1 AUGUST 1840

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The French papers are in a blaze of indignation at

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the ntiex- pected disclosure of the secret treaty between England and the three other Powers to settle the affitirs of Turkey and Egypt with- out the concurreuce of' France....

A mystery still envelops the insurrectionary movement in Bar- celona.

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The first accounts of the extent of bloodshed in the tumult, have proved, as such reports usually prove, to have been much exaggerated. All that is positively known, however,...


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As the session approaches its latter end, both Houses of Parlia- ment, like conscious sinners, are working hard to make up for lost time. Not only do the bills before them...

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cbaic5 anb Vroccrbings in Vailianicnt.

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REGENCY that. Lord JoHN RUsSELL moved the second reading of this hill, in the House of Commons, on Wednesday. He explained that the principle on which the bill is fininded is...

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At a meeting of the Lenin and Brighton Railway Company

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on Wednesday, it was stated that the whole of the works are imogressing very satisffictorily ; and the 1ns - et:tors confidently ant i(tipate they shall be able to open as far...

Zbe Qrottrt.

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THE Queen and Prince Albert honoured the Marquis; of Westminster with their company on Wednesday, at his residence in [timer Grosvenor Street. The Duke and Dutchess de Nemours...

On Monday, an in'erest es.; " young woman applied to

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the Mag istrates at :non Hill, to I, - 11(.11111 dO: she was chuidestinely married to the son el a rstired tradesmen, no minor, in March last ; but iimaelliatedy tithes 01..0...

'Ube _Metropolis.

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At a meeting of the Court of Common Council, on Thursday, the Lord Mayor informed the Court, that he had had the honour of' an in- terview wide Prince Albert, and that he...

Lord Brougham delivered judgment in the House of Lords on

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Thurs- day, in the appeal cases of lloggan v. Rankin, Kedder v. Reid, and Strathmore v. Hall. All the cases, though arising out of different cir- cumstances, depended on the...

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At Durham Assizes, on Wednesday, James Williams and Gee lt t

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Binns, booksellers at Bishop Wearmouth, who hind taken an active tut with the Sunderland Chartists, were found guilty of using sedinns language at it Chartist meeting in July...

There was no material change in the Manchester market yesterday

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(Tuesday) as compared with that of the preceding Tuesday : the de- mand both for goods and yarns was moderate, but steady, and prices without alteration. Within the last few...

The Chartists of Birmingham lurid a public. procession and dinner

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on Monday, to celebrate the release of Lovett and Collins from Warwick gaol. The whole passed off without any disturbance of the public Peace. Lovett was not present, but...

The Bristol Standard says—" We can state from the best

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authority, that the line of railway will be opened from hence to bath in about three weeks from the present time. Otte locomotive is at present being tried on this part of the...

be 13 rob in tes.

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Goodwood Races, this week, have attracted all the moving fashion- ables. The presence of the Duke and Dutchess de Nemours, who were on a visit with the Duke of Richmond, and...

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SCOTLAND. The Scotch Law Courts have decided that the claim

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made against the imposer and seconder of Mr. Sharman Crawford, who had been put in nomination for Edinburgh on one of the elections for Mr. Macaulay, for the expenses of the...

The Duke of Devonshire and a large party left Brighton

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by the Dart steam-ship on Wednesday afternoon, for Dieppe. This vessel is en- gaged on her return to convey the Duke and Dutchess de Nemours anti sttite to Dieppe; whence they...

A short time since, while the sexton of Mothvey, Carmarthen,

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was digging a grave about five feet from the surface, he came to a very rich vein of lead ore of the finest quality ; the vein is a very large one.— Welch/natl. On Monday, a...


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It is rumoured that her Majesty and Prince Albert will visit Brighton about the 14th August. We have good reason to believe that his Royal Highness will review his regiment here...


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We are enabled to state that the rumoured resignation of Lord Ebrington, to which we gave publicity on Thursday last, is not con- sistent with truth.—Dubtiit Moniew. [This is...

Late editions of the evening papers of Tuesday tonta'ned the

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melan- choly announcement of the death of the Earl of' Dnrham. '1'lle follow- ing account of his last moments was given in the Sass; and nothing fuller, or apparently more...

An action was tried at the late Kildare Assizes for

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libel, arising out of a publication in the Morning Chionicle, for which the Lord 13eresford sued and obtained a verdict with 100/. damages. A paper, published in Carlow, the...

