15 JUNE 1850

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The same restless dissatisfaction with compromises between right and wrong,

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the same indistinct perception of necessities, and the same want of will, which ha ppen so generally to characterize what has passed in Parliament this week, are also seen in...

Indeed, there is no part of the political world that

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does not this week furnish us with illustrations of the national mischief arising from feeble conviction and will in public men. In France, there is not a single party, not a...


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VAIN successes and small defeats have checkered the fortunes of Ministers this week in Parliament ; the successes being to the full -as detrimental as the defeats. - The...

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The first assault of the piratical expedition on Cuba has

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failed, and Lopez has made a hasty retreat to the United States—either in irresolution or in some deeper naotive of cunning Ile has evi- dently met with less sympathy than he...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE wEgic. Room OF LORDS. Monday, June 10. Royal Assent, by Commission, to the Pro- MIN and Practice (Ireland) Act Amendment, Parish Constables, Acts of...

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, 64t 31Ittrafulis. In the Court of Common Council, on Thursday,

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the report of the Parlia- mentary Committee on the Metropolitan Interments Bill was brought up. It stated that Sir George Grey had given not the least hope that the City of...

Of Cunt.

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THE Court circular continues to be a scanty chronicle. The Queen and family remain in good health at Osborne; diversifying their pleasant leisure with hospitalities to relatives...

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The squabble in the Dublin Corporation, as to who is or ought to be Lord Mayor, has at last received a settlement. The Irish Court of Queen's Bench had granted a mandamus to...

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The proposed banquet by the Mayors of England to the Lord Mayor of London, and the Commissioners of the Sho* of Industry by All Natieffite will take place at York ; in the City...

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Miort lla MILL

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The Globe of Monday stated that the health of the Count de Neuilly " is rapidly declining, and that his symptoms are such as to cause the greatest anxiety regarding their...

fortign anh Colonial.

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FBANCE.—The proposal to increase President Louis Napoleon's income engages much attention, but does not maintain the excitement which it at first raised. The Legitimists are...

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The success of the Ascot meeting*, this year was as great as that of the Epsom meetings; the beautiful weather, and the great facility of Rooms from Landon, making up in seine...

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The half-yearly examination of gentlemen cadets, in the East India

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Corn- pony's Military Seminary at Addiscombe, took place yesterday, before Sir lioirard Darlene, Major Edwardes, Major Rawlinson, and a number of mill- tary and general...

The overland mail has v arrived today, bringing news from

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Bombay to the 11th May, and from Hongkong to the 24th April. The steamer started four days earlier than usual, to avoid the adverse monsoon ; but by chance had a fair wind all...


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SATURDAY. In both Houses of Parliament last night, Ministers attained to that perfection of Whig ascendancy a "working majority" of one. In the House of Peers, the remaining...

In the French Assembly, the Committee on the Ministerial proposal

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to increase President Louis Napoleon's salary is said to be strongly opposed to the project as brought forward; it will probably assent to the scheme for "a single year only."...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. ' The business transacted in the English Funds at the beginning of the week was unimportant The settlement of the Consol Account was on...


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ilorulay, June 17. Lord Lieutenancy Abolition (Ireland) Bill; adjourned debate on second reading. Metropolitan Interments Bill ; as amended, to be considered. Factories Bill...

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Chtatum nut aiusir.

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The manager of Her Majesty's Theatre has now accomplished his de- sign of producing a great lyrical piece founded upon The Tempest of Shakspore ; a -design which he announced...

The French piece Us Mari Anonyme, a version of which

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was produced at the Lyceum a season or two ago has been again adapted for the Hay- market, where it is played as None6ut the Brave Deserve the liar. his just the sort of piece...

The original play of Kabul end _Liebe, with which Schiller

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in his youth delighted that revolutionary German public that had found Prism the re- verse of exciting—and a version which is now played at the New Strand Theatre under the...

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A young lady, residing with her family at Toulouse, amused herself by collecting birds and teaching them to perform feats, gradually advancing in interest and difficulty...


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MINISTERS AND THE CHANCELLORSHIP. HAD the interregnum in Equity been simply a ministerial vacancy, it would hardly have required renewed attention ; but a change of system, not...

A view of the Alps, modelled and painted by the

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Messrs. Denson, and enlivened by the representation of Napoleon and his army, threading their way among the passes, is the seasonal feature of the Royal Surrey Zóölo- g ical...

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THE debate with which the business of the week was opened in the House of Commons is suggestive of many subjects of reflection to those interested in the condition and prospects...


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KA8 the Poor-law ameliorated the condition of the Irish poor ? The question has two branches, which, though perfectly distinct from each other, have been commonly confounded in...


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114nnmoon 'without largeness ef view or efficacy of plan, may be said to char acterize the SeCond Report of the Commissioners on the Subdivision of Parishes. The object of the...

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Dimeaterrcamar, Lord Palmerston boasts, by deputy, that he has achieved the long-desired canal across the isthmus between the two continents of America : and if all that is...

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Sht. SIBLEY, a courageous and kindhearted gentleman who lived at Rig/ate, perishes in trying to rescue a boy from drowning in the Hampstead Ponds, and there is an outcry to make...

CHANCERY ABUSES: THE MASTED.? OFFICES. Lincoln's Inn, 13th June 1850.

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Sot—Since I last addressed you, I have watched with some anxiety the proceedings in regard to the Court of Chancery, on the part of the Judges and the Members of the...

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THE BISHOP OF LONDON'S BILL. Sin—For the interpretation of the exiating documents of our Church, a tribunal composed of lawyers seems best fitted. But if it should seem...

IS PURE WATER IT FOR DRINK? nth June. Sax—There is

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on every side a dead sot made at "hard" wat r, and in all the projects for the Water - supply of London that seems to be most approved which offers water the most free from...


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To mean one thing and to do another is the last sign of weakness ; but it is a sign of which this country in its collective and official capacity is often guilty. The...

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64, Dean Street, Soho Square, 14th June 1850. Sin—For some time past, we, the undersigned German refugees residing in this country, have had occasion to admire the attention...


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PHIPPS'S MEMOIRS OF ROBERT PLUMER WARD. * THE literary success of the author of Tremaine was owing to the worldly experience and means of observation which his official position...

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I/Pivot:as of thirty years ago, Dr. Bigsby was sent to Canada, in medical charge of a large detachment of a German rifle regi- ment in the pay of Great Britain; but this limited...

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Boons. The Autobiography of .Leigh. Hunt ; with Reminiscences of Friends and Contemporaries. In three volumes. Wanderings in some of the Western Republics of America. With Re-...

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BRITISH MTh. U nON. THE original idea of the British Institution was to promote art by the annual exhibition of masterpieces chosen from the private collections in this country...


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Results of the Registrar-General's return of mortality in the Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday last : the first column of figures gives the aggregate number of deaths...


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On the 4th June, at Herbertshire Castle, Stirlingshire, the Wife of captain John Russell, R.N., of a son. On the 7th, at Malin Castle, the Wife of R. G. Lumley, Esq., of a son...

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BULLION. Per OS. METALS. Per ton. Foreign Gold in Bars, Standard 83 17 9 Copper, British Cakes .C84 0 0 .. 0 0 0 Foreign Gold in Coin,Portugal Pieces 0 0 0 Iron, British Bars 6...


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Tuesday, ,Tune 11. PARTNERSHIPS Dissomren.-J. and H. W. Taylor, Penrith, physicians-J. and C. Barlow. Liverpool, pawnbrokers - Auster and Smith, Birmingham, merchants- Prickett...