13 OCTOBER 1866

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It is said that many Yorkshire members would have attended

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the meeting, but for their dislike to manhood suffrage. Mr. Forster took a manlier course, attended the meeting, but told it distinctly that he did not want manhood suffrage,...


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TIANOVER, Hesse Cassel, Nassau, and Frankfort have been 1 formally annexed to Prussia by patent, and the Duke of Cum- berland has formally released his former subjects from...

Rumours about the health of the Emperor Napoleon are incessantly

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circulated, both in Paris and London. No two of them agree as to the complaint, but all assert that he is very ill. The secret is very strictly kept by the few to whom the truth...

A very large meeting was held at Leeds on the

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8th inst., attended, it is said, by 200,000 workmen, and it is certain by a vast number. Its object was to protest against Mr. Lowe's charges, and to demand manhood suffrage,...

• We ought to have already heard .by the Atlantic

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Telegraph the result of the elections in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Iowa, and Minnesota, which took place on the 9th October. But the last telegram received before we go to...

Mr. Grant Duff made a very brilliant speech on Wednesday

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to his constituents at Elgin. He was very bitter on the policy of the late Government in forcing on a Reform Bill before it had welded the party together by a series of Liberal...

The Church Congress at York has not been very fortunate

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in obtaining good reports of its proceedings. The Archbishop of York's opening address was too much of a glorification of talk to be of great interest. The Bishop of Ripon...

The Dean of Emly read an eloquent paper to the

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Congress in favour of dogmatic preaching, on an extraordinary sentence of which,—at least as reported by the Standard,—we have com- mented elsewhere. The substance of his paper...

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The Paris correspondent of the Times cosflrins our statement of

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the reign of terror now existing in Spain. Groups of respectable citizena are, it , is.aaid, seized ia the night and sent off- to Fernando Po, the Government being afreid to...

The Northern Daily Express, a respectable paper, we believe, attributes

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revolting cruelty to the 'Guardians of Gateshead. It has been discovered, apparently by the Visiting -Committee, that they have been "for years" in the habit of locking up...

We do trust that the Commissioners now inquiring into the

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corruption of Yarmouth will not content themselves with advising a suspension of the franchise for one session. It is not possible to disfranchise so flourishing a port, but it...

A proposal has been made to resuscitate the Agra and-Master-

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man's Bank, under its old title of the Agra and 'United•Service Bank, and with its old business. The old shareholders are to raise 400,0001., it is calculated 000;000/. will...

Sir John Pakington addressed the United-Schoolmasters of South Staffordshire on

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Thursday week, saying, in a lengthy speech,- - that education depended chiefly upon instructors, and that it was ex- pedient to form schoolmasters into a close profession, like...

Mr. Brand, the late Liberal whip, has declined to pledge

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him- self about Reform till the Tory line of action is known. We ought, he says, to watch the Tories closely ; to step in, if they offer nothing; to reject a delusive plan; to...

The great scandal of the Congress appears to have been

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the seleotion by the Committee .of Mr. A. J. Stephens, Q.C., to read a paper on " The.Improven;ient of the Process in Ecclesiastical Courts." This gentleman, who appears to be a...

The latest telegrams from Constantinople intimate that the eaucliotes are

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giving way, Ismail Paella having now 25„000 troops in the island. It appears to be understood that he has bought the paaludie„ and We leer the Candiotes will find they have...

The Papal Legion raised at Antibes is not apperently.a.snccess. The

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men volunteered for it under an impression that they were to be the Pope's personal guard, to live well, and receive great wages, but on their , arrival at Civita Vecchia were...

An important discussion took placein the Social -Cadence Con- gress

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at Manchester on the treatment of prisoners who are -to -be really prisoners for life,—the dangerous class, and the irreclaimable class who have been repeatedly - found guilty...

The Registrar-General still reports -162 deaths from cholera in the

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week ending October -6, -and -of these 37 were in the Northern district.

The evacuation of the Quadrilateral has begun, and Venice is

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to be surrendered to its Syndic on the 15th inst., the plebiscitwn taking place on the 21st. The Austrians are most anxious not to irritate the people, and the semi-official...

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alr..Orgtin,,,the,aille, 'lecturer ' to. the Dubiin.antl„1,usk ,cpnvict prisons, who has

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b,een•#oaucceesful . in ataiAg the refermatiOn of criminals, tells -DS in his last report . tlrat Up Atigilawd _convict from these sr - WM& has sever been AeviOed "en s *. The...

A strangely socrowful, yet dramatic story, is told of ,*

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Nipprqss Charlotte of Mexico. It letimid, it4e9me to - be true, ( Out tkle fatigues and excitements of the last few years, rtnirinatiug in the final refusal of the...

Lord Robert Montagu and fir. Thomas "lIawksley have been haying

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a sharp duel about the posibility of sabEitituting eerth- , cleeets for water-closets in great cities. That the earth does really , cleoclorize and disinfect completely, even if...

The Vestry, of St. Bet° Biahopsga.te, ie s apparently a much more

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meditative and iatelligent bodY than vestries in ,general. It has ,adopted the follo,wing very sensible resolution That this Vestry requests *ehurchwarelens, in making their...

Mr. Roundell, lateSecretary the Jamaica Ceremission, read - a very thoughtful

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paper before the Social Science Congress yesterday week on the beat mode of treating subject races like the negroes of Janzaica,so .to avert the danger a such outbreaks as that...

