31 OCTOBER 1840

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aggression was, not to hit erfere ourselves 111 its 1111(41131

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;111‘31N, 11111 to If boat:11111 dcloon:trati. , ll,:. may be con...i,j, !•:, ideneks of strength, give warning that we would allow no European nation to interfere in the...

Except for its influences on the excitable population of France,

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and in so far as a number of brave countrymen of our own are con- cerned, we regard the "little war" on the Syrian coast as some- thing too ridiculous to feel an interest in....


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Tun resignation of the THIERS Ministry was announced in our last Postscript : the journals during the greater part of this week have been mainly filled with on dits and...

The new Spanish Regents have commenced their reign with vigour.

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One of their first measures has been the prolongation of their power hy postponing the meeting of the Cortes till the 19th of March. The cause assigned for this extension of the...

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Vibe Stirtropolis.

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At a Court of Aldermen, held on Tuesday, a communication was read from the Marquis of Normanby to the Lord Mayor, with a copy of a circular recently addressed to the Magistrates...

Zbe Court.

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THE Court continues at Windsor. There has been little company at the Castle this week. Her Majesty continues in the enjoyment of good health, and has taken out-of-door exercise...

At the Central Criminal Court, on Tuesday, two men named

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Lilly, uncle and nephew, were found guilty of fraudulently representing articles of jewellery, made of alloys and coloured glass, to be fine gold and precious stones. The...

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The Directers of the C0111II:s - ti it a circular, from

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whiell it apeeers. the: huh) the Beek was indebted to th • ee.".. - •1, have been already peel. ' file period was e 2 ; of wiuii I, ne, see /, actual reduction of li the...

There is a good deal of al

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:arm m El Wales respecting the move- ments of the Chemists there. A letter from Newport, dated Tuesday, says— " Yesterday. the authorities of this town were actively employed...

zbc Vrobintes.

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On Friday evening, the members of the South Lancashire Con- servative Association dined together, to the number of between six and seven hundred. Lord Sandon presided: there...

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A fatal accident occurred on the Great Western Railway on

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Sunday morning, at the Faringdon station, sixty-three miles front Padding- ton. A train, which consisted of the engine and tender, a passengers- truck, and some luggage-trucks,...


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The Parliamentary registrations have commenced, but little is yet known of the results. The Ministerial papers claim to have gained upwards of sixty in Queen's County, and the...

At the usual weekly meeting of the National Repeal Association

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in Dublin, on Monday, Mr. O'Connell claimed attention to the great pro- gress which, he alleged, had taken place in Irish manufactures since the commencement of the agitation...

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The Post-office have ine ...I the falloevian, notice—" The overland

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mails for India, rid Faileieth v iii ;1.--; telmed front this country on the 31s7 t : manner." It is not at n!I 1, 1 1 1 ... e in the usual • 32.11 E sypt will be imps , lcd...

An inquest was held on Tuesday, on board the barque

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Troubadour, at Cork, on the body of John Ward, one of the seamen. The vessel was a new one, recently launched at St. John, Newfoundland; and her crew had been engaged at that...

In the latest impression of the ....zpeeeit rIa t w

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Cc., "lVe col , led from the Brighton Herold a report profess: ate to e.eltala tn.; sahqamtee of the memorandum read by the Adjtiteei-e:eme .1. :sir .7ohn Macdomild, to the...


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The Queen has conferred the two vacant Garters on the Duke of Sutherland and the Martinis of Westminster. Dr. Mostyn, (brother or cousin of Sir E. Mostyn, Bart.,) late private...


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We understand that the Liberal students of the University have re- solved upon bringing forward the Marquis of Breadalbane at the ap- proaching election for Lord Rector. It is...

The interment of the remaias of the late Lord Holland

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took place on the afternoon of Wednesday, at the parhb , eharelt of Melbrolte, near Anapthill. Bedforlshire. The funereal cavalcade, which left Holland House, Kensington, at...

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The Ministerial arrangements in France, consequent on the resig- nation

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of M. 'Ehlers, are not yet completed. Several members of the Chambers waited on the King on Sunday ; and it was understood that Marshal Soult was appointed to construct the new...

The Morning Herald which was the first to publish the

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diplomatic notes between Lord Palmerston and AL Thiers, gives the following copy of a despatch addressed to Lord Ponsonby by the Secretary for Foreign A ffairs- " My Lord—Her...

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The Madrid Gazelle of the 20th instant published a decree

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of the Regency convoking the Cortes for the lath of March. The ground alleged for this delay is, that the immediate meeting of the Legislature would be, under existing...

A statement in the Magdeburg and Leipsie Gazettes, that the

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Emperor of Austria was about to abdicate in favour of his brother, the Archduke Ferdinand, caused some surprise in Paris on Wednesday. It is hardly necessary to say that it is...

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A Court-martial was held on the 11th ultimo, on board

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the Vestal, 26, for the trial of Commander Andrew Drew, in the Canadian Lake. service, on charges preferred against him by Captain Sandom, Com- mander-in-Chief on the Lakes....

