25 JULY 1840

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Ir the proceedings in Parliament lack interest, they excel in number. Our Representatives are disposing of' the business be- fore them with railroad speed. The morning sittings...

A startling an n ouncement appeared ; . esterlay in the 31.ess'es: Pest, that

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Lord PAL:us:es:sox had made a change in our reign policy, the effect of which might place tbi. , count:y in a warlike attitude towards France. The story, given on the authoyity...

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A despatch from Marshal VALaE, describing the whole of his

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proceedings against the Arabs during the preFent campaign, is the only subject worthy of notice in the French papers. The Marshal seems perfectly satisfied with what he has...

abates in0 p:ocabings ill 1paliamcnt.

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It BILL. The second reading of this bill was moved on Tuesday, by the LORI) CHANCELLOR. After a short pause, the Duke of SIfFSEX rose, to give the House the result of his...

At :Madrid, the project of law for an extraordinary war-contri-

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bution of 180 millions of reals, was withdrawn by the :Minister of Finance, as he had no longer an excuse for raising money on that account.

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Title—.% 11111 to provide f . 1 the ('molt sletuld descend

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be under the age oft ;glace! issue. e I; ea--(t '' • ' i -hall . Pre1 1 1111ile—Will'i • L aS yi al l• - to both Ilousz.s of Parliiiii, , i•!. .'., of h u man lifc ;toil the...

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Mr. Dunn was brought before Mr. Justice Bosanquet, at his

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cham- bers, ou Tuesday, on a writ of Habeas Corpus, to make application for Mr. Dunn was brought before Mr. Justice Bosanquet, at his cham- bers, ou Tuesday, on a writ of Habeas...

Neither the late defeats experienced by the Chartists, nor the

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impri, sonment of their leaders and transportation of their chiefs, have br o k en their spirits or filled them with despair : on the contrary, they are agai n in the field, and...

t'ilbe „Metropolis.

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At a Court of Aldermen, on Tuesday, Alderman Gibbs and Mr. lEarncombe appeared, to give bond for the service of the office of Sheriff of London and Sheriff of Middlesex for the...

Zbe court.

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THE Queen and fringe Albert have been entertaining their distin- guished guesis the Duke and Duteltess de Nemours with Court festivi- ties and Londoa. exhibitions. On Monday, a...

A commission of lunacy was opened on Wednesday, at Gray's

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Inn Coffeehouse, to inquire into the state of mind of Admiral Sir Ross Donnelly, K.C.B. Evidence was adduced to prove that since October last, when lie had a fit of epilepsy,...

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At Chelmsford Assizes, on Tuesday, :1 Mall and his wile,

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named Pryke, were tried rmr the murder of a child of the male prisoner by a former wire, by neeieetiag to provide him with sufficient food, warmth, and nourishment, and by...

A turn-out of the Stockport power-loom weavers, which began in

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Nifty, has ended by their return to work at reduced prices. The bank of Messrs. Weaver, Walsh, and Co., the hatters, of Miter- stone, has stopped payment. The business of the...


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The Dublin Mouitor says that "it has been determined to allow the vacant Chief Baronship of the Exchequer to be tilled up according to the established custom of her promotion....

The Members Of the Croydon Conservative Aseaciation celebrated. their sixth

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anniversary on Wednesday, by a festival in a marquee in the gardens of Fairfield {louse. Two hundred sat down to dinner ; among whom were Mr. Freshlield, M.P., Colonel Wood,...

Zbc wrobintes.

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The election for East Cumberland took place on Monday ; when gr. Charles Howard, son of the Earl of Carlisle, was returned w ithout a contest, but certainly not without...

On Monday, the line of the Great Western Railway was

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further opened from Steventon to the Faringdon Road, a distance of sixty- three miles from London. On Saturday last, a large party of the 1)i- rectors and their friends,...

The corpse of Mr. John Bibby', head of the wealthy

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Liverpool firm. of John Bibby and Sons, wag found on Saturday in a poad near Ain- tree Race-course. From evidence given at an inquest hell on the body, there seems to be no...

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411 Scclla11£011% in answer to an application made to him

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on the subject, the Attorney . General has stated to his constitutents, that he has not heard, nor does he believe it to be the intention of Government to interfere with the...

A return to the House of Commons of the mimes,

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addresses, and residences of Justices of the Peace, being ministers of the Established Church, makes the total number :Wove 2,000. They abound most in Norfolk and Suilblk. In...

The magnificent steamer, the President, said to be the largest

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afloat, arrived at Passage at eine o'c lock on Thursday evening, after an expe - rimental and delightful trip of six or eight and twenty hours, against a powerful head-w hid,...

At the Leitrim Assizes, last week, an action was brought

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by Lord Westmeath, against one of his tenants named Hogg, for breaking seve - ral covenants in his lease of a tract of land in the county of Roscommon. It was the object of the...

It appears by a return made of the transactions of '

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the Bank of France far the year leste, that the average of specie exceeded that of the circulation by 14,1100,001i francs, and that a dividend was neverthe - less made to the...