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The Select Committee on Bonded Corn have been stopped in

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their investigation by an objection in point of form taken by some members of the Committee to the nature of the evidence offered. We learn from a private source that the...

The British Queen, which sailed from Portsmouth for New York

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on the afternoon of the 1st instant, was spoken on the I lth, ten days out, in lat. 46 deg. 26 min., long. 35. The Britannia. which sailed front Liverpool for Halifax and Boston...

We have papers front the United States to the 6th

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of July, five days later than the last. There is tio news of importance. Commercial affairs remained without any great buprovement. Exchange on Log' laud, tins the same as...

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Letters from Barcelona, dated the 26th June, state that that

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city continued to enjoy tranquillity. The French Ambassador, M. Mathiea de in Redorte, had presented his credentials to the Queen. The intelligence from Syria is almost...

The election of a representative for West Surry, to fill

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the vacancy occasioned by the elevation the Honourable Captain Perceval to the Peerage, took place yesterday, at Guildford. Mr. John Trotter, of Horton Place, near Epsom, was...

In the papers from Van Diemen's Land, to the 19th

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of March, the most important matter is the prevalence of a low typhoid fever ; which appears to have originated in the gaols, and to have spread, through the Colonial Hospital,...


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SATURDAY. The Irish Corporations Bill was the only matter on which any debate of interest occurred in Parliament last night. Viscount Du:seas:sox having moved the third reading...

Dr. Quail, who bad served as surgeon in the Polish

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army, was taken before the Magistrate at Queen Souare Police-office yesterday, charged with making a disturbance at the Treasury. It appeared that, being an Englishman, his name...

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Arrived—At Gras Pseud. Jnly 2811t. I iiiiiliistuuui, Latnli, from Van 1)iemee's 1 . 09 ; '29th, Earl It dearres. Vases. Irma Clnen; Grecian, Itieharde, from New South Wales: mid...


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STOCK BECHANOE, FRIDAV AFTERNOON. The Stock-market has been subjected to very extraordinary fluctuations during the whole of the week. The debate in the House of Commons on the...

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FRANCE AND SYRIA : OUR FOREIGN POLICY. TUB wisdom of Ministers is inscrutable. A few months ago they were negotiating commercial treaties with France, and occupying Afghanistan...

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THE announcement of Lord Demi NeS death, although unexpected, has excited a less lively emotion than it would have done soma years ago. His protracted ill-health may have had a...

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Oen recent remarks upon this subject have elicited the following letter from a correspondent, who has before this appeared in our columns. The question upon which we are at...

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THE yearly commemoration of HENRY PURCELL took place in West- minster Abbey on Thursday morning. The zeal mid musical taste of a few members of the profession perpetuate the...

The parties who have the management of the Belgian railroads

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have been induced to.consult the wishes of smokers by making carriages for their separate use. These new carriages are now constructing; they are to be called "...


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1, St. Martin's Place, Trat'at g ar S q uare, 31st .1111 F WO. Site-4 feel very greatly beholden to you for the valuable editorial wool and the space you have ; s lyest to it in...

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TIM two volumes now published complete Mr. Jcssn's under- taking. They contain notices of Cummins, and his flintily ; of the Second CHARLES :HA JAMES; of their wives, and...


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HISIXSIS• Memoirs of the Omit of England during the Ramo of the Stuarts, Mainline the Protectorate. By .Iohn Mileage Jesse. Vols. Its mut iv Bentley. Morrtay Alive:VW/LE,...

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CAPTAIN OUTRAN, of the Bombay army, was "permitted to vo- lunteer for service" with the forces invading Afghanistan and was appointed an extra Aide-de-camp to Sir JOHN KEANE....

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Tuts volume is a series of letters to a junior sister, descriptive of a tour in Italy, written by an observing and accomplished young lady, with an imagination verging to the...


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Tins little volume brings " fairy fiction" if not "truth severe" to the aid of the Poor-law Commissioners. Benevola is the last of the Fairies : she visits a peasant family in...

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BOOKS. The Mior and the Loch : containing practical hints on most of the Highland Sports, and notices of the habits of the different creatures of game and prey in the...

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THE LUCCA GALLERY : A MOCK RAFFAELLE. Tint announcement of un exhibition of the Gallery of Pictures of " his Royal Highness the Duke of Lucca," of course drew crowds of...