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. i tospedi:isii Of . • • t.• ,x‘si 1111, et's:nett is. ever, too insignificant to produce any impression against the Pasha's power in that country. Nothing certain...

l'he , Tection amt'ng, the trsons in Pes: c.

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SprC.Iti. The .1'41.1: t. COl'IC:4 :Ill eXtC:1,I.Ill Cl ti L;.• insur , :t tits incre;:st.' in numhnrs; i Ittiticr the banners of the t;overn.......-.. net tttrain-t their...


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ENGLAND is a shopkeepin g nation ; and the g reat q uestion of the week—the question on which the greatest ninouot of " leadin g article," in Conservative journals, has been...

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ti7br Court.

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Tit e Court hes t:. , to o k( n into gloom by the death of the Princess Augusta. i • ss was conveyed to Windsor Castle at a late hour on The Queen immediately retired to her...

'Il e t ee isas ill the l'arlialnentary Itegistration Conirts for the

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city aod 3letr()')editaii !foretells, cluring the past wt.:4c, hats riot se emelt Moe est. 'The lists of' the Liv(ety rrl' the City of 1-ondoll s. ere semplst(sl oil Saturday....


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duct in the dispute between the House of Commons and theSheriffso ie f London. All the members and officers of' the Court stood during th presentation. e The Chairman of time...

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The Lord-Lieutenant, Prince George of Cambridge, Lord Adolphu s Fitzelarenee, the Marquis of Clanricarde, the Earl of Erroll, land Portarlington, Sir J. Burke, Sir P. Crampton,...

At the weekly meeting of the Repeal Association, on iMonday,

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two letters front Mr. O'Connell were read. One of them was to Dr. Blake. Bishop of Dromore, in reply to a letter recently sent by him to Mr. O'Connell : the other was to the...


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The result of the Manchester registration, up to Tuesday night last, shows a Conservative gain upon claims, 7 ; ditto on objections, 58 ; snaking a total of 65. The annual...

At a meeting of the Provincial Grand lodge of Durham,

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held at the Phtenix Ilan, :Sunderland, on the Sth instant. an address of condolence was unanimously voted to the Countess of Durham, on the demise of her lamented Lord, the...

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Messrs. Arthur Williams and Sons, of Dublin, have just enterea

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into contracts with the Poor-law Commissionera, to erect workhouses in Kilrush, New Ross, and Coleraiee, in addition to those they have already in hands in Belfast, Lisburn,...


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The tenth meeting of the British Association for the Advancement of Science commenced at Glasgow on Thursdav. The numbers as- sembled fully equalled those at any of the pi cc...

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c n s.

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The 211':ening .11igabrsCourt spy at Windsor has recently been giving to the world a great deal of what either occurs or is imagined to occur within the walls of the Castle. It...

Tories Fories struck g lilt upon old :ober of 'l'ories

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as twice or and eouute- ti a : register. ;;.,..irt of a. con e s Tio , :abo,": , :tinight by the I: ,7: t'.1 the hope lie per- tulip!emit:tit. .s not Odle, f With ,• their...

There has been some colifusion created by a similarity among

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the names eonne eted with .Lord Cardigan's proceediogs. It now appearl linkt there are two Captains of the 11.1.3'1101,1S iti the Eleventh lig:ears : one, Ili:total, .Iolin...

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I, ustri i. Pressi th • 1.••■.:at. \ eicov this

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d • i tire ctlleirl T11, hi, it_lu a".1 • • , .r 171I! ti. • 0...• I 'Sit ie'.1t1") I 1. '. I or : h i i.1 • , . . , , bn .... ilk:, I. 11 .. " The...

it iron toe :inters l'Illimeilitm, caloain l'Ievelaa 1. R.N., atilt

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l'ro. ,s ,Ii t, ,,,,,,u, __ serpine, Captain flong;11, U.N., put into I:almontli 011 the io (mine; ot , - Th.lt 1.1 ihe ,..,..,,i' ..1 .. , . , i',iii el : moo thi. a , i it...

The Pied-ollice autlitui,ks to II!, and.

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j'f or that he (Captado lii I i IAnthony- lieynoP.-) li:eleg at Brit:lit - int, pti.i. trammis..sien. • ( i enee of vindictive reproaches, or to re:: as many a mon. ur 3"....

v will

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i. :!:,• y , • - • 17,, to 1•-•,.. ; tdi.• This is the s,.‘"or.1 si• Ifut tdtai tinutl•cr I: yu ar 'was 1, 0 :1:being tut exeess <••. r , these. titer: ,...

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A seounts from I Ishon to the 14'11 Septeiniberorneagre and

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striet.rtain :', limy ,;re, •III!,■.1. in !.lioW that llie innonnrrn etionnary Innocenti:of among tine t ono; s I-, nn inn. re serious, ;Ill . :lir then the l'ortmsttese...

71 llnal;r1ted acti viii.

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' ! '. :erasieees aml 1Sottai, have been 1: 1.0 . -1' haS been :11::: . 11':•• :1' ;C:!:., at 'z, Mezier , n , liesaneon, . "Mine, se 0: , :ers have likewise lnien se...

The trial of Madame Laffarge has terminated, though not so

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tragi, calls' as was announced in the French papers received on Saturday last, It appears that after the report of M. Orfila, which declared that arsenic had been found in the...