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The following account of the insurrection in Syria, a matter

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of more interest than at first appeared, is abridged from a letter dated lleyruth, Ilth June 1840, which trims communicated to time Journal tics 1)e ' hats by a " distinguished...

The Great Western appeared in sight of Bristol at about

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half-post Are on Wednesday morning last. The news she brings is important. A correspondence between the Foreign Secretary and the British Am- bassador had been submitted to...

The Globe contains a letter dated Montreal, June 29th, from

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a cor- respondent who appears to know something of Governor Thomson's views ; comprising remarks on the treatment which the most im- porta nt provincial me.tsures have received...

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Our intelligence from New Zealand comes down to the 24th

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of March. On the 7th of that month, the Company's ship A delaide, with thirty-six cabin-passengers and one hundred and forty-two labouring emigrants on board, and the Glenbervie...

The Cape of Good Hope papers state, that, for the

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first time in the annals of the colony, a entire chief had appealed to the courts of law for redress against the publisher of a libel on his character. A cor- respondent of the...


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The subject of most interest in Parliament last night, was a cos ' sation in the House of Commons, founded on the statement publielerio. by the Morning Post yesterday, that Lord...

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Copy of a Statement of Mr. J. T. Beale, the eminent Engineer. " East Greenwich Ironworks. MI July 1840. " My dear Colonel—I am happy to inform you that myself and a full party...

The Moniteur Parisienne of Thursday states that the French Govern-

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ment had received telegraphic despatches from Perpignan, announcing that a revolutionary movement had taken place at Barcelona ; that Es- partero had declared himself Dictator;...


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" It is said that Lord Ebrington, feeling the difficulty of the position in which he has been placed by the Repeal agitation, has expressed his determi- nation to retire from...

Circulation £16,951,000 Deposits 7,578,000

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£24,529,000 ASSETS. Securities £22,865,000 Bullion 4,529,000 £27,394,000


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The following are the rates of foreign postage fixed by the bill now before Parliament. For all letters between Dover or any other port in the United Kingdom to Calais or any...

The Globe, in that quasi " correspondent" guise which in

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the case of other journals it treats with little ceremony, propounds the doctrine that China must be revolutionized by Great Britain, for the benefit of British commerce! Here...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, PUMAS? AFTERNOON. The English Stock-market has been subject to much fluctuation, exhibiting alternate appearances of heaviness and activity ; the former the...

Thompson, from NI:turitin ; ;ma Hawk, lin,11. frua Clpe; ;11111 2241,

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S.11mtel. Smith. from New SWIM, NYal..s. A; 1 , 1:,,,m1111, 22,1, 1111 , ...orali Merchant, Nfoncriel, from New South \Vales. .N1 Liverpool, 20111, Ar.:yra, from Mmirilios;...

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" SWEAR NOT AT ALL." ence of a Deity ? in tlas a.cond place, how can we learn whether he anti; 1pate pueislenent les-ease the ;let of giving false evidence is in itself...

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lEAntNe that Colonel 111Am:exit's " improved boiler" had g ot the steam up, and that under the auspices of a company of shareholders, the new cerri a e :! was g oin g ahead at a...


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"Tits deportment of the Duke of Sussnx in the House of Lords, on Tuesday evenin g , can be compared to nothin g but the stern polite- ness of a "master of the dependencies"...

11 A 1LW Al".f AX AT IO N. Tim Fourth

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Report of the Committee on sis directed al- most entirely to a consideration of the sysiem of taxi ng those means or conveyance : and it furnishes a (-unions specimen of the...

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TO THE EDITOR or THE SPECTATOR. SE1Z—It is now two years since the Report of the Committee on Transport.. tion appeared before the public. I beg to direct the attention of your...


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TO THE EDITOR or TUE SPECTATOR. 21st July 1840. Sire—I was rather surprised to find in the Spectator of the 4th instant, (which, in consequence of any being absent from home,...


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Return for the last four weeks from the undermentioned places— Weeks ending 26.11 June, 3(1 July, loth July, 17th July. s. d. s d. S. d: s. d. London 71 0 .. . 73 11 74 6 75...

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TUE "first draft " of this work was commenced in 1809 : from 1812 to 1819 was spent in accumulating materials, by reading, study, and 0 repeated and extensive travelling over...


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Parlay. ECONONIY, The Ptineiples ol Population, and their Connexion with Haman Manliness. By MPhil:01d Alison, F.D.S.E., Advocate, sic., Author of Ilistory of Europe daring...

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GALL'S PIIILOsopit y or I:Due-AT/0N.

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3Ia. Jams GALL appears to have been extensively connected with Sunday Schools, and other public institutions where the poor arc taught in large numbers ; and to have travelled...

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MR. WILL is lucky enough to be able to pass his summers in a tour ; and the events and observations of the day he is in the habit of writing down at night. In 1837 he travelled...


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THE approach of the sporting season is indicated by the publica- tioas. Last week we had the lueuhrations of WU:SON and the author of the " Oakleigh Shooting Club" on angling...

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The Ancient Music of Ireland, arranged for the Pianybrte, to Which is prefixed a Dissertation on the Irish Harp and Hapers, including an Account if the Old Melodies of Ireland....