12 JANUARY 1850

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France consents to exhibit a most unseemly combination of arro-

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gance and weakness, which just now characterizes public men and public bodies gene rally. The long debate in the Legislative As- sembly, on the conduct of affairs in the Rio de...

The encyclical letter just issued by the Pope bears internal

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evi- dence that Pio Nono has wholly abandoned administrative govern. ment, and left it all to his Cardinals of the old school. The docu- ment is not only inconsistent with his...

The Revenue-tables for the year and quarter confirm our in-

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ference from the anticipatory accounts—that the revenue has been nearly stationary, with a decided inclination to rise in the latter part of the year. On the year there is a...


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MEETrtics multiply in town and country: while the Gazette for- mally announces the meeting of Parliament for the 31st instant, the platform urges its irregular debates ; and...

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ght Court.

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Tim Queen held a Privy Council and Court at Windsor Castle on Tues- day. The meeting of Parliament, on the 31st instant, was fixed. The Marquis of Lansdowne had audience before,...


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A meeting of the National Reform Association (lately,the Metropolitan Financial and Parliamentary Reform Association) was held an Monday, in the large room of the London Tavern....

The Republicans of the American - United States have got out

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of their difficulty in the House of Representatives, by accepting a re- lative in lien of an absolute majority ; and thus, setting aside an impracticably independent band of the...

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f4t frattinto.

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A Protectionist meeting of the "owners, occupiers, and other persons connected. with land in South Buoks," was held at Great Marlow on Tuesday, "to take into consideration- the...

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furrigu nub Culnuial.

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FRANCE.—In the National Assembly, on Saturday, the adjourned de- bate on the Buenos Ayres question was resumed. In reply to K Em- manuel Arago, who asked if England had not made...


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The meeting of the East Lothian Protection Society, held at Redding- ton on Friday, "for the first time for three years," was marked by the appearance of a Southron orator—Mr....


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The cross warfare of meetings for and against Protection is waged with unabated activity in Ireland ; up to this time with very discouraging want of success to the...

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Zion Nunn

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The Gazette of Tuesday contained the Queen's proclamation further proroguing Parliament to the 31st of January; and summoning it then to to meet "for the despatch of divers...

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The Queen has conferred the dignity of a Baron of

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the 'United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland on Frederick Temple Baron Dufferin and Clone- boye, [in the Irish Peerage,] and the heirs male of his body, by the style of...


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STOCK EICRAYOR, FRIDAY AMR/MOON. The principal feature in the English Stock Market has been the great pro- portional improvement in Three-and-a-quarter per Cents as compared...

Telegraphic despatches from Berlin, dated Wednesday at noon, state that

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the Royal message had just been delivered to the Chambers. With the speech had been presented a memorial containing alterations which the Ministry propose in the draft of the...

La Paine of Thursday night has the following confirmation of

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a report previously discredited— "We learn with the most lively satisfaction that the Government has just decided, in a council of Ministers, that it will immediately send an...

The Royal Commission for promoting the Exposition of Industry and

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Arts in 1851 held its first sitting, in the New Palace at Westminster, yesterday. Prince Albert came to town on purpose to preside, and the assemblage of Commissioners was...


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SATURDAY. We have authority to state that Mr. Charles Villiers will move the ad- dress in reply to her Majesty's Speech at the commencement of the en- suing session. That Mr....

Among variou.s matters unavoidably postponed, is a second Letter from

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the pen of Sir l'dn.atel Cost, on Colonial Policy.

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In the suburbs there is not that victory of burlesque

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over pantomime which we find in Westminster. Sadler's Wells, the Surrey, Astley's ' and the Marylebone, are all faithful to the harlequinades, and their visiters are not blase...

Mrs. Nisbett and Mr. Vandenhoff have appeared at Drury Lane,

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in As you like it; and the latter, by adopting a tone of sarcasm, gives a new aspect to Jaques. The murky style of decoration seems still in vogue at this establishment...


