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Of the highly heterogeneous home news, this week, the most

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important fact is the formal announcement of the two Commissions to inquire, respectively, into the condition, studies, and practice of the two great Universitiesof England. The...


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Ilomtoon PALACE was fitted up, people observe, to afford the Queen two nights' lodging ; for her stay was no longer, and she quitted Edinburgh without either drawing-room or...

It is said that Louis Napoleon would be willing enough

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to wel- come home the Monarch under whose reign returned to France the ashes of the President's illustrious uncle ; only the said President apprehends, just now, the imputation...

There is still some movement in the wide and various

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region over which England has extended her Colonial action. While our separated colonies, the United States, are struggling, not hopelessly, with the great questions that...

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i4t AirtropuliB.

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Special Courts of Aldermen and of the Common Council were held on Thursday, to receive the report of the Committee of Aldermen on the office of Recorder, and to consider the...

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, (tr Vrotiturro.

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Mr. Walpole has declined the honour of being a candidate for the re- presentation of Cambridge University, "on the present occasion." The party who resorted to Mr. Walpole still...

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Lord Clarendon left Dublin on Saturday morning, for a fortnight's tour in the North. He reached Cidedon that afternoon, on a visit of three days to the Earl and Countess of...


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In the evening of Friday, a few hours after her arrival at Holyrood House, Queen Victoria hastened to the apartments occupied by Queen Mary Stuart. Her visit was strictly...

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lump Huh CnInutal.

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FRANCE.—President Bonaparte has set out on a progress through the departments of the North-west, on a visit to the great port and arsenal of Cherbourg. At present, only accounts...

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Tuesday's Gazette contained the lists of the separate Commissions ap- pointed by her Majesty to inquire into the state, discipline, studies, and revenues, of the two...

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The Cutler's Company of Sheffield held their annual feast on

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Thursday, with the uaual convivial success but with less than the customary politi- ; The Cutler's Company of Sheffield held their annual feast on Thursday, with the uaual...

The accounts of President Bonaparte's progress to the North-west con-

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duct him as far as Lisieux. At Evrewr he received an invitation from Berney to turn aside and compliment that place with a visit, and was so pleased with its hearty tone that he...

If the following communication from Thurles, which appears in the

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Even 019 Post, can be relied on as an accurate account of proceedings con- ducted with the strictest secresy, it is of some importance- " During the present week, the Synod has...


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SATURDAY. The Board of Trade returns for the month ending the 5th August, show a decrease of exportations on comparison with those of August 1849, to the amount of 334,858!.;...

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The Stafford Magistrates have committed for trial ADD Chadwick, and

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her mother—Tunnic e on the charge of having participated in the poisoning of Samuel Tunnicliffe; the uncle of Ann, at Swmscoe. It will be recollected that William - Chadwiek,...

The ship Indian, a fine East Indiaman of 500 tons

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burden, has been lost on the outward voyage from England to Bombay, on the Cargados, Garayos, or Narerett reef of rocks. The loss of life and property was .deplorable. The ship...


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There is nothing to remark upon in the transactions in the English Stock Market during the week ; the fluctuations of Consols both for Money and Account having been only from...

We are glad to state that Captain Peel, of the

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Sixth Royals, who met with a frightful accident some time ago, is so far recovered as to be able to take carriage airings.—Nenagh Guardian. Mr. Dunn, the barrister, whose...

The last adviees from Bogota ascribe great honour to General

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Lopez for the expulsion of the Jesuits from New Granada. The following Is from a private letter, of the 16th July- " The Jesuits were taken to New Granada in violation of...

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qt i4uritto.

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The performances at the Haymarket Theatre, now occupied by the Adelphi company, have been varied by the return of Mr. Hudson, who made his first appearance on Monday. Mr....

The New Strand company has been transferred to the Olympic,

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by its leader, Mr. TV. Farren. By this removal 'Mr. Tarren gains considerably in space, but he loses in situation. The dramatic novelty which he em- ploys for "a house-warming,"...

rttirr tu t4r filitur.

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THE UNIVERSITY COMMISSION. Sin—In the - present season, while thevneral affairs-of the nation are in a manner at rest, it can _hardly be necessary to call your attention to ope...

The removal of Mr. Farren from the Strand to the

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Olympic has been simultaneous with the removal of Mr. Bolton from the Olympic to the Strand. With, the latter ,gentleman the legitimate drama is the profes- don, but ballet is...

