29 FEBRUARY 1840

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No Minister is disgraced by defeat in support of sound principles or good measures. On the contrary, he may acquire reputation an popularity even in the triumph of factious...

The defeat of the French Ministry in the Chamber of

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Deputies, and the consequent resignation of Marshal Souur and his col- leagues, were mentioned in our Postscript last week. This result is said to have been owing chiefly to M....

The session of the Spanish Cortes was opened on the

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18th instant. The Royal speech was pompous, with little matter. Fo- reign powers were declared friendly ; the Convention of Bergara and the expulsion of Don CARLOS were...

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Accounts from Lisbon have been received since our last publi-

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cation. Their latest date is the 17th. The address was under- going discussion in the Cortes, where Lord PALMERSTON ' S bill for suppressing the slave-trade excited violent...

nava% elnb iprombinas in Varliament.

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SIR JOHN NEWPORT'S PENSION. The House of Commons was occupied with this subject on Thursday. Mr. LIDDELL had given notice that he should move resolutions- " That it appears,...

More correspondence on the Maine and New Brunswick Bound- ary

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question had been laid before the Congress of the United States. Mr. Fox and Mr. FORSYTH employ courteous language, but there is much recrimination in their letters, and a very...

The arrival of a New York packet brings intelligence from

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Montreal to the 27th of last month, and from Toronto to the 22d. The Legislative Council of Upper Canada had passed the Clergy Reserves Bill, by a large majority. This measure...

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- eau Q.7ourt.

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THE Queen held a Courts on Tueslay, at Buckingham Palace. Depu- tations from time Lonloa Cleasy, time members o f th e University of Cambridge, and the Religious Soeiety of...

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A fire broke out late on Monday night at Park

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Villa, Twickenham, the residence of Mrs. White, sister of Sir John St. Aubyn. M rs , White was very eccentric ; she lay in bed during the day, and sat up at night. About eleven...

Justice Williams sat in chambers, Chancery Lane, on Wednesday, to

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hear a motion by Mr. Platt, tbr a rule to show cause why the order made on the previous Thursday, to stay the writ of inquiry in the ease of Stockdale versus Hansards, should...

'The Aletropolis.

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A meeting of the Liverymbn of London was held at the Guildhall on Monday, to address the Queen on behalf of the imprisoned Sheriff Evans. The Lord Mayor presided, and several...


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The Gazette of Tuesday announced that the Queen had conferred the honour of Knighthood on Mr. Edward Butler, Lieutenant of the Corps of Gentlemen at Arms. Prince Albert has...

tribe likobintes.

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Captain Howard, brother of Lord Morpeth, has been returned with. out opposition for Morpeth. The Conservative candidate, Major Cadogan, retired without going to a poll. Mr....

The proprietors of the University College held their annual meeting

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on Wednesday. The Secretary read the report for the last session. It stated, that the number of pupils during the session had been 1,005, and the amount of fees paid 14,162/....

The Anti-Corn-law meeting announced last week was held on Mon-

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day, at the room of the League, No. 154, Strand. It was most respect- ably attended : among the :Meinhers of Parliament, were Messrs. Villiers,'l'hornely, Warburton, Phil Ups,...

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The Sentinel of Bayonne says that emigrations for South America

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are continuing from that part of France ; and that a vessel with 292 emigrants on board, sailed from that port on the 12th instant for Mon- tevideo. Among them were 50 women and...

The following letter has been addressed by Lord Normatiby to

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the Lords-Lieutenant of the different counties throughout the kingdom. Whitehall, February 1840. ‘, My Lord—An address having been presented to the Queen, praying her Wiest) ....

A series of most disastrous fires have occur:-e: t Tn.,

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York, One of them destroyed several of the largest stores,' property valued at 1,500,000 dollars. Another burnt property worth 120,uuu dollars. The insurance-offices are...