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Mr. Mitchell has begim his season of French Plays at the St. James's Theatre, as he did last year, with the opens comique ; and with a com- pany at least equal to that of last...

COratrts nuti Zustr.

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Nothing could be easier than to attack Mr. Banvard's Panorama of the Mississippi by comparing it to the more highly-finished productions of Mr. Burford; but when the volley had...

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OF LANDED PROPERTY. TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 10th January 1850. Sra—This problem includes yours of last week how to gain " Cheap Capi- tal for...


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TO THE EDITOR OP THE SPECT ATOR SIR—I have read with interest your comments on Sir Robert Peel's ad- dress to his tenantry. Few people will doubt the truth of your remark, that...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. London, 8th January 1850. Sin—It seems doubtful whether passports are really yet dispensed with in France • and from experience I can well...


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The performance of St. Paul at Exeter Hall, last night, may be called a revival ; this oratorio having never been repeated, in London at least, since the appearance of...

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OPENING OF THE MINISTERT A T, PROGRAMME. PAnkuismir has been formally convened for the last day of this month-next Thursday fortnight ; and it is hoped that Ministers have...


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Abstract of the Net Produce of the Revenue of Great Britaiia, in the Years and Quarters ended 5th January 1849 and 1850, showing the Increase or Decrease thereof. YEARS ENDED...

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Om suggestions on "Cheap Capital for Agriculturists," to which the Times, the Morning Chronicle, and other papers, lent their cir- culation, have excited an active interest...


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CONTROVERSY carried on like that between landlord, farmer ' and agricultural Free-trader, can lead to no satisfactory issue, because they do not argue upon common terms : on...

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It is inferred in Paris, that M. Guizot, like M.

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Thiers, has come over to Legitimacy. At the Academy of Sciences, on Tuesday, he read an essay on "the Restoration of the Stuarts." There was an unusually large an- dience. He...


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THREE cases are before the public just now, which illustrate what we said the other day as to the mischief that the Established Church sustains through the smell conflicts into...

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TICKNOR'S HISTORY OP SPANISH LITERATURE. * IT is a remarkable circumstance, and perhaps shows the practical character of the people, that while the Americans fail altogether in...

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STRACHEY'S VIRGINIA BRITANNIA. * Tim present volume of the Hakluyt Society

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is not perhaps so generally interesting as most of its predecessors, but in a literary point of view it is as curious as any . . Although "William Stra- chey, Gent., the first...

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EXERSON'S REPRESENTATIVE MEN. • THE distinction between Thomas Carlyle and his

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few followers is that which mostly exists between originals and imitations. How- ever peculiar or discursive Carlyle may be, his principal subject is coherent, forming a...


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The Atlas of Physical Geography. Constructed by Augustus Peter- F.R.G.S. With Descriptive Letterpress, embracing a General . 4 31 itr il 'of the Physical Pluenomena of the...

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MILITARY GAZETTE. WAR.OPPIET, Jan. 11—let Itegt. of Drag. Guards—Cornet W..7.

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Birt to be Lieut. by purchase, vice Fenwick, who retires. 7th Drag. Guards—Assist.-Surg. J. H. Llewelyn, from 44th Foot, to be Assist.-Surg. vice Thomson, who exchanges. 4th...


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On the 19th August, at Sydney, New South Wales, the Hon. Mrs. Keith Stewart, of a daughter. On the 4th January, in Charles Street, Berkeley Square, the Countess of Craven, of a...

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Tuesday, January 8. Pairrireastrnii Thasorxen.-Saddington and Keep, St. John Street, Smithfield, dealers in grindery--James and Son, Helston, Cornwall, hatters-Corbould and Mar-...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing, Prices.) 3 per Cent Consols Ditto for Account 3 per Cents Reduced 31 per Cents Long Annuities Bank Stock, 7 per Cent India Stock, 101 per Cent Exchequer...