24 AUGUST 1850

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The Belgians have attained that perfection of worldly eultiva- timi,

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seperuirity to astonishment. Neither the heavens nor the earth can astonish them. The tremendous floods which have in- undated great part of their land are endured with...

The President of the French Republic has worked hard to

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make his tour productive of popularity; and his persevering industry seems to have been attended with very considerable success. He has played a versatile part ; using show and...


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Soirciro.un turns from administration and legislation to the sub- ject of the season—the staple food of the 'country. The reports are not favourable ; still less are they ....

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A soiree under the auspices of the Parliamentary and Financial Reform Association was held at Mile-end on Wednesday ; at which Sir Joshua Walmsley and Mr. George Thompson were...

Cht Court.

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QUEEN Vicroitra has left Osborne, for atmhort visit to the King of the Belgians, at Ostend. Her Majesty and Prince Albert were to have set sail on Tuesday, but the wind was much...

After some doubt occasioned by the telegraphic news of last

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week from the United States, it is now made clear that the Compro- mise Act suggested by Mr. Clay has failed in the Senate at Washington. There was not sufficient force in the...

In the Dutehies of Schleswig and Holstein nothing has advanced

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but time. Time, however, is precious to both sides. The Danes may be supposed to have all their resources at command, and have nothing further to gain by waiting. On the other...

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Mademoiselle Jenny Lind, on her way from the Continent to America; has paid a brief professional visit to Liverpool:, and the inhabitants of that great mart seem to have had...

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Lord John Russell, with Lady John and the children, passed through Glasgow on Tuesday, towards the Highlands. In the afternoon, when visiting the Exchange, Lord John was...

$firtign net

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FRANCE.—The Paris papers concur in stating that the journey of the President obtains increased éclat as he proceeds; and they agree that his reception in Lyons was cordial...


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A Waterford paper states that the Reverend Henry Saclleir, nephew of the Provost of Trinity College, Dublin, has been appointed by the Lord- Lieutenant to the vacant Deanery of...

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Til igrtIla utuus.

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The Queen has been pleased to confer the honour of knighthood on Benjamin Fonseca 0 utram, of Hanover Square, Doctor of Medicine, Re- tired Inspector of Hospitals and Fleets,...

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As the Irish harvest becomes more general, a scarcity of

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labourers—a very novel complaint in Ireland—is experienced in several districts; thus exhibiting the formidable inroads made by the famine, emigration, and clearances, upon the...

The Honourable W. 0. Stanley, M.P., met with a serious

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accident at Holyhead, on Tuesday. Going down Sumnierhill, the horses of his carriage became restive, and broke the pole ; they then grew ungovernable, and bolted at a mad speed...

In the Central Criminal Court, yesterday, another trial for bigamy

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occurred. Edward Jones, aged sixty-three, pleaded guilty to marrying a second wife in the lifetime of his first wife. The first wife left him ten years years ago, and repeated...

Last night's Gazette contains "additional instructions" issued by her Majesty,

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under Royal sign-manual and signet, to the Governor-in-chief of New Zealand, for Modifying previous instructions. Hitherto certain rents and royalties reserved to the Crown out...

The Horning Chronicle announces that a considerable section of Cam-

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bridge University has been anxious to bring forward Sir John Herschel), tie most distinguished of the members of the University for his position in science, to represent that...

The Standard states that it has been determined to create

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three new bishoprics—for the island of Mauritius, Western Australia, and Sierra „Leone ; and that the first incumbents will probably be the Reverend _Ernest Hawkins, of Exeter...


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SATITRDAY. Our Queen remained a visiter to King Leopold till yesterday morning; but as the Royal Palace at Ostend is very small, the visiters slept in their own yacht. The...


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stuCK ESC/LARGE, kIIIDAY APTERNOON. The English Stock was heavy in the early part of the week, and the price of Consols fell to 96 for Money and 96b for Account ; thus marking...

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The Elisir d' Amore was performed at Covent Garden on

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Thursday. Novelty was given to this exceedingly pleasant but rather hackneyed opera by the appearance of Roneoni as Dtdeantara, and of Madame Viar- dot as ..ddina. The itinerant...


