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The official cue in regard to this demonstration is, we

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perceive, to be confiding and polite, the Tories having evidently learnt that the workmen resent discourtesyfar more than opposition. Lord John Manners was asked to give the...

The procession will have St. James's Park as its starting-point,

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and move through Pall Mall, and Waterloo Place, and Piccadilly towards its destination, a rather roundabout route, adopted in order that the Clubmen, who rule England, should...


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'SHE Demonstration in favour of Reform proposed by the Trades' Unions of London has been organized, and will come off next Monday. The difficulty of finding an open space in the...

Professor Key has, we suspect, done a considerable injury both

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to University College, London, and his own side of the ques- tion concerning Professor Martineau's rejection for the chair of Intellectual Philosophy and Logic, by formally...

There was a Conservative demonstration in Essex on the 27th

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ult., the annual dinner of the Maldon Conservative Club furnish- ing the occasion. One or two of the speeches were remarkable, Mr. Ducane's because, speaking of the party, he...

The Fenian movement has suddenly revived. Stephens has left America,

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and the Association has, it is believed, decided on an immediate rising. This at least seems to be the impression of the Government, which is quietly strengthening the garrison...

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One of the most curious signs of weakness in tie:-

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anole- ghts fcr the Council of University College, is, as the Pall Mall Gazette observes, the wonderful variety and shifting,- 'less of the grounds taken by their advocates....

Sir George Bowyer writes to the Times to tell the

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Protestant world that the Pope never curses. He only blesses. The next Papal harangue against modern civilization is therefore to be considered a blessing on it, which to...

The Economist of Saturday lasteaestained le:remarkable account ,of the causes

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which have brovht Idle-greet ihouse of Overend and Gurnef to the ground. It appease fAim an: affidavit by Mr. J. H. Gurney himself, that the firm was previous to 1860 netting a...

The debenture-holders of the Loudee, Chatham, and Dover Railway held.a

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meeting on Monday to consider the proposal of the shareholders. They rejected it by acclamation, and forced Lord Harris, the chairman, to put a resolution authorizing a...

The Times states editorially that the , Queeu of Spainlme "'con- ferred

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the title of Viscount de Idolina.upon Obregon, a well known comic singer of the popular theatre. La. Zerzuela, a man who by her liberality has-been enabled for thedast two...

The. Queen promieect to unveil a statne of the late

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Prince Cooed at Wolverhampton y,eatertlay, and the whole of the " Blaek Country" wan agog, with, excitement apd , delight. It is said that a million of peraone, were in the...

Dr. Pusey. has written another letter to the Times, stating

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his opinion of absolution, He believes that Christ, conferring upon thaApoatles the power to remit sins, intended to confer. it also upon .their " suceesseee." He therefore,...

A Reform meeting was held at &rot-oleo Wednesday, at which.

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Lord Amberley presided, and made a noteworthy speech. He felt it an honour that they had with them no lea a a person. than MT. Beaks, a man who had come forward in a manner he...

The moderate party in Hungary has pronounced its ultimatum, and

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it is nearly fatal to the prospect of reconciliation between the kingdom and the German provinces. On the 29th ult. M. Dear, as leader of that party, moved that the Diet should...

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The Continental papers are full of a report that the

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Empress Eug6nie is about to make a pilgrimage to Rome, the object of - whit* is variously represented. Her Majesty is either going to induce the Pope to summon Italian troops,...

The Archduke Maximilian is expected in London in a week

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or - two bythe West India mail. It is known that he has left Vera Cruz for the Ravenna's, and it is rumoured that his departure was • caused by sudden intelligence of a...

Ariother judgeship has fallen to Lord Derby, Vice-Chancellor Kindersley having

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resigned. His seat has been filled up by Mr. Malin; a good lawyer and sturdy politician, but without much :special reputation in debate. The Tories have now a grand .opportunity...

Hampstead Heath, it appears, is threatened with destractien. .Sir Thomas

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Maryon Wilson, its owner, has, it appears, the right 4.0 grant leases for twenty-one years, has commenced a house by the flagstaff, the best prospect in Hampstead, and means to...

The innate savagery of the British character has broken out

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this week at New Brighton, on the Mersey. A vessel, the Elizabeth Bitek.ham, laden with rum, was recently wrecked there, and the barrels floated ashore. The bystanders broached...

In the early part of the week the Consol /alsrleet

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was flat, and Consols, for time, were at one period quoted as lowas 88 to 884. The favourable nature of the Bank return, and the increase of 712,000/. in the supply of bullion...

