19 DECEMBER 1840

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THE events of the present week in Paris have put to a severe test the strength of the revolutionary feeling, and the extent of the po- pular anhnosity to England so actively...

The adoption of measures fir promoting the manufactures of Ire-

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land is now becoming a subject of consideration with men of parties in that country. The plan of using Irish-made goods to the exclusion of those of England emanated from the...

It is curious that these official accounts are as silent

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as the former respecting the outrages committed in the chief town of Chusan by the British soldiers. The letters describing the affitir were most minute in their &tails of thn3e...

The settlement, as it. was called, of the Eastern question,

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by the submission of ME111::itnr Ara to the conditions imposed by the Allies, threatens to be disturbed even on the very threshold. The Sublime Porte now 11111111 refractory,...

The accounts from Spain represent the military in Madrid to

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have commenced a war with the press. Some journals which had published free comments on Esemennto have bad their offices at- tacked and their papers s , :i4eti. The parties to...

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At a Court of Common Council, held on Thursday, a resolution was passed for increasing the Police-force of the City. The Police Com- mittee recommended that it should consist of...

A correspondence between Mr. T. Duncombe, M.P. for Finsbury, and

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the Secretary of the Society for the Diffusion of Useful Knowledge has been published, relative to attempts made by the Treasurer of that Seeiety, Mr. William Tooke, to use the...

Zbe Court.

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THE Queen has continued to gain strength daily, and is now nearly re- covered. On Thursday, her Majesty resumed carriage-exercise for the first time since her accouchement. She...

The Lord Chancellor gave judgment in the case of Mr.

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Baines on Tuesday. Ile decided against the legal objections raised by Mr. Baines's counsel. There was, he said, nothing in the objections to the return upon the habeav corpus,...

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The annual general meeting of the members of the Loyal

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and Con- stitutional Association of Birmingham was held on Thursday, at Dee's iloyel Hotel. The attendance was nice , . intluential and reepectable: ineheline . Lord Lifford,...

Zbe Vrobinces.

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The Liberals have been looking for a candidate . t i n i n t represent the city of Lincoln in Parliament with Sir K L. Bulwer, up to the present tune without success. Mr....

111 ELAN D.

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Mr. Kirwan% the coneervative c.nelidate tor )Iavo, retired from the contest a few (las e before the eleetion. The rem.ott 11, , is. that his Comminute, after ee itiees!leation...

'line notes of the 1Valsall and Sf.dfordsliire Banking et/Illpany have

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beers 111Shonourr,d by their town agents. Their operations have been of small magnify:de ; and we understand that the bank has stopped chiefly on aecount, we believe, of...

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In the Dublin Court of Exchequer, on Monday, the Lord

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Chief Baron gave sonic important judgments on appeals relative to the franchise in Ireland- " First, he decided that no person bad a right to register out of a second franchise...

The Victoria tavern, at Waterloo quay, Aberdeen, was destroyed by

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fire on Friday night last. Mr. Howay, the landlord, his wife, and two daughters, and a male lodger, were found burned to death in the ruins. The origin of the fire is unknown....


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Captain Wemyss will have the Lieuteuancy of Fife , vacant by the q. death of Robert Ferguson, Es of Raithe—Morning Chronicle. A Kirkcaldy correspondent of the lAlii Ui.rahl...

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The Dorado steam-boat, with the remains of Napoleon on board,

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in e The base rests on four massive gilt weeds : it was twenty-five feet long charge of the Prince de Joinville, entered the Seine at Havre on Tues- and six high, and presented...

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In justice to the Globe, - we copy the following from

The Spectator

our Courtly and courteous contemporary of last Monday- " The Spectator of yesterday ascribes to the Globe a paragraph headed 'Royal Self-possession,' which is as absurd an...


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We understand that the determination of the present French Cabinet to maintain the " paix armee " gives great offence to Great Britain, Austria, and Prussia. Representations of...

The London Gazette of Tuesday contained further official despatches of

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Admiral Elliot and Commodore Sir J. J. Gordon Bremer, relative to the taking of •Chusan and the destruction' of Amoy forts. The sub- stance of these communications was...

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The convention between Commodore Napier and the Pasha of Egypt

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was signed on the 27th of November. Both the convention and the correspondence which led to it have been published. The correspondence was opened by a letter from the Commodore...

In the Chamber of Deputies, on Saturday, Mneshal Sundt, President

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of the Council, presented a project of law for an extraordinary credit of 140,000,000 francs, to cover the expenses required for the, fortifica- tion of Paris. The Marshal...

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B I ft T II S, M A It ft

The Spectator

IAGEs, AND DEA TII S. the .tut tr,s . aorth, m ml, It.. Fa...4 atm: VAst.F.It .7,' , tut 0.•. 1.7..2.. •u, at NfnI'.%1 S.ffolk, the ta the it, : Dr. limt'_ if a if.', ulcer...