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A telegraphic despatch dated Algiers, September lath, mentions a victory -

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gsined by the French over the troops of A lill.el-Kader, at Setif: The Arab troops had abaudoned the Medjana. The province of Algiers was tranquil. A letter from Bologna, dated...

add little to our intellieence front the eolony.

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whieli had been advertised, was held no the 1st of' July ; but a report of the proceedings has not yet reached ns. Papers have been received from Cape Town to the 7th of July....

T, \

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,,•II, I \ amIs • ,• NS -• 1 t • : ' 1 1 t. .,• t, • ',I :lath C 1. 1m to be En s ign. by purchase, vice Eraser, who routes. Seth Foot— Lit. H. W. DaMaw to be...

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. . • le, • ,•„• • :. ,:t, 111.: d•'.1•. • .i i." h ,f nil as, a i.i III• • riot . .• I. • d t1 , ,I., ,,Id eh, 10.,, I r. r ;sr.,1 'Ivy ,"-re...

BIltTilS, MAItItLAGES, AN!) DEA'r llS.

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(hi the Co.,, „ t • a Oa the ltr. 1 J. r/r1.1l1..41.1g1111.1% 11 1: %, 1■1■S'd7:C. 1111 SOS. 01 . 1,1,1 1:etlyon, to t , 1 •1.1, r the 0,te tend (:eor.e On It. %tieth...

Accottn:: hay,: ars iv, h, N.. :iih.11 the end of

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tit. , first act it eta: :„::•, 1 - y. The l ' eledse of Clyne -Li trrea front ;roll. On the I 7.0,11 out an act of grace, as the previous . \ - ,415 the result of a...

The accounts from the clothing districts in the \Vest Riding

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of York- shire, contaitte•d in the Leeds .111ert.ury of this day, represent the recent improvement itt trade to be fully supported. Iii the LeedS, mallet we are told. " 'Phere...

• 1.

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, a• Z. • ,/ We fit.-1 and pa: H CO • bol t 1. or I h a y, i the itit Z.)


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S.AT I' Ii T. Thp 1 ' .. •s '1'1.•,:ts , :lay contaia Ile; news fl'out to East. Collar) ' yeot 100 1.' at St. t....:ebastion, but that the Com- otPsi 2 is September, state...


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s;;,;;•. 1.XC•IANGE,14:711.1Y AFT,KRSN.N. There luis not Leen touch fluctuation io tl.e English Finals this week: though the priee • it to-day and 31tank,■• exhibit a...

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WEVElt did drama open more promisingly, or come to a more lame and impotent couclusion, than SIllinTDAN Kxowt.Es's new tragedy, The Aide qf Messina, or, as it is called in the...


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Arrived -At Gravesend, Sept. 25111, K. S. Forhes, Vell, from lien..nal PriesleYt altal Agra, Mearo,, from ; Zeph■r. Taylor ; lAvely, Martin ; anal c oq uelie, trona the Cape....

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To our law-courts we are indebted for what mire called "prece- dents." l'he want of laws and tribunals was felt in society, and rudely supplied in practice, long befine men...


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VIRTUOUS INDIGNATION : REFORM IN THE ARMY. Ate parties seem to have formed a pretty correct estimate of the character and conduct of the Earl of CARDIGAN: no voice is raised in...

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Tilr CORN-1. ‘ws.

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A utuav t"o! th e Atm: ■ 1 , 111,-.., Corn-inv. H.•• • ■.• 111.0:03: \ r, NV;I.Stitlg OM * ClICI:41t's 111, , the pal* s : ••• in our of the...


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THE " PlIF011 Thoughts" of LovErr and Cor.Eris are more cre- ditable and more likely to do good than the book so called com- posed by a noted cl:niefd delinquent. A little book...


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Miro and Tory continue to dra-.v nearer, and understand each other better. The Morning Chrohi:le of Thursday says- ', ir e w ere groat on reading in the Divhfries Courier a...

NO Pour T. main cause of the comparative failure of

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the Reform Act, is not to be sought in the inadequacy of the measure, or in the dis- honesty of' :Ministers, or in the want of sincerity and ability of Represontatives. It lies...

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SECTION H.—DOINGS OF THE COMMIShIONEIZS. FOR the evils described in our last week's paper on the Records, neither the Legislature nor the Crown was much to blame. During...

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held. and the names ait,l ages of' the heirs. l'or

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practical lair- • l/t a . notiee of the last Nora id; . :he ex- L.eserviiss Its works in a more convenient s ize ( oc t a v o ) ; th a t th e y w . cri . i n certain....

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devoid of the occasional unattractiveness which re- sults from a free use of statistics and a considerable quantity of stuffing, this is both an intbrming and an interesting...


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TPAVEt. , 4, R e ttioll and Education in America: with Notices of the State and Prospects of Atm,lean Unitarianism, Pi.pery, nod African Colokization. By John Dintmore Loog....

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THESE VOIR:TICS :AFC well fitted to contribute towards realizing CRAY'S notion of Paradise—" to lounge upon 0 sofit and read new novels." Not that they display any striking...

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nit:: rellyne fills up a void in 1:"..._' 1: 1 1: , - - 1 the :14:cession o'.' At:nut:Ty:: to the ;',,, ' :: (;inuom commenco , :. tVi' IlaVC strictly sp.....,:!..: - ::.:...

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NOTE ON " OLP: C It 0 Al E L,

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EDITED BF /I OPAC 'Tn." WE have received the 11,110w irig letter in reference to our last week's make of 0/seer Cisnanwell, from a correspondent who has favoured us with his...