELECTORS, SOUTHWARK. --- from Parliament ; and it is

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right, therefore. that I announee to you my tmelioneed,;',.' thin of becoming a Candidate the the honourable distinction or your II T OBSERVE a movement on the part of some of...


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SESSION. Agliouby, IL A. Attwood, Thomas ilridgenent, Hewitt Brethetton, Juseph Carrie, Raikes Easthope, Joint Ellis. Wynn twart, William Fielden, John Finch, Francis Hawes,...

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The retirement of Mr. Iiinnaird front Parliament is spoken of

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under the head of Scotland, and the cause conjectured. The conjecture is confirmed by time following address, which appears in the Times and the l'ost this morning. "TO THE...

The British Queen was spoken with, at four p.m. on

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the 23a July, in Lat. 43. 24. North, Long. 52. West, eleven days out from Portsmouth. We mention this because there were some idle rumours abroad last week of the loss of this...


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STOCK Excarmsor., FRIDAY ATritawootr. The week has not been characterized by any coup &Alt on time part of the Bank of England ; and the speculation and anxiety as to the...

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BALI% huts this week brought out an adaptation of DinsezErres L'Eliwir d'Amore, under the title of The Love-spell. If DONIZEWI were really capable of producing any thing, it...


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TO THE EDITOR OF N T o 78E, George Street , t , London Universit y Sir—In connexion with the late discussions on Education and the Rom . Acodemy, I beg to offer a few remarks,...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, Aug. 4th, Juliann, Parker, from Mauritius ; 6flt, Viscount Melbourne, Drayton', from China; 7th, Zenobia, Owen, from Ben g al ; awl Lotus, Gore, front New...

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L ARC:E majorities are passing the County and District Constables Bill through time House of Commons, and the Lords will certainly give the measure a welcome reception. Whigs in...


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HOW TO STRENGTHEN A GOVERNMENT. WHEN the MaxmouaNE Ministry returned to office on the strength of Court favour and a majority of' two in the House of Commons, the very...

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IN an article, the week before last, on " The Present Social Dis. tractions," after dwelling on the aggravated form which the selfish principle assumes in proportion as...


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The days are gone" when the calm discussion of Irish questions was impossible. The echo of the Rathcormac widow's moan has died away. The " hereditary bondsmen "—the" seven...

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EMPIRE. " Tile revolution of 1830 having," in the words of Colonel SMITE, " compelled Marshal Malmo:sr to expatriate himself; he took up his residence at Vienna, and remained...


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POLITICAL SPECULATION, The Present State of the Turkish Empire, by Marshal Marmont, Due de 'Ragusa, 'rritastated, Nrith Notes and Observations out the Relations of England with...

Iii coasequence of the elevation of the Reverend F. Anson

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to the Deanery of Chester, a Prebendal Stall in the collegiate church at South- well, and two or three livings, have become void. In the Report Of the Commissioners re:Tut:6'1g...

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Arrau civil and military labours of nearly a quarter of a century, varied by eon amuse studies of' the literature and antiquities of Nast :him, ill-health, long struggled so...

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THE second part of Lady CHARLOTTE Gunsfs contribution to Welsh national literature, in her munificent publication, the Arabi- nogion, fully maintains the character of the first,...

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Although deficient in the origh.ality and race which characterize the

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fine old talc of Peredur, Nr. SNOWE ' S Rhine is a very various and entertaining work, alike useful to fireside readers and to per- sons who propose an excursion to the banks of...