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REVIVAL OF PARTY. TIM stagnation of parties induces political commentators to swerve from practical politics to abstract or speculative subjects; and it is amusing to see the...

Madame Fiorentini repeated the part of Norma on Tuesday, with

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more effect than on her first appearance. Being evidently more at ease, her performance had less of the constraint and nervousness of a debutante. She seemed anxious to succeed...


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TRE sudden death of Mr. Law not only creates a vacancy in the representation of the University of Cambridge, but is likely, we fear, to lay bare a weakness in that venerable...

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UNDER cover of justifying the monument to the Duke of Cam- bridge the Morning Post decries the monument to Sir Robert Peel ; virtually attempting a reply to our passing remark...


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TIIE material Irish movement—towards serfdom—which we noticed last week, is in the way of being well followed up by a spiritual advance backwards. In the assembly of the Tenant...

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ENGLA.BID is enthralled by foreigners! See how Liverpool greets the parting Lind, with more than royal salutes. The Voice is to cross the Atlantic and be absent for a year, and...


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Wrinx the Papacy is, by the sufferance of England, enjoying an insolent predominancy in Ireland, in the Sardinian States it is waging a serious contest against freedom of...

THE GAOL AND THE SCHOOL "A TERT wicked boy indeed,

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and gives us more trouble than any other boy in the prison," said the keeper of Liverpool Gaol to the commissioner of the Morning Chronicle, speaking of a little child eight or...

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Tire CATHNDRAL PENca.—It would seem that the paragraph extracted last

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week from the Morning _Post, stating that the Dean and Chapter had abolished the fee for admission to St. Paul's was at least premature. Many were deceived ? =4 proportionately...


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ALTON LOCKE. * Tins is a remarkable fiction. The author is a person of more than common ability, with some imagination, and a good deal of poetical power. He is acquainted with...

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HANNA'S LIFE OF DR. en Al.atEn.s.s THE first volume of

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this varied and interesting hiography brought down the life of Mr. Chalmers to his removal from the rural parish of Kilmany to the Trois. Church of Glasgow, in 181J. The present...

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AFFECTIONS. * THE mein object of this work is to trace the origin of disease to the nervous system,—meaning by origin, not the "first cause," which the human mind cannot in its...

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A large folio volume has just been published, by John

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Weale, contain- ing coloured views and architectural drawings of the Tubular Bridges, the Conway and Britannia, with some remarkable girder bridges ; in all forty-five plates....


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Tau Art Union appears in some force this season. The portfolio which it has just published, of engravings from Maclise's Seven Ages, is among the completest works that it has...


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Boors. The book of the week is Mr. Edwin Clark's history of the "Britannia and Conway Tubular Bridges," with an exposition of the principles on which they were -constructed. It...

Messrs. Paul and Dominick Colnaghi are exhibiting a portrait of

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Peel and Wellington by Winherhalter. The picture is of rather small size ;" the figures are full-length, representing the two statesmen as they might look on just entering an...

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dirEinug5 film tr $1nr TEAL superintendence, and responsibility of completing

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and carrying it through yOrtimiffem beneficial to the gi public; you are the best judge : but if you do cfs , phabetical catalogues aford, and to be inferior to none of them."...

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On the 9th June, in India, the Lady of Commodore Plumridge, of a daughter. On the 5th July, at Varna, in Bulgaria, the Lady of Lieutenant-Colonel E. St. John Neale, her...

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Tuesday, August 20. PARTNERSHIPS DISSOLVED.—Brown and Haigh, Liverpool, commission-agents- Chrippes and Son, Petworth, auctioneers—Pearson and Co. Almondbury, scrib-...


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BRITISH FUNDS. (Closing Prices.) &dun,. Monday. Tuesday. *Wows Thum Friday, per Cent Consols 964 964 961 961 Ditto for Account 964 964 ril 96 3 per Cents Reduced 97...


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Anmnistrir, Aug. I6.—Corps of Royal Marines—First Lieut. W. G. Suther to be Capt. vice Capt. J. Dowman, retired. WAR-OFFICE, Aug. 23.-17th Regt. of Light Drags.—Cornet A....