26 MARCH 1977

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What has he won?

The Spectator

So, it was not to be this time. Mr Callaghan, with the c onnivance of minorities placed by accident at the centre Of affairs, has been able to patch together a political quilt...

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Political Commentary

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India prefers democracy John Grigg When the election in Pakistan returned Mr Bhutto with a five-to-one majority there were many who said that the Indian election would have a...

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"""•••••-,..S pring is here and the sound of grunting and cursing comes from members of the middle class digging up their gardens as a first step l° growing their own...

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Another voice

The Spectator

Malthus confounded Auberon Waugh Of course there is a silver lining somewhere, but I don't think that any reasonable person who is not a professional politician can draw much...

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Two bitter pills for Giscard

The Spectator

Sam White Paris C ) ne year to go, possibly even less, before France holds general elections which might w ell saddle President Giscard with a 4Oc ialist-Communist...

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A cloud over defence

The Spectator

Tony Geraghty That last refuge of the patriot, the annual Commons debate on the defence white paper, which' began on Tuesday and continues next Monday, proves yet again that...

About Annan & Co . .

The Spectator

Grace Wyndham Goldie The report of the Annan Committee on the future of broadcasting is a very conservative document. Conservative with a small 'c'. It certainly won't please...

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After Roy Jenkins

The Spectator

Richard West Birmingham In writing about the Stechford by-election I have to use that grammatical form favoured by evening newspapers—the future present perfect as in : . the...

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The price of Le Corbusier

The Spectator

Christopher Booker Last Sunday BBC2 showed Fritz Lang's Parable about a city of the future, MetroMis. With its nightmare vision of vast, humming machines, tower blocks,...

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Books and Records Wanted

The Spectator

3 vols. ARCHITECTURE of Sir E. Lutyans by ASG Butler and LIFE by C. HUSSEY. Rankin, 123 Marlborough Park South, Belfast 9. IN ANOTHER COUNTRY by John Bayley. Write Spectator...

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Rigor mortis Jeffrey Bernard This Year's festival meeting at Cheltenham will be remembered for the death of Lanzarote more than for anything else. Enough has been written...

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In the City

The Spectator

Whither equities? Nicholas Davenport 41,4 00 million wiped off the equity market's c apitalisation on fears that the Labour G overnment will be defeated! One never !bought...

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Queen of Australia

The Spectator

Sir: Mungo MacCullum's article, Queen of Australia (12 March) is an example of a striking contrast in English life, between things as they are generally thought to be and things...

Speaking of Wales

The Spectator

Sir: Antonia Martin's recent article, Say it in Welsh (5 February) contains grave inaccuracies, It must give concern to those who are aware of the real situation concerning the...

The Scotch

The Spectator

Sir: Mr Richardson (5 March) is perpetuating an eighteenth-century genteelism. We Scotch began to describe ourselves as Scottish when we consented to have the barrier of a...

Scorn and ridicule?

The Spectator

Sir: In his review (5 February) of Taki Theodoracopulos's The Greek Upheaval, Mr Christopher Hitchens says a number of strange things—among them a reference to me, which [ now...

As if ...

The Spectator

Sir: Re Mr Watkins's 'as if problem' ( 19 March)—as if it bloody mattered. Dennis W. Hackett 44 The Pryors, East Heath Road, London NW3

Postal delays

The Spectator

Sir: No doubt Peter H. Young (26 FebruarY, had his own good reasons for having his rePIY, to my criticism of the Second Class Postal Service delivered to you by hand. In' the...

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The Spectator

The city and the plain Simon Raven Cavafy's Alexandria: Study of a Myth in Progress Edmund Keeley (The Hogarth Press £7.50) Edmund Keeley intends here to distinguish the...

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The new learning

The Spectator

Jonathan Benthall The Mediaeval Machine: The Industrial Revolution of the Middle Ages Jean Gimpel (Gollancz £7.50) The Nature of Science: The History of Science in Western...

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Thin solution

The Spectator

Rayner Heppenstall Conan Doyle: A Biographical Solution Ronald Pearsall (Weidenfeld and Nicolson £5.95) I wonder whether the Baker Street irregulars and other Sherlock Holmes...

Otherwise engaged

The Spectator

Nick Totton Memoirs Pablo Neruda (Souvenir £6.50) Perhaps our language's exceptionally large vocabulary is a factor in the deep estrangement of English poetry from the English...

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No Lady

The Spectator

Pat Rogers Essays and Poems and Simplicity, a Comedy Lady Mary Wortley Montagu. Edited by Robert Halsband and Isobel Grundy (Clarendon Press £14.50) Lady Mary, says the blurb,...

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True to form

The Spectator

Geoffrey Wheatcroft The Good Food Guide 1977 edited by Christopher Driver (Consumers' Associ ation/Hodder & Stoughton £3.95) Racehorses of 1976 (Timetorm £15) Reference books...

Passion fruit

The Spectator

Peter Ackroyd The Passion of New Eve Angela Carter (Gollancz £3.95) Flight Without End Joseph Roth (Peter Owen £4.25) Now that the conventional realistic novel has been...

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Old complainer

The Spectator

Benny Green Instead of the Trees J. B. Priestley (Heinemann £3.50) Priestley's latest book is subtitled 'A Final Chapter of Autobiography, which implies that we have already...

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Art and universality John McEwen People like art at all it is usually because it makes sense. Most 'abstract' art leaves them cold because it is obscure. Often, of course, t...

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Blue rooms Ted Whitehead Vampire (Bush Theatre) Bedroom Farce (Lyttelton) Twelfth Night (Greenwich) Three typical specimens of contemporary theatre this week : the fringe play...


The Spectator

Frame up Clancy Sigal Section Speciale (Curzon) Eclipse (EMI Bloomsbury) Pleasure at Her Majesty's (AcadernY Three) It is Vichy, August 1941. Marshal Petain's puppet regime...

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Pop music

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Think pink Edward Jones The pig was great! To a roar of applause it appeared, hanging forty feet above the crowd, its orange eyes blinking. Having swung overhead with...

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Workshops Jan Murray If choreographic workshops give any indication of coming trends in contemporary dance, it looks as if we are in for a lighthearted, even lyrical, few...


The Spectator

Low levels Richard Ingrams I suppose one should always be suspicious of programmes which start with a disclaimer of this sort---`There is no commentary here, no axe to grind....