By the Great Western, which arrived at Bristol on Saturday,

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papers have been received from New York to the 10th instant. They are re- markably barren of news. The contest for the Preridency continued, and parties were growing fiercer...

The Hamm Gazelle of the 26th instant announces, that the

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investi- gation made in the lodging of Dermas had led to time discovery of' papers, the contents of which having been communicated to the Ger- man Governments, had caused the...

During the week, two mails have arrived from the West

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Indies. They bring intelligence to the middle of September ; the latest date from Jamaica being the 17th of that month. Their contents have little. beyond a local interest. A...

Accounts, received from Syria to the 11th instant, continue to

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give favourable reports of the operations of the English and Turkish arma- ments. The taking of Sidon, or Saida, is confirmed. A writer at Malta, on the 16th, gives the...


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SATURDAY. The Paris letters and papers of Thursday contain no officially-recog- nized account of the formation of the Ministry. The lists they give vary in some respects from...

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The Caledonia steam-packet, arrived at Liverpool yesteeday, from Halifax, after

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a run of little more than eleven days. She sailed from Boston on the 16th, and from Halifax on the afternoon of the 19th instant. The intelligence front the United States by...


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TO TUE EDITOR Or Tint SPECTATOR. Stn—Its - attention has been called to a para . g . tapli 1 i. 1 into your journal of the 17th instant, which, announcing that the I...

It is said that either Archdeacon Torrens or the Reverend

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Robert Daly is likely to be chosen Dean of St. Patrick ' s by the Chapter, in - whom the election lies. It is reported that the Archbishop of Dublin means to start Dr....

Madrid papers to the 22t1 instant have been received. General

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Es- partero, and Senors Cortina, Chacon, and Gamboa arrived in Madrid on the evening of that day. The Ambassadors of England and France, and the diplomatic agents of Portugal,...


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Terry, front Van 1):oinen'. Land; _.• I . t 'ape; L , Oth.. NV, Sony ; and Andr . 11. , I; . • .•: B o m- bay ; Irooker. foim I; .• •'• : I •. on. :r '73 .;;Qt!I....

A public meeting "of the friends of peace" in Manchester,

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" for the purpose of giving expression to an opinion favourable to the preservation of peace at the present crisis, " is advertised to be held in the Town- Ilan on Wednesday...


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STOCK EXCHANGE, Feint, ArlEnNOON. The quiet state of the political world has produced almost a torpor in the Noney-market, and our late excitement has been succeeded by nearly...

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THE POINT OF HONOUR AMONG NATIONS. " THE point of honour," among individuals, is to insist upon having an opportunity of taking a bloody revenge for a personal affront. It is...


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ATTER being edified, and certainly much amused, by the moral lesson read to wilful woman at the Adelphi from the text of Laffarge, we pro- ceeded to Covent Garden to witness the...

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Tun proceedings and ,sentence of the Court martial on Captain Rev:iambs afford an instructive illustration of the manner in which justice is administered and discipline enforced...

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" COMMON politeness made me stop and do it," said the tipsy hero of one of COLMAN'S stories, in reply to the remonstrances of the poor shivering individual he had roused from...


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WHEN Nicholas Nichleby was produced on the stages of several minor theatres before the author had wound up the story to his own liking, he, not unreasonably, complained of the...


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THE _Examiner of last Sunday contains several allegations relative to Lord PONSONBY, which if substantiated would go to establish that the perplexities arising out of the...

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ANOTHER at•cmpt has been- made by the Sacred Harmonic Society to revive lIstesnais Samson, but with as little success as a former one. The ori g inal endeavour was to produce...


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'TEE appeal of the venerable Father of En g lish Chtuich Music was heard—not in Westminster Hall, but in Westminster Abbey, on Wed- nesday last. The patriarch of' harmony was...

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SOME time has now elapsed since we drew the public attention to the state of our Cathedral Choirs—the enrichment of Deans and Chapters at their expense, the miserable decay...


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MR. MONTGOMERY was trained to the cotton-manufacture in Scot- land, and left that country in 1836 for the United States. Here he became superintendent of the York Factories at...


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STATISTICS, A Practical Detail or the Cotton-Mantiracture of the United States or America, and the State or the Cotton Mane:tome c attrusted and compared with that of Great...


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TO THE EDITOR OF THE SPECTATOR. Ilereford, 25th October 1840. Sir—In your article on the Musical Antiquarian Society, in last Spectator, you do not tell your country cousins...

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WEST INDIES. THE avowed object of Friend GURNEY ' S visit to the West Indies, as of a previous tour through the United States, was to preach the gospel after the fashion of the...

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THESE VOIIIIIIeS are in reality a receptacle for the persons whom this writer could not hitch into his previous publications, either because they did not fall under the class to...

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BOOKS. A Winter in the West Lolies; described in familiar Letters to Henry Clay, of Kentucky. By .losram Jolts GURNEY. rcirrt, and .Th»tas..ua, lii P,Sz:39 ; with Remarks on...