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Tam event to which the mass of the week's correspondence

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from the Crimea relates is that storm which raged over the Black Sea and its coasts on the 14th November. It tore down the veil of winter, and suddenly exposed to sight what...

A. new treaty between Austria and the Western Powers was

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concluded on the 2d of this month ; and it would appear to be the treaty that has been so long expected, offensive and defensive. Perhaps the exact terms do not in the first...

sieeolt with which King Frederick William opened the sitting of

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his Chambers tells us little that we knew not before, but betrays how completely that anomalous monarch is still under the peculiar influence of his own constitution. He would...

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furtigu uh nInnial.

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THE Cersuse.—The authentic intelligence from Sebastopol reaches down to the 28th November ; when General Canrobert reports as follows to the Minister of War at Paris " The rain...

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The Daily Neale has taken some pains to show That the expenditure of the war has not exceeded the supplies already provided. 'These are the fi g ures. " The cost of the Army,...

The Horning Post furnishes a strikin g description of the way

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in which the mistaken estimate of the Russian power, and of the extent of armament necessary for the prosecution of the war, has been rectified- "The chief marvel, the g rand...

A Supplement to the London Gazette of the 1st instant

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-was published in the afternoon of last Saturday. It contained a despatch from Lord Ra g lan, dated November 11, naming 11. vast number of the officers who distin g uished...

The Department of War was removed on Monday from the

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'temporary offices in Downin g Street to No. 7 Whitehall Gardens. Major-Generel Benda& will, in all likelihood, succeed to the Governorship of Portsmouth, and command of the...

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We have been requested to state that Convocation will be

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prorogued on Friday the 15th instant to Tuesday the 6th of February ; then to most for the despatch of business.—Morning Chronicle.

During the past week no fewer than 1350 deaths were

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registered in the Metropolis. By the calculated average it might fairly have been expected that 1230 would die : there is therefore an excess of 120 over the estimated amount,...

The Earl of Aberdeen gave a Cabinet dinner on Wednesday.

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On Monday next there will be a select party at Argyll House, when the Queen's Speech will be read as usual. On the same evening, Lord john_Russell will entertain the Speaker and...

The "navvies," about to augment the working force of the

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armies in the Crimea, are to be armed with a short carbine, a pair of pistols, and a cutlass, each man; not for the purpose of offence, but of defence, in the event of a...

Melbourne has been frighted from its propriety in a ludicrous

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way. The steamer Great Britain had been placed in quarantinein Hobson's flay; when she was released, the commander fired a feu-de-joie of rockets and cannon. The people at...


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SATURDAX MORNING. By telegraph from Vienna, we learn that the Ost Deutsche Post publishes the following as the ultimatum addressed by Austria to Russia" Austria has sent her...

The French Government has resolved to send another Division to

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the Crimea. This will be the Ninth, and placed under General Brunet. Most of the selected regiments arc in Algeria. The Army of Lyons is to be reconstituted under Marshal...

The telegraph from the North reports the departure of Admiral

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Napier's flag-ship from the Baltic ; and the official announcement of the dismissal of the Danish Ministry. " Kiel, Dec. 7.—K.M.S. Duke of Wellington, Royal George, Nile, Hogue,...

The Petrie states that the emissaries of the Czar are

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busily employed in Italy making overtures to the Revolutionary party in all the disaffected states. "A late Resident in Russia" forwards to the Daily News the following...

It is understood that the Address in the House of

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Commons, on Tuesday, will be moved by Mr. Henry Herbert, Member for Kerry, and seconded by the Honourable Frederick Leveson Gower, Member for Stoke. In the House of Lords, the...

The Admiralty yesterday gave notice that more screw-steamers were required

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to convey stores to the army in Turkey. The preference is given to screws of about 500 tons burden. The troop-ship Charlotte, having on board 163 men and 5 officers of the...

A double murder was committed last night, just before nine

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o'clock, in Warren Street, Fitzroy Square. A man whose name is said to be Bartlemy, accompanied by a young woman, called upon Mr. Moore, a soda-water-manufacturer in Warren...

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s ecured the assassin. Collard was carried to the University College

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Hospit a l ; but it was found that his wound was mortal, the ball having entered the belly , and passed through the body. He was able, however, to make a dying deposition of the...


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STOCK EXCHANON, FRIDAY AFTERNOON. Coming events are frequently discounted on the Stock Exchange, and, from their previous influence on the various Securities, the realization...