Will nobody ever do anything for London streets? For the

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last four days they have been almost impassable, being covered with slimy, glutinous mud, on which horses slip about like child- ren or girls on ice. We saw on Thursday a little...

Archbishop Manning seems to believe in newspapers almost as 'much

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as Dr. Cumming, who quotes letters from "special corre- spondents" to prove that the Millennium is at hand. Lord Claren- don recently called en-the Pope, and, according to Roman...

The Government appears determined to secure the gratitude of Londoners.

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It has authorized the Metropolitan Board of Works to bring in. a Bill for the total extinction of all the metropolitan gee companies by purchase, and the transfer' of their...

"S G. 0." is greatly exercised becanse a bishop, the

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Bishop of Oxford, has. lately been photographed in the set of giving the Catholic episcopal benediction. Acting a benediction before a lens israther ridiculous amusement for Dr....

intase r nos 23., rridmi,Nov. 80..

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Giaatalaitarn •••• •••,. • • 261 .. 251 Great liorthertt • • • - 115/ .. 113' Great Western.. 53-.. at. Lancashire and Yorkehire ...- 12:11 1a31. Loodett...

The stock of bullion in the Bank a England isnow

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18475,570/ s and in the Bank of France, 26,611,000/. The minimum rate of discount here is 4, and at Paris 3 per cent.

The dosing prices of the leading Foreign Securities yesterday and

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on Friday week were as under Mrlday..Nov. FsIday, Nev. 30, Mexican 101 181 Spanish Passive 21 Do. Certifieake • . 131 'Pinkish 6 per Cents., 1558 611 bat „...

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NEXT MONDAY. W HIG or Tory, it is all the same, force seems to be depart- ing from British institutions. The Government which fails to provide an Army and cannot build a ship...

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revival of Fenianism is as formidable as its outbreak, and for precisely the same reasons. It is not a serious danger in itself, but it has behind it no less than three...


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T HE retirement of Chief Justice Erie is an event which will be deeply regretted, both by the legal profession and by the public. He is the last judge of a school which a few...

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A SUM of 120,000,0001., equal to a seventh of the National Debt, to nearly two years' revenue, or more than a year's ordinary profit on our commerce, has been invested by...

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TAR. MIlLER , the Vicar of Greenwich, once the most popular LI man in Birmingham, and one of the best specimens of the " Evangelical " clergy, has given expression this week to...


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A DOCUMENT has been recently published at Oxford, which suggests a hope that the two great Universities may yet resume the control over liberal education throughout the country...

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A MONG the notices of Bills to be brought in next session, prominent place must be given to the City Gas Bill, which reappears from the ordeal of a Committee it sustained in the...

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XL--Tas WEST DOWNS AND THE VADLEY OF THE SEVERN FROM THE ROMAN CONQUEST TO THE CtoxisOurtarrox THE Aisozo-Sexors PapiciPwrinri. ITHE Romans held this Province in a firmer grasp...

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[FROM OUR SPECIAL CORRESPONDENT.] New York, November 2, 1866. ST. PAUL is continually misquoted as having declared that money is the root of all evil, he having found the root...

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[To THE EDITOR OF THE "SPECTATOR."] SIR,—Yon have proved the conduct of the Council of University College, on your interpretation of it, to be at once so base and so stupid,...

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MODERN ENGLISH SCULPTURE.* READERS who have within the last few years visited Oxford may have been conducted to Mr. Gilbert Scott's new library at University College. If so,...

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EPICTETUS.* Tuts new translation of Epictetus, executed by a gentleman who commanded a troop of black soldiers during the recent American campaign, will doubtless be popular in...


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The Church and the Law in one feature agree, They both have a bench to which aspirants push on ; The Episcopal bench may content the D.D., The Q.C. has hopes of the bench with...

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THE author of Christie's Faith does not advance as an artist. His strength lies in his habit of groping for characters very far down in the mud of society, seizing them,...

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difficulty in dealing with Mr. Jesse's books is to understand the precise position which he claims for himself and his work. If he professes to be a historian and to put forward...

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LucnErtus would say that it is pleasant to look from the safe shore of reviewing on the great sea of literature agitated by the Christmas winds, and see the travail of unhappy...

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CHILDREN'S BOOKS. The Grahams ; or, Home Life. By Catherine D. Bell. With illustrations. —Home Sunshine. By Catherine D. Bell With illustrations. (Warne.) .Routledges Every...