Sadler's - Wells and the Surrey -continue doing a respectable sort of

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business. The latter is in the midst of its operatic season, and tivourite Italian pieces are • Performed in a creditable style. The forniet - remains true to its mission of...

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THE UNIVERSITY COMMISSIONS. Tan Gazette this week announces two Commissions, to inquire respectively into the state, discipline, studies and revenues of the Universities and...


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in Australia comes just in time to confirm Mr. Adderley's announcement, that more useful employment awaits the Colonial Reform Society next session. The retrospect of what the...


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II111 s e..T THE sentence upon Henderson and Williams, the 4. ,and mate of the steam-ship Orion, is perfectly warranted by e facts ; and yet the context of other eases, if we...


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IN the interesting chapter of his Personal Recollections which Lord Cloncurry devotes to the Education question, the following remarks caught our attention when we first read...

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" MAnnrats " writes to the Leading burns", complaining, for the hundredth time, that bathers of the softer sex at Brighton are an- noyed by the indecent curiosity of men. One...

DOMINION OF THE ST/WM, WI4 are a -very great people,

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but we cannotmontrolbur.own streets. We can conquer kingdoms, but cannot keep paviount and gas-corn- ponies in order. We can put down insurrections, except in the form of•...

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[The growing interest and curiosity about New Zealand as a field of colonizing ac- , and especially about its youngest settlement Canterbury , have created a de- mand for...

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CLARK 0.N THE BRITANNIA AND CONWAY TI7BiTLA.R BRIDGES. * Tim Chester and Holyhead Railway was designed to consolidate the " union " of Great 13ritain and, Ireland. (and. to...

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Tire general character of this book is such as we intimated it would probably turn, out to be. There is a vivid perception. and a strong but delicate appreciation of natural...

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LLF INA.US TRIA AND HUNGARY. * TRESE volumes are translated from

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the German of Adalbert Stiffer, and contain six tales. In some of them rural life un- doubtedly predominates ; but an exhibition of German manners, with a metaphysical...

No music - publisher at the present time deserves so well of

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the *die au Mr. Joseph Alfred Novelle. He has led the way in breaking down the exorbitant price of music, and in placing musical and literary publi - . cation in this respect on...

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A gallant soldier, with a countenance full of character. We do not know - Sir George's aspect ; but the portrait is so like his brother, the Chief Baron, that we presume a...

Another new musical periodical challenges some notice, if not by

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its merit, at least by its pretensions-and arrogance. Itisentitled The Church Musician ; and professes to be the organof a society who call themselves "The Church Musical...

„THE ,,SCOTrISH NATIONAL GALLERY. . The copy of a lithograph

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by Messrs. Johnston„oLthe,SmtWational Gallery-asit - will-appear whertrftnish* comes_Itt an_oppoitiine_ueason The building, designed . by W. H.,Playfair, looks- well,—none the...


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merivxfs. seln,rzt-RE. ;p4tidi Raffaele Monti . , Whose arrival n London we had occapielOib welcome about two yeare-ageis:agaiii installed in' a sort' of provisional stiglio,...

MORTALITY IN THE METROPOLIS. Results of the Registrar-General's return of

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mortality. in the Metropolis for the week ending on Saturday last: the-first . colionn of figures gives the aggregate number of deaths in the corresponding *take of the ten...


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i on the 2d August, at Madeira, the Wife. of Calverley Betvicke, Esq., of Ballston ;Hall, Leicestershire, of a son. ; On the 29th, at Kirkennan, Kirkcudbrightshire, -the Wife...

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Tuesday, September 3. Penrsrmisinrs DissoINT/L-Smith and Co. Paternoster Row, wholesale stationers -Golding and King, Walsham-le-Willows, Suffolk, attornies-Townend and Met-...


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WAR - OFFICE, Sept. 3.--3d Regt. Drag. Guards-Lieut. T. E. Whitby to be Capt. by purchase, ' vice Squire, who retires ; Cornet W. Knatchbull to be Lieut. by pur- chase, vice...


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R1.11.WKE5— Caledonian Edinburgh and Glasgow Eastern Counties Great Northern 24/ cad. 51 cad. 101 BAILEE— Australasian British North American Colonial Commercial of London...