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Les Ennentie de la liaison, a comedy by M. Darcet, originally produced at the Odeon, has been elevated to the Francais. This movement corresponds to a transfer from Sadler's...

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IT is now certain that the Chancellor of the Exchequer will not bring forward his budget in the ten-days session before Christmas ; it is equally certain that the public will...


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THE general sentiment of the country respecting the war is evident on the entire face of the people. There might be some difficulty in collecting the popular view respecting the...

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RE a not unnatural mistake, the question of a loan appears to have been at once taken up in a too extensive fashion and on the other band limited too much to a particular date....


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THE discussion which has been provoked as to the supply of smallarms ought to have some farther result than the simple satisfaction of a public demand and the satisfaction of...

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AUSTRIA IN 1813 AND 1854.

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IT would perhaps be considered fanciful to draw an historical parallel out of the elements of the Austrian situation at the open ing of the German campaign of 1813, and those of...

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GRATE objection has been made to the publicity which the press has given to the movements of our forces in the East, as supplying information to the enemy; and in reply two...

rtitr tu tht

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TUE COMING LOAN. 4th December 1854. Sin—Allow one of your habitual readers to suggest, that in judging of Mr. Pitts method of raising loans, you have failed to do justice to...

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Lesketh How, Ambleside, 5th .Deeember 1854. Sra—In the last number of your paper, an important branch of the public service, the Medical Department of the Army, has by your...


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Tnrsz selections from the correspondence of Sebastian G - iustinian Venetian Ambassador to Henry the Eighth from 1516 to 1519, will have more interest for the historical...

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DR. DORAN'S HA.BITS AND MEN. * EY " habits " Dr. Doran

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does not mean that persistence in conduct or behaviour which at last becomes a " second nature," and establishes customs or manners ; but those " habits " which originated with...

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Tn - E world is ever moving however slowly, and those who do not move with it will be left behind. This is more especially the case in authorship, where there may be repose, but...

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THE author of "Mary Powell" has introduced the reader to the manners of almost every age in English history of which a sufficient record of manners remain. We had the...


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UNDER this title, Mr. Tames Macqueen has put forth an octavo volume of four hundred pages, for the purpose of demonstrating to the English public that they have been grossly...


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Booxs. Memorials and Correspondence of Charles Tames Fox. Edited by Lord John Russell. Volume III. History of the Ottoman Turks, from the Beginning of their Empire to the...

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The week has produced several reprints ; one of the

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most remarkable of which is a third edition of Lord Nugent's "Life of Hampden," with an unpretending but dear, able, and masterly memoir of the public life of Lord...


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MR. OWEN JONES'S BOOKS. We perceive by a catalogue which has been sent to 173, that the remainders of the illustrated and illuminated books of Mr. Owen Jones are about to be...


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On the 19th October, at St. John's, Newfoundland, the Wife of his Excellency Go. eernor Hamilton, of a daughter. On the 30th November, at Doneraile, the Viscountess Doneraile,...

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MILITARY GAZETTE, WaiL■OFFICE, Dec. 8.—To be Lieutenants, without purchase.—lst Regt.

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of Foot— Ensign G. R. Fenwick, Ensign M. J. O'Connell, Ensign C. J. T. Oakes. 4th Foot --Ensign II. J. Bower, Ensign J. Howley, Ensign .J. W. Laurie. 7th Foot—Ensign L. J. F....


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The undermentioned promotions to take place consequent upon the decease of the following officers, viz.: Gen. Viscount Lorton, died Nov. 20, Lieut.-Gen. R. Egerton, died Nov....

Errata in the Gazette of Nov. 28.—For Lieut.-CoL E. T.

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bongo% on the retired full-pay of the 13th Foot, to be CoL in the Army, read, Lieut.-Col. E. T. Trenton, he. For Capt. J. G. Hart, tube Major in the Army, read, Capt..?. G....


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Ansunstrr, Nov. 28.—Corps of Royal Marines—Brevet.—With reference to her Majesty's Order in Council of the 13th of September, the following promotions are to take place: to be...


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.Tuesday, December b. PAETNEBSITMS DISSOLTED —J A Hughes and Co. Fulham, brick-makere—Barrey and Silley, Downton, Wiltshire, woolstaplers —Houghton and Best. Westhampton within...

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Friday, December &

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PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED. - Champion and Son. Woolwich, plumbers-Dawes and Williams, Westbroniwich, coal-masters-Baker and Hawley, Birmingham, stationers-Dixon and Crowther,...