16 MAY 1840

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THE Lord Chancellor has performed the easy task of demonstrating the need of reform in the court over which he so ably presides. If satisfaction were possible under the present...

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Debates anb Vroceebings at Vatliament.

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REFORH or THE EQUITY COURTS. In the House of Lords, on Monday, the LORD CHANCELLOR moved the second reading of his bill to reform the administration of justice by the Courts of...

It is said that King ERNEST of Hanover is making

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arrangements for a Regency in the event of his blind son's suceesssion. The Prince of SOLMS is talked of.

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Zig court.

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Tnic grand ball at Buckingham Palace on Monday, and the drawing- room at St. James's Palace on Thursday, have made a busy and gay week at Court. The ball was very numerously...

Ube _Metropolis.

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The murder of Lord William Russell continues to occupy more of public attention in the Metropolis than any other subject. The most odious curiosity exists among all classes to...

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In the Cents-al Criminal Court, on Wednesday, Samuel Bailey, a

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sea- man, was found guilty of cutting and wounding Williain Coombes, another seaman, on. board the Sprightly schooner, bound from St. Michael's to Falmouth, with intent to...

In our last number it was mentioned, that a reward

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of 2001. had bits offered for the apprehension of the murderer of Mr. Templeman at In our last number it was mentioned, that a reward of 2001. had bits offered for the...

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Some attempts of the Conservatives in Paris to sow division

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between M. 'Tiers and 111. Guizot, through the medium of a person in Paris who is a constant correspondent of King Louis Philippe, had completely failed. On Friday last, his...

The Protestant Association held their annual meeting on Wednesday, in

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Deter Hall. Speeches of the usual character were delivered ; and nothing remarkable occurred except the Sudden death of an old gen- tleman, the Reverend Dr. Fancourt, Vicar of...

Ex-Sheriff Parkins died in New York, on time 13th of

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April. A letter from Matanzns, (Cuba,) received in New York, meotions that the United States schooner of war, Flirt. had taken on board a fresh supply of bloodhounds to hunt...

The Out,',' - .11iT states, that an aggressien has been committed by

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the English in Senegal. The Senegambie, a French schooner, the owners of which had undertaken to engage on the coast. of Africa one hundred Blacks as recruits for a company of...

The Dublin Erening Post, the semi-official paper of the Irish

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Govern- ment, has published a letter from its private correspondent in London, announcing that the Ministerial measures respecting Registration and the Right of Voting are...

be Vrobincts.

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A meeting of Conservatives was held at the Amphitheatre in Liver- pool on Wednesday, and a petition in favour of Lord Stanley's Registra- tion Bill for Ireland adopted almost...


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An attempt to get up a meeting in Queen's County to petition against Lord Stanley's Bill met with little success. Very few persons attended, nod nobody of influence. Mr....

The Salopian Journal contains an account of the elopement of

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a young lady from Worcester, whose fortune is 2,0001. a year, with a person in the neighbourhood of Shrewsbury. They were married by banns in one of the Shrewsbury churches, and...


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A long and not entertaining correspondence has been published in the daily papers, on the subject of a dinner which the Marquis of Lon- donderry wished the officers of Hussar...

On the I 1 th of January last, there were

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twenty-one vessels in the harbour of Adelaide, and two at Glenelg. Few of these were small craft ; the burden of most varied from t_':>0 to SOO tons. Three of them were from New...

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Budget ; and various reports have prevailed as to the plans that will beadopted There as been much speculation in the City HAM, FRIDAY ATTERIRIOR h during the week as to the...

Besides several Literary and other Orighul Papers postponed foe want

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of room, the Printer has been compelled, at a Mite hour, to omit a considerable number of Ad- vertisements; but in so doing, he has endeavoured to retain those where the in-...

Rumours of disasters to the French army in Africa have

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been circu- lated in Paris. The Maniteur Parisien says they are "totally false," but admits that Abd-el- Kotler has attacked the army with a consider- able force- " Letters...


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Last night, the Chancellor of the Exchequer made his financial state- ment to the House of Commons. Last night, the Chancellor of the Exchequer made his financial state- ment to...


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Arrived—At Gravesend, May 9th, Falcon, Anstruther, from Mauritius 1015, Aledora, Sergeant ; mud Amelia Mulholland, M*Enclieren, from the Cape; Ilth, Maidstone, W noble, from...

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LORD STANLEY'S REGISTRATION BILL. Two leading Conservative journals, the Times and the Morning Post, protest against our describing Lord STANLEY'S Bill as " prac- tically a...


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TRANSPORTATION as hitherto conducted is to cease at the end of the month after nest. Colonization by convicts is abolished. New South Wales and Van Diemen's Land may no longer...

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WE publish another letter frotn a correspondent on the subject of our recent remarks upon Deposits in Banks of Issue. For the sake of convenient reference, we have numbered the...

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Union Bill, Drumm., Gtb May 1840. have read with satisfaction the art irk a in your two last numbers on deposits in banks of issue. Your main conclusion is certainly correct :...

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THE human mind will never cease to oscillate between a taste for the simple and a taste for the artificial: the one is a love for nature, the other for itself; and both these...

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WE are inclined to notice the concert of this week because it approached in selection (though not in performance) the Ancient Concerts of years past. Nothing could be better...


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The concert of Monday was by no means destitute of novelty or at- traction, although the new and most attractive features are not peculiar to the Philharmonic orchestra, but...

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MR. VIGNE appears to have spent some years in travelling through that mountainous part of Asia to the North of India which forms Tibet, Kabul, Kashmir,* and the higher division...


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TRAVELL A Personal Narrative of a Visit to Ghuzni, Kabul, and Afghanistan, and of a Resi- dence nt the Court of Debt Mohamed ; with Notices of Runieet Sing, Khiva, and the...

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TIIIS traveller went to Canada in the latter end of 1836, and re- sided there from 1837 to 1839 : he describes himself as of the " Government service at 'Toronto;" but in what...

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MR. SPENCER is advantageously known as the author of Germany and the Germans,* and of a book of travels in Krim Tartary and Cireassia.t The interest with which his sojourn in...

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THE ROYAL ACADEMY EXHIBITION. LANDSCAPES AND PORTRAITS. NEITHER in landscape nor in portraiture is the English school progres- sing: if not actually retrograding, it remains...