The-olosing prices of the leading Foreign Securities yesterday and-on-Friday week

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were :— - Mexican s . .s.vmish P , W. 5 4 , 1° PP. nFrOilites • Turkish 6 . per Cents., ON 1862 United States 5.11:Es „ ELIO: 0 004 yvpicity,,,,9st. 12. .. 4161 .. 451 56 •...

The Consol market during t h e 142t riENIMAYAkiet, with occasionally a:heavy

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appearance, -the ,pziee for money having been as low as 89. Yesterday's market, however, was much -firmer, the ,closing quotations being as under :—For delivery, i89+ ; for...

The leadingrBritlehdlailwaysleft.off .04410 iginaygdquptations yesterday and on Fnidayaseek:-r .Great FAS4krnt•

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P re44 gi /( gA ll ig il owaAelaeta.. Laapjahire and Yorkshire ., sLojuloil an d Brighton „. -London and North Western ,J1,cndan apd South-W . 4E0.0ra Londelp, Phataarnatad...

Since the publication of the Investigation Committee's report London, Chatham.,

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and Davgr stock has ruled firmer, and business has been dime as high as 19k, the closing prices yesterday being 18i to 1,9i. Great ,Eastern ..steck, owing to the ,statement of...

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THE LEEDS MEETING. It JR. BRIGHT is supplying the Whigs with an excellent 1T.1 reason for accepting the Tory Reform Bill. With an appreciation of English stupidity in which he...

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A RE the new provinces of Prussia to become Scotlands or Irelands ? That is the question they have now to solve, and we confess the evidence seems to us irresistible. They...

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aki,§ T ON THE HOrk. OF COkitONS.

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MR. ARNOLD has at least end political disciple or collabo- AL rdteur, — or it may be even political teacher, in the House of Cdnunons—(it was Mr. Grant Duff; and not Mr. Arnold,...

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I would be worth the while of one among our many amateur 1 financiers to calculate the sum in which Lord Sondes, Lord Harris, and Sir Morton Peto have fined the great body of...

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of last Monday complains of some- thing in our brief note of last week which it calls unfair controversy. We are utterly unable even to conjecture what it means. We said that...

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I is not, we fear, of much use to discuss seduction, or indeed 1 any of the more important sexual questions, in the columns of a political newspaper. The Lancet is allowed by...

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T HE Dean of Emly is one of the most accomplished clergyman of the Protestant Church of Ireland. The present writer has read many of his writings with delight, and •has heard...

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1: 2 1EW towns have seen such varied fortunes in the course of r eight centuries as old Hastings. When William of Nor- mandy pitched his camp at the railway station Hastings...

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THE great era of the foundation of monastic houses about coin- ' cides with the conquest of Cornwall by the Saxons. A few indeed have an earlier origin assigned to them, that at...

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THE " SPECTATOR."] Cong, county Galway, October 5, 1866. SIB,—In your recent article on the Irish Church and its defenders, you have quoted the Rev. Dr. Maziere Brady as...


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THE LAKE DWELLINGS OF SWITZERLAND.* ORDINARY readers need not be alarmed at the apparent bulk of this work. It is a massive volume, to be sure, but one-half is filled with...

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admirable popular selection of the Irish fairy stories and legends, in which those who are familiar with Mr. Croker's and other selections of the same kind will find much that...

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Mu. HiGGIESON is a Unitarian of culture and learning, and in these essays he attempts the task of defending the position assumed by the older and, as we understand, now the...

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MR. SKINNER acted, we suppose, as correspondent to some jour- nal, for only a special correspondent could have written at once so discursively and so well, could have noticed so...

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The Confederation of British North America. By E. C. Bolton

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and H. H. Webber, Royal Artillery. With maps. (Chapman and Hall.)— The authors of this vary vigorous brochure are of opinion that the Cana- dian Confederation scheme is...

Sir W. Scott's Novels. (J. C. Hotten.)—This is really a

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cheap six- pennyworth. For that sum the purchaser gets the whole of one of Sir Walter Scott's novels, without condensation from the original edition, in a type as clear as the...


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Four Years in the Saddle. By Colonel Harry Gilmer. (Longmans.) —We rise from this volume with a dazed sense of blazing gunpowder, whistling bullets, clashing sabres, and a man...

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Karl of the Locket and his Three Wisher: By David

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Smith. (Nintrif6.) —A pretty book, anticipatory of Christmas, containing a pleasant German story, told in a nice, simple way. It purports to 'conviasi the moral that people,...

The Hoek and Other Poems. (Longmans.)—The anonymous author of this

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little collection is a man of taste, of travel, and of general know- ledge. He does not indulge in stereotyped expressions, but describes what he has seen or what he feels in a...

A Reference-Book of English History. By A. C. Ewald, of

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HAt's Public Record Office. (Warne.) — Stinlents and others who haVe occasion frequently to refer for facts in En glish history will find this a useful compilation. It contains...

The Monaste7y and Cathedral of Worcester. By John Noakes. (Long-

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mans.)--The minntast details of conventual existence have a fascina- tion for Mr. Noakes, and although he comes to the conclusion that the system was uprooted because Providence...

The American Annual Register. Embricing political, civil, military, and social

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affairs ; public documents, biography, statistics, commerce, finance, literature, science, and mechanical industry. (Appleton, New York.)—This American Annual Register is fuller...

On Force and its Mental Correlates. By Charles Bray. (Longman:)

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--Mr. Bray is an enthusiastic champion of the modern principle of continuity, and will allow no break between the various manifestations of force. He is looking forward to the...