30 MAY 1840

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A mon of Member:: met ill the lIense of Commons on Tne:.:!:ty to raise a clamour- against Mr. VILLIERS'S motion 011 the t •orn-laws. They succeeded in preventing discussion. :1...

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Another fit of watomy has seized the French Deputies. They

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have reduced the sum of two millions of francs proposed for the expense of conveying NAroi.tox's bones to Paris, and for the erec- tion of an equestrian statue, to one million ;...

Serious discontent prevails in Belgrade, and all Servia is in

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a state of political ferment. The downfid of Russian influence, by which Prince 31tenAlit., the ruler of the country, is enthralled, is the aim of the malccontents ; but their...

The intelligence from Africa, which the French Government choose to

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make public, represents the army of Marshal VAI.I.fiE as constantly victorious in conflicts with the Arabs ; but it is evident that the expedition is of the most harassing...

Elcbatrs anbVtotccbinqs 113arliantent.

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THE CORN-LAWS. Mr. Vitt.] ster's renewed motion on the Corn-laws was the subject of a long discussion in the House of Commons, on Tuesday. It was in the same terms as the...

Our dispute with Naples is not so near its termination

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as was supposed. It is now said that the faithless and foolish King has directed his Ambassador at Paris to declare the mediation at an end. It is certain that he has reffised a...

The session of the General Assembly of the Church of

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Scotland was opened on the 21st instant. Their first act—the choice of a Moderator or President—demonstrated the continued ascendancy of " the Wild Men." By a large majority...

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The Anti-Corn-law Deleentes assembled au Brown's Hotel on Tues- day.

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Mr. J. It. Smith, of alenchester, was elected Chairmau. A good deal of desultory conversation occurred as to the course to be pursued in the anticipeted event of Mr. Vieliers's...

7 be Tourt.

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ReNnust; of bells and the row' of cannon reminded the Queen's loyal subjects that Monday wow the day appointed for the celebration of her Majesty's nativity. The streets were...

Several fluffier examinations of Lord William Russell's valet, by the

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Bow Street Magistrates, have taken place since our last publication. The result of Saturday's was described in our second edition as furnish- ing some additional evidence...

The Conservatives in St. Pancras have elected their list of

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parish- officers by a majority of 515. Nearly 7,000 votes were given. The Conservatives in St. Pancras have elected their list of parish- officers by a majority of 515. Nearly...

The letters from Riga announce a piece of disastrous intelligence

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for our underwriters : the Vulture steamer, bound for St. Petersburg, which sailed from London on the 1st instant, was lost near the Island of Oecel on the Sth ; and her cargo...

The expectation of an heir to the Crown has been

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announced in the Ministerial newspapers this week more broadly t h orn before ; and one of them, which mounts the Royal arms at the humil or its dark masses of personal tattle,...

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Vfbe Viubintes.

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The election f o r Coekermouth is fixed for Monday. General Wvnd- hant has the electors on the Tory interest, and his party are very active. The final members at Ludlow, as...

The il'orkshiie ire state; that York ;Q: , ,ste:. war: not i

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n • , 1 refl. "'Va- rious estimate!, !rive Leon formtd ; n t i• .; w1Cich the fabric has slistaim.d, varying, free; 1..1. arse as yet nothing certaiit can be hnew it on this...

The LeedN Intelligence). of Saturday last publishes the following letter,

The Spectator

written to a by Mr. Feargus O'Connor, containing particulars of Mr. O'Connor's treatment as a prisoner in York Cest le. " 'fez!: ('a-alt. 20th Mar 18 M. night at almat 1,11 o I...

An inquest was held on Thursday on the corpse of

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Captain Walter Otway, of the First Regiment of Life Guards, and son of Admiral Otway.The death of this gallant and accomplished young officer was caused by a sad accident. lie...

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IRELAND. Mr. Norm en Ilacdoneld, Lord INIorpelh's Private Secretary, succeeds

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to the Into Mr. Drtimmond's. °Ince of Under-Secretary for Ireland. The Pilot remarks, that Mr. Fitzpatrick, Alen - thee for Queen's County, though absent on account of illness...


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Viscount Melbourne has received it high compliment from his lloyai mistress and her l'rineely husband. A. very elegant Piece of plate, thrilling a centre for the table, has been...

A lirrge and respeatable meetiog of the t,miii • o . ..t r , ; of

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Lord Aber deen's Bill respecting the admission to benetiees iu Seothind. was held on Fridev, in the Assinatily-rooms at Ediuburoh, to consider the best mewls of insuring its...

The Monthly Chronicle reconciles the discrepancy we noticed last week

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in the statement respecting Lord Durham's health, by showing The Monthly Chronicle reconciles the discrepancy we noticed last week in the statement respecting Lord Durham's...


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On Wednesday, the Lord Provost and Magistrates of Ediaburgh waited upon Lord Beth:teem the Lord high Commissioner to the Ge- neral Assembly of the Church of Scothind, and...

The Pilot states that one of lmail Stanley's tenants has

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been forcibly ejected from lnis Lordship's .:state iii 'Tipper ary-- " A tenant named I Me e rth 1■■ 't week expelled lion the lands of Ought!. The Sheriff, preceded liy...

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The porch:to , of aeo:Tog estate by the I:that:ring pipe:Ltion ;

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or:- non:teed in the (:/o . ://at (.7.•recu:lA of April Cih. — "fifty thousand dollar; la aubsernaed by some Negro_'.; avorking on plant:elm:a I psia nag. art's le. )'•od....

