10 NOVEMBER 1860

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Prince Alfred has come from the Cape of Good Hope,

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but the Prince of Wales still lingers on the Atlantic. The Hero is a slow craft, and it is conjectured that, having expended their coals, the Prince's ship and her consorts are...


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Vicroa EMMANVEL has entered Naples in company with Gari- baldi, and has formally accepted the offer of allegiance tendered by the people of the Two Sieilies. On Wednesday, he...

We have some interesting speeches this week by Mr. Glad-

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stone, the Duke of Argyll, and others. The salient speech is that of Mr. Gladstone. It was delivered at Chester apropos of a Volunteer celebration, and, in spite of Mr....

The deaths, almost simultaneous, of Thomas Cochrane and Charles Napier,

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carry men's minds back to the period of the great war, and lead them to contrast now and then, favourably for the present time. Lord Dundonald was the victim of party malice....

There is some reason to believe that the Austrian constitution,

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which to an Englishman seems to contain the elements of liberty, will not be received with any affection by the bulk of the Hun- garians. Of the foreign emigration, M. de...

The 4foniteur has announced the gratifying fact that the French

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Government will bring the commercial treaty into opera- tion at a period earlier than the stipulations required. In the teeth of the prophets of failure, we see everywhere signs...

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The Road murder is now under investigation in a court

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which gab been constructed for the .purpose. 2he ancient landmarks in The la* of evidence have been set aside as effete, and the new court collects gossip, rumour, hearsay, and...


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of the despatch which Lord John Russell has forwarded to Sir James Hudson at the Court of Turin. It was pub- lished last Saturday ; and its purport appeared impart of our...


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Considerable successes have been gained in Southern Italy by Victor Emmanuel and Garibaldi. ,By the resolute movement of Victor Em- manuel on the Gerigliane and the passage of...

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The .itrstdistribution of prize s for the Middle Class Examine- li m ie s t ()jinni, took place on Monday at the Guildhall, under the presi- dency of the Lord Mayor. The Bishop...

IDO tourt.

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THE QU'EM has walked this week in the g rounds of Windsor C a stle, and has driven out in the nei g hbourhood, visitin g the Duchess of Kent, M. and Madame Van de Weyer, and...

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'laded lie Vititiiin of the Conserve- ' WHayne, the Liberal, polled Lslise - - The election at Dart e b tire, Mr. Hardy, who pb 7 11 e 2 110. Majority 2. w . ! °eIa tie) f...

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foreign unit Cainuial.

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trEnr?.—The most important news from France is an announce- ment in the lifoniteur that the Government. will carry into effiiet; from the let instant, the convention annexed to...


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Edinburgh was somewhat agitated this week in its municipal elections, Whitit turned upon the Annuity-tax. tinder the Act, the city council signs bonds for 6001. each to the...


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The City Council of Cork have been -granted leave Mr. Train to lay di) yin. tre e tAremw ays in certain principal streets. About 300 members of the brigadoarrived in Dublin-on...

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311isIr Haul uo.

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The Berwick Election Commissioners met agaie on Tuesday. Mr. Disraeli was first examined. Ho gave an account of his acquaintance with Alexander Brodie, whose ease he thought a...

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SATURDAY AFTERNOON. The Lord Mayor's annual progress, from the City to Westminster took place yesterday. The novelty in the procession was the appearance of bodies of riflemen....

The 'Royal Geographical Society, will meet on Monday the 12th

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instant, at half-past eight p.m. at Burlington House, Piccadilly ; when the fol- lowing papers will be read—L ' Australia " Proposed Exploration in North West 'Australia under...

There has been some hubbub this week respecting a projected

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excur- sion of Volunteers to Paris. A Mr. Klotz-Rowsell proposed that Volun- teers should go in uniform with arms and be reviewed by the Emperor —brigaded with the French...

Prince Alfred landed from the Euryalus at Plymouth on Friday,

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on his return from the Cape of Good Hope, and at once started off by rail- way to Windsor Castle. Two vessels, supposed to be the Hero, having the Prince of Wales on board, and...


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STOCK EXCHANOZ, FRIDAY APTERNOOW. The Bank Directors have at length raised the rate of discount from 4, at which it had stood since the 24th of Man to 41 per cent : it had been...

We are happy to see from the Gazette of last

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night that the Queen has given orders for the appointment of Lieutenant-General Sir James Hope Grant, K.C.B., Commanding her Majesty's Military Forces in China, to beKnight...

cCaprera. , .kle had-previously accompanied the king to receive the

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formal result of the vote on annexation. The Independanee Beige publishes a remarkable letter from Berlin upon a point ar ising out of the Warsaw conferences, which, if...

