23 FEBRUARY 1850

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The inchoate civil war smouldering in France, under the hasty

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institutions which have been ran up oh the uncooled ashes .of the past, excites increasing alarm as time goes on ; and the demeanour of ruling men affords no hope that they are...


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MnfxrrEns have been subjected this week to elaborate assaults from the Tory section of the Opposition in both Houses of Parliament. In the House of Peers, Lord Stanley assailed...

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The " general order " by Sir Charles Napier, as

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Commander- in-chief, issued to the troops which he reviewed at Meean Meer, comes like a thunderclap upon the Indian army. Its effects will probably be as wholesome. If not...

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PRINCIPAL BUSINESS OF THE WEEK. HOUSE or Loans. Monday, Feb. le. Dolly's Brae : Lord Stanley's Arraignment of the Government, and Lord Clarendon's Defence. Tuesday, Feb. 19....

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t Court.

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Tan Duke of Richmond had. an audience of the Queen on Tuesday after- noon ; and presented two addresses to her Majesty, from occupiers of land, complaining of severe distress,...

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The Lord Mayor gave a grand Mansionhouse dinner on Wednesday, to the Members of Parliament, the Nagle teites, and the principal gentry of the County of Surrey, and their...

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At a recent meeting of the tenants of Colonel Blacker, in Carrick-near. Portadown, the Colonel frankly offered - them the liberty to fix their own rates : they consulted, and...

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Fewisei—In the Legislative Assembly, on Saturday, interpellationz were addressed by M. Pascal Duprat to Ministers with reference to theme concentration of the Southern- and...

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The Protectionists" of Denbighshire suffered a defeat last 'Week . at a meeting called by them in Ruthen, to consider the best remedy for" the depressed state of agriculture....

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The Scotsman, of Edinburgh, is " able to announce that it is the inten- tion of her Majesty either in going to or returning from Balmoral next au- tumn, to visit - Holyrood...

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SATURDAY. The most remarkable proceeding in the House of Commons, last night, was Lord Joan Rossnm's announcement that the - Committee on the Australian Colonies Government...

Last night's Gazette notifies that Prince Albert will hold levees

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onbehalf of her Majesty, at St. James's Palace, on Wednesday the 6th and Wed- nesday the 20th of March. The Royal Commission for Promoting the Show of Industry from All Nations...

Sir Charles Wood appears to be getting well. On Wednesday,

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he was said to be "recovering very fast " : this evening the Globe states that he " passed a good night, and is considerably better." Mr. Sidney Herbert "was so unwell during...


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An Account, pursuant to the Act 7th and 811, Victoria, cap. 32, for the week ending on Notes bound Proprietors' Capital Host Public Deposits. Other Deposits Seven Day and...

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At the general half-yearly meeting of the North-western Railw Com-

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imy, yesterday, a dividend of 21. 108. for the half-year, recommended by the man, Mr. G. Carr Glyn, was carried in opposition to one of 21. 158. recommended by the report and...

The farm-labourers of the district round West Lavington, Devizes, have

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been resisting an attempt to reduce wages from 7s. to 6s. a week, by forcibly stopping farm operations. Some ringleaders having been ar- rested, more than a hundred men armed...

The West India mail arrived at Southampton yesterday morning, with

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advices from Jamaica to the 2d January-bare of polities' news ; and from Demerara to the 18th January. The Combined Court, on the 7th January, unanimously passed the estimates...

Many unpleasant signs manifest themselves in France. Disturbances stigmatized as

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"Socialist" at Lyons and at Goudon have been quelled by military ; the National pupils of the first division at Toulouse have been sent home for insubordination ; Socialist...


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Monday, Feb. 2.5. Parliamentary Voters, and other Government Bills, mostly re- lating to Ireland, to be advanced a stage. Tuesday, Feb.23. Attornies' and Solicitors' Annual...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, EXIT/AY AFTEENOON. The English Stock Market became much firmer in the early part of the week, and on Tuesday a very large demand for Money Stock oc- curred ;;...

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Protectionist Minority. Ministerial .Majority. The Absent. England : Counties .. 107 Boroughs. 97 England : Counties.. 27 Boroughs. 183 England : Counties., Boroughs . 23 60...

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it COatrto.

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The three-act play produced at the Olympic on Monday, under the title of The Noble Heart, is new to London, but has been acted at Man- chester ; where , we believe, the author...

Mr. H. F. Chorley's play of Old Love and New

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Fortune, produced at the Surrey on the same night, is the very reverse of Mr. Lewes's. His story, as existing in his own mind, is probably not a whit more entangled than that of...

While legitimacy has thus been flourishing at two theatres, the

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Adelphi, remaining true to its old line of business, has brought out a neatly-constructed piece entitled My Precious Betsey; in which the talents of M.r. Wright are successfully...


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THE AUSTRALIAN-COLONIES-GOVERNMENT Tiles exact truth with respect to opinion in New South Wales on the question of one or two Legislative Houses, has not yet been stated. There...

The Postilion de Lotijumeau, which has been produced this week

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at the St.. James's Theatre, has been frequently performed in London before now, both in French and English. It was one of the earliest novelties brought out by Brabam at this...

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HARDSHIP, and even repeated failure, do not damp the ardour of our officers in competing for the command of ships sent to the An- tic regions in search of Sir John Franklin's...


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CARLLER'S circular to the Commissaries of Police in the de- partment of the Seine, over which he is Prefect, is not only a cu- riosity among police records, but is also notable...

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MA.CFARLA.NH'S TURKEY AND ITS DESTINY.` THERE are few persons unconnected withExeter Hall and platform meetings who imagine that laws and decrees can change the habits and...


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WHO is the Mayor of Limerick ? He has been signing his name to a petition about " Ministers-money," and a Committee of the Commons has been sitting on the document but cannot...


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OF the social improvements going on, unquestionably one of the most blessed is that in the treatment Of children. It is no longer supposed that there is no alternative except...

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only one portion of the history of England frtim which an Eng„ . .,tur ns with unmitigated disgust—that whin li records c{S the loss 9 erican Provinces. The policy which led...

THE MARRIAGE - CONTRACT. * Ti scene of this fiction is niostlylaid in

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France ; and French manners with French Characters form the principal matter. The marriage-contract doesnot, - however, point: the moral of alliances of convenience or family...

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Thompson's contribution of originally observed facts to the natural history of Irish birds, or rather of birds in general, comprises an account of two orders,—the Rasores, or...


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BOOKS. The Rookeries of London ; Pa Xresent, and Prospective. By Thomas Beames, M.A., Preacher and Assistant of St. James, Westminster. Charters of the Old English Colonies in...

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On the 10th February, at Thicket Priory, Yorkshire, the Wife of the Rev. X. D. Jefferson, of a son. On the 14th, at the Castle, Parsonstconi, Ireland, the Countess of Bosse,...


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Wan-omen, Feb. 22.—let Regt. of Life Guards—Lieut. H. D. Streatfield to be Capt. by purchase, vice Cotton, promoted ; Cornet and Sub-Lieut. Sir W. A. Fraser, Bart. to be...

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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stuck, 101 per Cent Exchequer...


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Tuesday, February 19. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLTED.—CLsughton and Co. Chesterfield, wine-merchants- Lingard and Co. Chesterfield, chemists—J. Clayton and Brothers, Prestwich, and...