The nomination for Perthshire will take place on Thursday next,

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and the polling on Friday and Saturday. The Liberal candidate is Mr. George Stewart of Grandtully ; who undertakes to support the Government in " their course of safe,...


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SATURDAY. In the House of Lords last night, very soon after the Lord Chan- cellor had taken his seat upon the Woolsack, the Earl of RIPON called Lord Melbourne's attention to a...

The attempt of the Privilege party to pack the meeting

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at Free- mason's Hall last week was sure to be followed by a similar proceeding on the part of the Sheriffs' friends. The main difference is, that whereas Mr. Warburton, Mr....

The pressure of Parliamentary matter at the close of the

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week, has excluded several reviews of Books, notices of time Fine Arts, and other articles prepared for insertion.

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According to Paris papers received this morning, TRIERS finds great

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difficulty in forming a Ministry, and has asked permission to resign the task ; but the King urges him to persevere.


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THE visits of the Queen and Prince ALBERT to the two Great Houses have been the grand attraction of the week : shouts of loyal gratula- tion have been by far the loudest...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, FRIDAY Arrrinumow. The advices from the United States received on Monday were considered unfavourable; for though it was thought the Boundary question would...


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On the 20th inst., at Adlestrop Ilouse, Gloucestershire, the Lady ELEANOR CAN! - CART, of a Son. On mite 10th inst., at Edinburgh, Ludy HARRTET D. IIANIILTON, of a daughter....


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Arri , the Channel, John Iletiniston, Barker; and Diamond., Taylor. front Bengll. At Lis erpool, Pet,. Pan mt ing, Clerk, fr-in iteugal ; and Niagara, !foul E..robily. b. Itsw...

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TO TILE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Sm-I am greatly mistaken in my ideas of the spirit in which you conduct the Spectator, it you fail to remonstrate against the prices which have...

We are really very much obliged to our correspondent for

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his " Ana- tomy" of last year's Ancient. Concerts; which, with all due de tbren ce to hint, establishes our case and justifies our appellation. "Ancient " and ": modern " are...


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TO THE EDITOR OF TI1E soncTAToli. Sin-The character you must possess amongst your resins Mr general im- partiality, trill, 1 trust, induce your attention to a note appended to...

The New Strand Theatre has been taken by The Wizard

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of the North ; who, instead of a dark cave dimly lighted by a lamp, is "at home" in a carpetted room, resplendent with light and a glittering dis- play of magical implements,...


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They talked of M c, and talked very high, Then waited a but nothing said I. mtgry " Is it possible, pray, a .11ence so sinister, You mean to insult • 11:e first Cabinet...

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THE MINISTERIAL MESS. 'rue country at last appears to be about to reap some little benefit from an Opposition. The Commons, by a majority of 28 in a House of 452 Members, have...

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Amount' Manchester has taken the le:el, London ought to be the head-quarters of the Anti-Corn-law As mciation. The cause being national, not provincial or sectional, the city in...


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Tale clergy of the Church established in Scotland have, according to Dr. CHALMERS, " fought side by side with the Conservatives and Churchmen of England," against the national...

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AT the second reading of Sir EARDLEY Wiestor's bill for the trial of offenders under sixteen years of age, numerous objections were stated. One Member said the measure would...

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MR. TURNBULL began in 1837, and completed in 1839, a Transat- lantic tour of considerable extent ; embracing the West Indies British and . Foreign, part of' the mainland of the...


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T rave l s in th e west: Cuba, with Notices of Porto Rico and the Slave-trade. By David Turnbull, Esq. M.A. &c. &c. 3:c I onyrnan and Co. From% The Pathfinder; or tho Inland...

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A LEADING if not the leading characteristic of Mr. COOPER'S fic- tions, is to render sonic national class and natural features a main instead of a subordinate object. Indian,...

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THESE " C011fCSSi011S" were fbr sonic time a prominent attraction of the Dublin Unicemity Magazine; their popularity induced the re- publication of them in a separate Ibrin...