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6th Nave mher, 1860. Stu—On reading your article of last Saturday, on " The Decay of Archi- teettrral Sculpture, an idea occurred to Ine, so simple that I can hardly suppose...

On the 27th of • October, at 2, Berkeley Place,

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the Wife of Lieutenant.-Colonel IL W. Norman,' C.B.oita.daughter. - • •• • - On the 29th; at The Cloisters, Windsor, the Wife of Dr. Elvey, of a daughter.. Ou-the.30th, at...

airt5 13 31 ' 14 r, - . .1 " ANCY1■,:11

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tFILTY TO ASIORSE8r. Sut — The cruelit0 . 6 fi 4 rd #tedin the +efirinaiiliehrSolifitilParld hart, more thajt,once , � p15 joitimals,'Und theSociky the Preventienbf...


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ITALIA uNrrA ! Lonn Jon's Rus,sELL's despatch to Sir James Hudson has appeared Most . opportifiely to conVinee continental , Europe'that England is on the side of those who...

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Ws draw on our imagination for a title to this article, but we are prepared Ia give reasons for the faith that is in us, and our belief that by this time Lord Elgin either is'or...

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WE have a festering sore in our 'body politic now growing so dan- gerous as to create an apprehension of mortification to the cake constitution. The political history of...


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Taiga has recently been some discussion in contemporary, columns on the question of party government. Mr. Du Cane may be said to have raised it by his bold statement that, at...

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WE have reached such a pointin the diffusion of knowledge, that it may be as well for us to take a survey of ddr edict position. There is great progress to be noted; but...


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" Tuns bad- begins, but worse remains behind," is the natural reflection of any thoughtful reader who studies the details of the Galway- Contract. IN c have riot forgotten how...

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LORD DIINDON.S.LD'S AUTOBIOGB 4 PEIT. * [SECOND VOLI^A1E—YIRST NOTICE.] TILE second volume of the Earl of Dundonald's Autobiography was advertised on the 13th of last month as...

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ME. HERBERT SPENCER has long been known to that still ex- tremely small section of society which seeks such an explanation of the world, material and human, as will at least...

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Ix " The Sea avid its Lfeing Weeders," Dr. Hartwig has pre- Betted us with a delightftil and instruetive work. Originally written in German, it has 'been translated into...

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INDIAN (*ADDS. * THE volume before us is from the hand

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that last year produced an admirable digest of avast body of= facts concerning - the sanitary condition of our -soldiers in subject of incalculable int-- pa:tame to the...

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NEW 'NOVELS. ° The Manse of Mastland. We beg leave to

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introduce this volume in Mr. Keightley's own words- " Passing one day by an old book-shop, I saw a book with a Dutch title marked at a very low price. Dutch books are rare in...

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The WorUebankDiary, and some old Stories from Kathie Brande's Port- folio. By Holnie Lee.—The Wortlebank Diary; is neither altogether new nor altogether old. It is three volumes...


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The series of articles written by the late. Reverend J. J. Blunt, D.D., for the Quarterly Review, are about to be issued in a collective form by Mr. Murray, under the title,...

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filiP 3rtg.

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TZLITSTRATIVR ART, THE Idle .Rookh, illustrated by Mr. J. Tenniel, places book illustra- tion in such, high rank in the bands of English artists and 'English Pub- lishers, that...


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Edward Loder's opera, The Night _Dancers, to be revived this evening at the Royal English Opera, Covent Garden, was originally produced at the Princess's, in October, 1846, when...

ItOt (Wirtz.

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The rush of dramatic works into visible existence is as violent as ever. On Monday last, a new piece, half comedietta, half ballet, was brought out at the Lyceum, with...

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Sarum!, Monday. Tuoday. Wants. I per Cent Consols 93 99 931 Ditto for Account es 93 931 53 pet Cents 'Reduced 911 Alf 918 911 New 3 per Cents Annuities 1880 918 wri-t8 • ■...

FROM THE LONDON h0ZZiEE , NOVEMBER 6. Parikrapiiiis 1110HAIM, Upper Borth

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Plaie, Gray's Inn . Bead, builder Linea A.NinisusiWRAls;NorfolkAgrocer. - • , • . • .• .Bonkrupta.Gnonos•Srtnaa.,ISnoW Itilli•City.provision-dealer-Wmusx W4L- e0x Barka and...