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Au Edinburgh carrespondent calls our attention to an editorial article in the Scottish Pilot. (the organ if the 'Voluntary Disseuters,) impugning our statement; regardiog the...

The Britannia mail-steamer, which left Boston on the 1st instant,

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and Halifax on the 3d, arrived at Liverpool soon after One o'clock yesterday morning; having made the passage across in eleven days and eight hours. The political news which...

Madrid papers and letters to the 10th have been received.

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One of the chief topics is the declining health of Espartero. The Douro ques- the. v as keenly agitated, tied reports were rife of troops being about to he sent to the frontiers...

The long-disputed question of the navigation of the Douro was

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be- ginning to be discussed by the Spanish and Portuguese Governments with more acrimony ; Portugal opposing impediments to the use of the river by Spain. M. Olozaga had been...


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SATURDAY. The Paris papers of Thursday are chiefly occupied with discussions to which the recent funeral ceremonial has given rise. It seems that in some parts of the line of...

The subjoined retrospect of Syrian affairs is extracted from a

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trust- worthy letter received within the week, from a British merchamt, now in 3Ialta, but sell() had been in Syria, and is thoroughly versed in all the bearings of' the...

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The appointment of Captain Grey as Governor and Commander-in- Chief

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of South Australia, and also as Resilent Commissioner of Public Lands in that Province, is announced in last night's Gazette. The same Gazette announces that the Queen has...

The Ghtsgow Argus of Thursday reports at great length the

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speeches of a ward dinner-party, held this week in Glasgow, to comfort an unsue - cessful candidate at the late Municipal elections in that eity—mtsueeess- ful because, like Mr....


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The heaviness (if the Foreign F.xelianges on Tuesday, and a vague ah.prehen- shin of a decline of:he French Funds from disturbances iti Paris during the cere- monies of the...

Sir George Staunton, the member of the Committee of the

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Useful Know le-dge Society who moved "(lie previous question " when Mr. Huneouthe's charges against Mr. Tooke were considered, has written to the Notating Gimmick about the...

The intended retirement of Sir Charles Style, at tli ?

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next general election, from the representation of Scarborough, will produce a vacany in that borough ; and there are already two candidates in the field, Colonel Phipps, brother...

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time aware that the real difficulties of the Egypto-Turkish question are only beginning. On Monday, Lord PALMERSTON'S morning organ spoke of it the correspondence between the...


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SPECTATOR. nulun Hill, Droracre. 3t1 December 1840. Stn—If you will permit me, I propose to make a few observations on some topics lately handled by you. There is one of them...


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APOTHEOSIS OF NAPOLEON. THE cannon which announced the arrival of the body of Napo- LEON at the Church of the Invalides, can scarcely have failed to re- mind some of the...


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Arri" ed -At Liverpool, Dee. 12th, Adam Lodge, .tames, from Bengal; and 111o. Larch. Booth, from Bombay. In the Clyde. 12th, Wilson, Houston, from Bombay. At Madras, Jelin...

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kr a dimmer given to the late Mayor of Manchester by his fellow- citizens, Mr. GisnonNe, returning thanks in his own name and t ha t of the Liberal Members of Parliament, stated...

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Mn. Bueeono, following with his pencil the route of our troops, has now entered Syria, and transports us to its capital, Damascus; while from the upper story of his Panorama in...


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TILE editors of the Leeds Mercury persist in the attack upon the Household Suffrage movement to which we adverted a fortnight ago. Their manifesto of Saturday last is a...


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AN important proceeding in Church politics has taken place at Edinburgh. On Wednesday the linh, tlIV meeting of the Central Board, convened for the purpose of deliberating upon...

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Ir the generality of people were to ask themselves what they know of the ancient Etruscans, they , would answer that they lived in what is the modern Tuscany ; that they...


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CLASSICAL TRAVZI., TUUr to the Sepulchres of Etruria, in 182. By Mrs. Hamilton Gray. With name. rotas Illustrations. flak/turd and Sun. Tor Da•ma, The Dramatic works or James...

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DULWE B. As speeches are made to be spoken, so are plays to be played ; and as long as they are confined to their particular object, it is quite enough if the audience be...

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THE design of this work, and the subject chosen—time Civil Wars of CHARLES the First—are better than the execution. The plan of selecting the most striking events in English...

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INTERIOR DECORATIONS Ok"1 . 11E NEW 11.01:SES OF PARLIAMENT. '.FIts: rumour to which we adverted a few weeks ago, that CORNELIUS was engaged to decorate the new lionises of...


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:Pa Y FM!iiuujlr. m ms si ro• . ;, ■;•1, II i.r. I.Etrritu V. 'to Ton rswroa or THE sern"ratrom in ray last letter I stated, that how...vent unsuitable the punishment of death...