Caac of (band 'lope papers to the Intli of March

The Spectator

have been received. The alodeste frigate had brought another captured vessel into Simon's 11:1y, with a cargo of 563 Negroes on board. It was reaorted that two othar :love-:hips...

We have had a file of Bahama papers to the

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8th of April. The Honourable John Irving, Receiver-General and Treasurer of the Colony, "very suddvitly," on the evening of the 7th of April. Mr. Irving was a native of...

The Great Western made the last voyage frem New York

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to Bristol in fourteen days; and bronght half a million of dollars, several thousand ktters, mot one hundred and thirty-seven paasengera—being as many as she emald accommodate,...

A gang of swindlers, whose head-quarters were Bros:els and Paris,

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have recently been discovered, and the principal portiea arrested. Their plan of operation was to procure money from Conti:mid:a bank- ers by forging letters of credit in the...

The Caftan.! 1 . 01on Bill sans the prirmipal eudject of taseo:si,n

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iu the Ileuse 01 Commons last night. Lord Jona Itraatom having moved the h:ease to go into Committee on the bill, The Caftan.! 1 . 01on Bill sans the prirmipal eudject of...

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The Imogene, just arrived at Liverpool from Calcutta, spoke a

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vessel - which left China on the 20111 of January. Several British ships were completing their emirgees by the help of Americans. In a St. Helena shipping-list, received...

The following extract of a letter from Lower Canada deserves

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atten- tion, being wiitten by one who possesses the best means of knowing the state of t ublie feeling in both Provinces- " I have not time to-ni g ht to write another letter...

The quarterly average of the weekly liabilities nod assets of

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the Bank of England from the 8d of March to the 20th of May— el a JIMMIES. Circulation ,:11 i1,?17,000 ASSETS. Securities £22,556,000 Deposits 7,220,000 Bullion 4,380,000...


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'nip Jan Fdklarr, meit ell ;O. St. I lelena front the Cape, report= the loss of the Para gnu, from the Mauritius, u.i Green Paint, g oin g into Table Itay---e , eiv and...


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1: , ^0 Nor f't.m=v Arrimitoosi. The market wax rather Lcsve at the cortmencument of the week. The settlement of the Consul .1ccount, which took place on Tuesday, by compel-...


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TO TILE EDITOR 01' THE SPECTATOR. Knight,hridee. 21=1 Mal. 1840. Sin—Your paper of Saturday last contains on article signed tI i■ (style its," ou the nature of bank-tit posits...

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A HINT TO THE ANTI-CORN-LAW LEAGUE. GENTLEMEN, the House of Commons won't listen to the question " Shall the trade in corn be free?" The question, no doubt, is a dry one; that...

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\•' is last week endeavoured to give sonic definition of the meaning of the word Radioal. We showed that the word was a Very proper and significant wood, expressing a distinct...


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hiNG . s PRINTER'S PATENT AND rothaintlsosers ltevesertoN. Toe result of the discussion which recently occurred in the Houk of Commons on the subject of Fourdrinier's Patent,...

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Tar.ne is a prevailing notion that to write a tragedy is a very formi- dable task, and to get it upon the stage a scarcely less difficult matter. while the chances of success...

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Miss KELLY on :kfonday opened the little bijou of a

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theatre that she has built at the hack of her residence in Dean Street, Soho. By some oversight, the card of admission did not reach us till Wednesday: we did not, therefore,...

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1'8R col cert of Monday night was, altogether, the best of the season. E ve n! piece was good of its kind—a favourable specimen of its author's „ w as; aud all, with two...


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THIS is a powerful novel, by a person of very considerable thought and ability. Allowing tbr the necessities of romantic fiction, and the character of the age in which the scene...

Fanny Osier was to commence her engagement at the Park

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Theatre, New York, on liaonday the i 1:11 May. People were literally mad to see her, and all the boxes were engaged for several nights. A statue of Minerva, of exquisite...


The Spectator

Stephen Hoaard; a Novel. By the Author of '• The FIVO Nights or St. Alhan's,'' " Manila Sze. la 3 eels Bentley. VOVAOVS AND T11AV11.8, 111il11111111' DiSeDW•11 and Christian...

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MR. eAmen01.r. s mAnyrixtu ntscovrity Am) CHRISTIAN MISSIONS.

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THE professed ()hint of this work is to trace the connexion be- tween maritime discovery and Christianity ; and to prove that our progress in g2ographical knowledge, more...

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77,e L',..:/c.Nicat;e:ti ono , Potilical History V Mc _Pores (!).' Boon during the Sixteenth and Seventeenth Centuries. By. ',Loewe, Ram: I:, Pro- tasser is the university of...

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TO Toe EDiTon 01• 'I'll SPECTATOR. Stu—Feeling the deep importance of luau i lig a preps r place for the 1.;:vbibition of Sculpture. and having, on the opening of every...


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DANDY'S PICTURE OF THE DELUGE. Mn. DANDY, who has been resident abroad for several years, has brought to this country a grand picture of the Deluge; which is ex- hibiting at...

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THE way in which the Sculpture is slowed away in

The Spectator

the cellar-hole at the back of the Trafalgar Square Gallery—the only place of exhibition now left—is significaut of the estimation in wIdeli the art is held in this country the...